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Forum Post: For Profit Parsitism

Posted 1 year ago on Oct. 5, 2020, 10:43 a.m. EST by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX
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The FIRE sector economic cancer has metastasized as Corona Virus accelerates dissipation and brings closer the drop dead date of total economic collapse. Landlords are making their bankers nervous as desperate evictions of the newly unemployed result in a glut of rental properties and the totally predictable catastrophic rent slashing.

"...New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has failed to extend a pandemic eviction ban..." https://www.democracynow.org/2020/10/2/headlines/dozens_of_ny_housing_activists_arrested_demanding_halt_to_looming_evictions


Will Americans ever see that for profit banking and finance only exacerbate economic problems by adding unnecessary costs to everything? For profit rental housing is another parasitic actor of the FIRE Sector. Health and other insurance have also profited at the expense of the real economy of production and consumption of material goods and services. This paragraph began with a rhetorical question. We know most Americans will never see what's really going down until it's too late to save their own lives. Why?

Conservative teenagers' heads are stuffed up their asses by the fools they've followed. They see nothing but their own shit for the rest of their lives. That's why they can't see that Wall St. is a parasitic disease of the economy. To depend on for profit systems is "the road to dusty death" and most definitely "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!" Did Shakespeare's Macbeth foresee Donald Trump?


Video link https://youtu.be/DrkpAokbD8w



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[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

"The Top 1% Owns Nearly Everything in the US. We Need to Seize Their Wealth"!, by Matt Bruenig:

radix omnium malorum ... est cupiditas!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

"Billionaires Now Collectively Hold a Record-Breaking $10 Trillion in Wealth"! ... by Igor Derysh:


[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago

Yes we must humanize our system. The wealthy are moving to Montana to HIDE from us all as they are fully prepared to let AMERICANS file up to a tent city like it's the third world so they can hold onto their exorbitant materialistic greed . Trump is a straight up pig - he lies and only cares about his own narcissistic views and needs - If you love Trump - you love narcissists and that is a psychological problem or you are straight up stupid ans easily FOOLED. I think this says a lot that a Democratic system is being turned into a fiefdom where Wall Street one percent is the King. It's judges, the software engineers, the politicians who have enabled this to happen. They can't see the greater picture and they have forgotten what our country is about. It's not going to happen. Average people aren't going to let the one percent take everything. Number one the lie that they earned their wealth have full right to it and own it is a lie. THEY STOLE IT. They think it is going to go their way. They are out of their minds. Seize the wealth eat the mf rich! Poor and middleclass America must join forces and demand WS pays up... with interest.

Millenials were brian-washed from birth not to know their rights. We had them briefly - I remember (I'm gen x). I have no idea what happened to baby boomers apparently humanitarianism was a passing fad for them and all they do is eat all day, cost a fortune to our health system from eating donuts non-stop, and watch FOX news all day, so they can make sure no one gets wise to their impressive level of lazy and asks them to do or give up something.

I think it's also important to mention that none of us should strive to trade places with or be like Wall Street. The goal in our lives should not be to have too many things. I think Wall Street just can't get past the fact that none of us want to be like them. We have no design to trade places. No we are not jealous of WS- we are sickened by your emptiness and ignorance, and sociopathy. Wall Street one percent can't and will never understand love. They only want to take and one up and they THINK they have it figured out. They don't even realize we almost feel sorry for them...almost. They are destroying our ability to have love by stealing the things we cherish and taking it from us because they are jealous they will never have it no matter how much money they accumulate - they still have nothing - that's why they hate us. And rest assured their treatment of the lower classes is a hate filled disguised RAGE ATTACK. They enjoy and do want to HURT the lower classes. They get off on it. It's abuse. They abuse those in their lives and their fellow countrymen and women. That's all they know how to do is abuse people. These are sick people.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Baby boomers { "the players" } were wantonly slaughtered { by "the marching band" } at Kent State University when "We all got up to dance." Many post-1970-repression bombings of the people, by the people, for the people occurred. After the now¿Burning Man Festival?with that "jack" effigy and by "the devil/satan" Mick Jagger after "the jester" Bob Dylan who "stole the thorny crown" from "the king of rock 'n roll"--Elvis Presley, many baby boomers went to "dance real slow [in the gym { i.e. in the nude, grinding crotches with "rhythm and blues"; in ancient Greece, boys and girls were for this reason separated in physical exercise but "the coed" sitting next to me in our previously male-only-school's classroom sang this song and "Starry, Starry Night" } with shoes kicked off] " to Californi[c]a on "the last train for the coast," ( where they had the Monterey Music Festival a few years earlier with the less disillusioned "Love in," ) revitalized physics, built Silicon Valley from farmland and orchards, fought the Cold War ( Reagan ordered GPS be released for civilian navigation usage to minimize civilian airliners from being shot down again--obviously unsuccessful due to multiple nations' propensity to use itchy fingers in fear, pride, and revenge ) and won, thus releasing the U.S. DARPANET to worldwide civilian usage, and built a number of great tech companies now known and being dominant worldwide.

