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Forum Post: Focus on what most can agree is the main problem - Corruption

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 20, 2011, 6:35 p.m. EST by Weillyouareout (1)
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It's not the accumulation of wealth, the distribution of wealth or even the excesses that cause problems for America (except for jealousy, which is only the jealous person's problem). It's the corruption, cronyism, market manipulation and other things it's currently able to buy that is against the best interests of the American public, rich or poor. (ie. Gramm-Leach-Bliley of '99 cronyism contributing to increased bank corruption leading to economic disaster for all, rich and poor, for example)

If 'Occupy', 'tea-party' or any other movement could stay focused on the main issue, corruption and cronyism, they might make progress we all could benefit from. Direct that passion to what matters. Let the rich have thier money, thier inflated egos, thier narcissim and thier obscene excesses, that's America, that's freedom and we salute success. But, don't let them get weathly through corruption and fraud (ie. bankers, for example) or use thier money to turn everything in the game to thier advantage (ie. bankers again, for easy example, but there are many more) or get away with obvious mass fraud (need I say bankers again?)

Getting rich is an incentive for empire builders that build empires we all can benefit from. Like, Gates and the tech boomers that built the internet we're on right now. Gates doesn't seem to be such a bad guy. I've no problem with him being rich, how he got rich or ways he seems to be using or investing it. But, Sandy Weill, Mozilo and the other banker crooks, no! They should be in jail and stripped of all ill-gotten gains!! And, anyone else corporate or government that contributed to the corruption that made the mess.

Both parties are corrupt and full of cronyism. Both are bad for Americans with thier closed door deals. Both spend (waste) way too much on things not beneficial to the American people. And, all countries in the world currently and throughout history that are examples of being in the worst shape socially and economically have the most corruption and cronyism, no matter if they are BIG or SMALL govt.

Stop being a lemming following your movement's random orders. And, stop layering on so many minor personal agendas (like occupy faith's irrelevant religious messages and rich hating) and work toward the common good for all, rich or poor, christian or not, etc. Less selfishness, less waste, less misuse, less manipulation of our government's resources ultimately means more available to all worthwhile endevours for all Americans. Less corruption would accomplish alot, actually the most.

Think for yourself! (If you can!!!) Neither party no matter how far apart or alike thier goals and issues can accomplish anything helpful to any of us until this corruption and cronyism stops spinning out of control. I at least admire your passion, but get it behind the main issue that matters!!!! And stay focused behind it!! Now pass it on to your occupy friends and see if you can make a real difference. Please!! You're onto something, stay focused and don't stop!! Please!!!



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[-] 2 points by singlemom99 (57) from Bethlehem, PA 12 years ago

The problem is greed and corruption. I was out today in society and I noticed a few things. I'm happy to be in the 99%. We might not have much but we are happy and good people. I was driving around a city and noticed all the homeless. They were all hanging out in parks and outside churches. They seemed ok, mabye cold and hungry but they were talking and hanging out. Later on I walked into Macys to pay a bill. Wow what a change of scenery!! Every women had a fake face, their hair done, nice clothes but they were miserable. These people don't talk because they are controlled. I feel sorry for the 1%.

[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 12 years ago

You are correct about corruption and cronyism being two of the major problems in government. You're new here or you would know that those are two things we are protesting. OWS is not against the wealthy or being rich, although that is probably the biggest misconception. And I'll spare our regulars tonight and not go off on my usual Bill Gates rant. This time only! ;-)

[-] 0 points by turak (-812) 12 years ago

You couldn't be more brainwashed. You couldn't be more wrong. You couldn't be more uneducated and more ignorant than you are now.

FIRST: If you ever begin to read a book and study the long factual history of Empire building: You will discover that empire building is exactly what impoverishes the rest of humanity.

You have not even read the history of your own empire builders and how they robbed the masses of your entire nation into destitution and poverty over and over again until the only thing which saved them form being strung up and shot down was a world war: a nice little diversion to distract the brainwashed masses like you from how they were being even more brainwashed into becoming willing slaves for the ultra-rich.

If Bill Gates gave away all his billions to the people of the world he would still be a monopolist. All monopolies destroy fair competition.

You want to talk about evil? Talk about the 1.3 trillion dollars Obama gave to the World Bank... GAVE..... Without bothering to ask congress, and without you brainwashed bunnies even knowing about it. The publicized billions of bailouts was a COVER-UP for the trillions of dollars given away WITHOUT ANY MEDIA COVERAGE. That's not the only trillion dollars Obama gave away for free to the ultra rich. Talk about the trillion plus dollars that disappeared from the Pentagon budget during Rumsfeld's term as Secretary of Defense... The 9/11 attack NICELY distracted the nation from that little trillion-dollar peccadillo.

What you fail to realize is that your world is being controlled by the worst criminal thug elements of human society. Not just the USA. The entire world.

What you also do not realize is the this has always been the case ever since civilization was invented.

There are no good leaders and no good empires. FDR and Truman were 1,000 times more evil than Hitler and Mussolini.

What you need to understand from reading history is that it is always the most EVIL who win, and the least evil that lose.

The historical march into worse and worse corruption and worse evil has never stopped and is continuing into total ruination. Everything that is good is being ruined. Everything that is bad is being made worse. The evil which is in the hearts of all human beings is endemic and it exists inside you also.

Pointing the finger at what level of crony-capitalism? Is the most absurd idiocy there is. The top pimple of the ultra-rich is only a