I'm a very late baby boomer so I felt the oppressive mass of the older baby boomers being my bosses but I hugged the waist of my early baby-boomer Big Brother on the backseat of his Japanese motorcycle which was quite a thrill at times. I knew "the view" piggybacking on that motorcycle as his "license to roam." Before the motorcycle, I rode upon his American bicycle which Dad bought overseas and brought home for him. Before having the bicycle, he carried me on his back, or I perched upon his neck and shoulders so I heard baby-boomer-teenager talks.

Dad never bought me a bicycle. After my Big Brother had bought his motorcycle and when he earnestly tried to teach me how to ride his bicycle ( because of his [erroneous] belief that I would soon have to ride a bicycle to get to school { in NYC, of all places ! how ignorant he was ! all right, maybe it was because he had never set foot in NYC } once we had arrived in America,) I collided with a parked taxicab and I flew forward painfully hitting my crotch at the vertical steel headtube, in the front which rode atop the front wheel ( fortunately, it missed my penis, scrotum, and testes because of the slightly offset-to-one-side angle of the collision { truthful and correct intelligence is vitally important for preserving one's posterity }; obviously, I neither learnt to ride on that bicycle then, nor the nonexistent bicycle from Dad because I immediately quitted--quitters don't succeed but my having never ridden a bicycle in NYC never mattered because NYC had its very extensive subway system and I was undaunted by its occasional high-density people packing due to my being used to the often even tighter packing on my childhood buses in Kowloon, Hong Kong; NYC had the occasional "blimps" and the "cheesy blintzes" on subway trains; Mom being a woman found cheesy smell repulsive, probably because we seldom ate dairy products aside from fresh milk in Kowloon so cheesy smell was very foreign to her; some people probably didn't bathe much and at that time most subway trains weren't air-conditioned, either. ) I lost control because my feet could only reach the bicycle pedal in the upper position. This bicycle had no hand brakes. It had a coaster brake. It was to be stopped by backpedaling which I couldn't do as my legs were too short to reach both pedals simultaneously to control them.

I mostly got "hand-me-downs !" ( with perhaps the only possible exception of viewing my pubescent babysitter in the nude in mutual doctoring; his friends told my Big Brother that she was whom he might get some from--the two of them have probably never mated with each other, either, although he should have been fully capable of giving it { i.e. "white thick liquor" } satisfactorily to her [of course, without my harebrained childish "urination" request to get inside of her to piss] ) Now you know why I felt the oppressive mass of the older baby boomers because I "Drove my chevy to the levee,\ But the levee was dry.\ And them good old boys were \Drinkin' whiskey and rye."

Hand-me-downs weren't all negative because my Big Brother's high-school/secondary-school textbooks allowed me to learn on advanced levels while I was still in early elementary/primary school. It's a bit like a newly minted swimmer who gaily sauntered off of a swimming pool to swim in the ocean, blissfully ignoring its depth since both the pool and the ocean are deep enough to be over the head. I giggled to myself when my offspring thought that the world only had "boring" textbooks to read. No! There are a lot more books { "interesting" or otherwise, on nearly every subject area and topic } to read than just textbooks. I "cut my [chewing-gum]teeth" on high-/junior-high-/secondary-school textbooks so textbooks weren't formidable or boring to me ( what I discovered was that a subject area could become more interesting as one's knowledge in it grew--a bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together getting more interesting when more pieces clicked together faster and faster as the emerging picture grew in size.) Upon reaching adulthood and gaining some money from working, I bought myself quality learning tools: a dictionary, an atlas, and an encyclopedia. Nowadays it's the online access. I found corporate { and [literate] parental } restrictions on what I could peruse online being harebrained at times. I giggled in belly-aching silence when corporate censorship blocked a corporation's own product as being obscene !!!

The baby boomers are the wealthiest generation in the entire world's history. We inherited the peace fought for by our forefathers after their WWII but we were also left with the direst global conflict in the entire world's history, with tens of thousands of nuclear-bombs-tipped missiles ready to be launched anytime and anywhere ( and "The birds flew off with the fallout shelter" { the girls disallowed male partners reaching orgasm with condoms or "Iron Dome" still on in the slow dancin' pelvic grindings; if one can afford an offspring, it can definitely be a great turn-on when a girl desiring to go raw tears away one's inplace condom; I dislike abortions because they seem very irresponsible so I support most birth control with no mutilation, to minimize them--I never had to choose "abort or not to abort" as male has the control } sent the radioactive fallout cloud "Eight miles high" to the stratosphere.) Our success is really that we haven't blown up this world and left an impressive legacy of Cold War peace dividend--the Internet. We worked a lot ! I was often much too tired to engage with politics or properly handle the post-Cold-War rehabilitation of the breakup of the U.S.S.R.-dominated bloc. I wasn't in the power elites to affect policies, either.

I think ( as I wasn't watching when I was working so much at the time ) that greedy Wall Street swooped in to take advantage of the breakup's aftermath, collecting hefty consulting and underwriting fees from a newbie clientele for economic shock therapy ( 100% conversion paid far more than 20% conversion in a year because the bloc was accustomed to operating under 5-year plans.) Something as massive as that bloc ( the trust levels of foreigners in its various parts were different so the economic policies needed to be different ) can't change abruptly although its peoples' expectations can. We needed a transitional dual-system state for a while ( at least 5 years, probably 10 for a more comfortable transition for the more difficult parts; even in the U.S. with a very flexible labor market, we seldom lay off more than 10% of the workers in a single year unless their company is going bankrupt soon ) over there instead of creating an oligarchy through restricted auctions of state enterprises owned in principle by the people ( I support Literalism ). Post-collapse auctions should have targeted getting the best prices for selling the assets gradually rather than in a fire sale. Maybe issuing lower quality bonds/stock could have worked.

I'm a conservative regarding people's livelihood so I favor sharp changes in directional targets immediately upon detecting necessary changes to be made but moderate changes in actual directions to avoid whiplash by maximizing the time intervals over which changes are to be made. Look far ahead but steer, accelerate, or brake gently. Speed doesn't kill; excessive acceleration does--from Physics. If speed kills, the ICBMs should all destroy themselves mid-flight due to their extremely high speeds ! They don't kill themselves with their speeds.

As a kid rebelling against their out-of-date ideas about restrictions, I told my Mom that she and Dad were of the 18th-century Feudal Age but I was of the Rocket Age. She agreed. I was quite proud that she one day even quoted my saying to another person. I was post Sputnik, lived with vacuum-tube multi-band ( including shortwaves ) radio, early integrated circuits, earliest transistor radio, vacuum-tube black-and-white cathode-ray-tube television set watching lunar landing and political assassinations, and witnessed [and worked] the booming growth of computers, communication, and their confluence.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

There are four ways to have wealth in one's life: by birth, by education, by marriage, and by owning businesses. Note which path is open unto you.

Few people have control over which type of family they are born into. Either you get a lot of inherited wealth by birthright or not. There isn't much one can do about it except through adoption which requires connections, breaking of at least some old bonds, and forming of at least some new bonds.

Education is one way broadly open and available to many people. Not only can one push for getting it alone, one can also enlist other people's help ( choose your idols well and whom you like having lunchtime and teatime with--this was my illiterate father's strength; he ate and drank to some wisdom with great knowledgeable friends ! ) Governments are often great helpers, not only with free or nearly free sources of knowledge such as libraries but with real financial support. Be sure to steer the education somewhat towards getting wealth if wealth is what you aim for. There are debt-trap educations as a wealth chart shows. Some types of college education don't pan out although most kinds do, so know what to not do in college as one only has limited finite amount of time and resources.

Marrying into wealth requires at least some connections. Often others see desirable qualities in oneself such as good "family," upbringing, education, health, beauty and looks, moral rectitude, humor, etc. There's a diversity of factors; some are indeed under one's control. If one wants connections, going to social functions can help. One can join religious or hobby organizations and participate in social events. Learning some social graces such as ballroom dancing, playing sports, ice or roller skating, etc. can help one meet new people and potential mates. Ever since Eve was split from Adam, everyone got the reproduction problem because without sexual intercourse, babies can hardly be made and babies were obviously in God's plan for achieving a form of near-eternal life with the workaround of sexual intercourse despite the Fall of Man ( immediately thereafter God delved into making Eve's desire Adam and childbirth difficult but obviously possible as Caine's existence showed. God put enough pleasure into sexual intercourse to ensure that men and women are attracted enough to each other to mate so that a Savior would be born in due time. Of course, God wanted to experience this pleasure of reunion { adjoining the Creator to the Created to become one as it was in the Beginning before the Creation in which God's X + X from Virgin Mary's female line at endtime = XX, pregnant with reproductive power as "the Word was with God and the Word was God" } originated from the animals which had given Adam the idea of asking God to get him a mate, so a virgin was chosen for God's insemination. God being whole without having Their/Her/His image Adam's splitting obviously didn't have the scar of splitting into male and female so the insemination couldn't have been physical but spiritual ( I suspect that it was informational in the Holy Spirit or the dove at Jedus' Baptism as the X sex chromosome was sufficient by itself without a conjugating Y sex chromosome to make a male.)

Owning businesses can get one a lot of wealth. The emphasis is on owing because [others' labor] wealth is to be owned. Busyness can almost be created out of anything of service to others. Our Deer ( Venison. ) Lead-er's advice is: "Whether it be a White or Black cat, going bankrupt again and again is glorious, proving both effort, striving, and initiative." The genius of Capitalism is: ask not what others can do for you; ask what you can do for others. ( thus thereby receiving a promissory note originally from the Federal Reserve created "out of thin air;" capitalist societies thus elicited social contributions with promises so society improves with more wants satisfied; things turn terrible if these promises become irredeemable via wanton "monetary creation" or "labor destruction;" one can't fool the people forever with empty promises; every society has [often-terrible] ways of "fixing" this ) Mom got some of her money for our transglobal migration flights from creating what high-society Americans craved -- fancy customized high-quality handcrafted clothing. Many others such as Japan, China, and South Korea went down the same hooking-up-with-America path and pretty much got the same result although it took about thirty years of "wandering in the wilderness" awaiting Mao to die for China to rise from Maoist over-politicizing smother. One cannot concentrate on struggling to share existing wealth. Most new wealth is created ( the 'FAANG' new-wealth companies are Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google; all are Cold War peace dividend { presenting as the Internet } new-wealth companies,) not won by going to political struggles to rob thy neighbors. "Help thy neighbors" often works out much better.

I like the story about the difference between Heaven and Hell. Both Heaven and Hell are provided with the same banquet setup: gourmet dishes on the big long table and yard-long spoons for the invited diners. In Heaven, they scoop the gourmet dishes with their long spoons to feed others with everyone being happy. In Hell, they scoop the gourmet dishes with their long spoons and complain of their starving and not being able to feed themselves easily with the stiff long spoons having the gourmet foods at the faraway ends of the spoons.

As an example of using a long spoon, my Dad's father, Grandpa, sent bacalao ( our clan lived by the sea and had excess fish catch which can rot and stink ! Here's the reason why a judge from our clan freed a convicted burglar who stole to feed his mom and set him up to become a fishmonger owning his own business in the olden days with our clan's scrod; pollution can be a bad thing but it can be reduced and made beneficial with well-managed technologies: sulfur dioxide from power plant exhaust stream can be made into dry wall for the construction of homes; highly polluted Norilsk in Russia has much of this potential sulfur dioxide pollution wealth, one percent of the entire world's total ! Russia and its predecessor the U.S.S.R. do suffer from the mentality of tolerating much pollution, especially "nuclear this, nuclear that" which are very long-lasting and there's no technology to speed up radioactive decays on a massive scale--evidenced by the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe of 1986 as ordered by a command economy which was covered up { familiar, isn't it? ! } and its radioactivity will be with us for a very long time -- I believe in nuclear cancers ) to northern Europe to feed the people over there. Neighbors can be very far-flung indeed.

There you have it, the paths to wealth. Good luck and may you live in interesting times !

I [indirectly] eat chicken feathers and horse shit because I eat chicken with mushrooms ( e.g. moo goo gai pan.) China's wealth and power for millennia rested upon water-buffalo dung and bean-cake fertilizer so Chinese [indirectly] ate dung and the population grew with accumulated sunlight through photosynthesis in the water distilled and wrung from the Himalayas ( shared with India, yet another very populous country; Feng Shui or wind water is very important for prosperity via various flow or traffic patterns { Google got rich on the data traffic patterns by skimming off their "lint." } ) In between the shit and the food are the imagination and the transformative technologies. Technologies can be learnt and applied to appropriate circumstances. Imagination is often present in artists. They tend to spearhead the revitalization of a rundown area. Maybe their lack of resources is what spurs them on to resourcefulness. Having grown up in an environment without many ready-made gadgets for specific usages, I often improvised and other people have commented about my oddities as well as resourcefulness. Necessity [and laziness, too ! hmm, I should have said, "elegant simplicity" for maximizing leisure instead, because Mom told me that there could be a ear listening behind the wall, such as that of an M.B.A. { Master-at-Business-Apoptosis doing X'ires', with X='D', 'F', 'H', 'M', 'S', 'T', and 'W' } boss, lest I got fired] is the mother of invention.

A bottom-oriented paradigm of thought ( as Jesus said, "the last shall be first" -- so answer the question, to where the final product goes, first ) is based upon the fundamental principle of Nature applicable to Hicks' bozons. No two identical fermions of the same kind can occupy the same spacetime location because all fermionic wavefunctions are antisymmetric. Electrons, quarks, protons, neutrons, etc. particles of matter must all stay apart from their brethren--homosexuality bill barred ( even if one is presented with a pubescent vulva and has the ability to erect and shoot from a TEL { transporter-erector-launcher,} one doesn't have to go the way to create a potential justice disaster.) The law of diminishing returns in economics says that one mask returns the most in cost-benefit analysis. The second mask is less productive than the first one but masks do help block out some infectious and polluting particles even if they are aerosols.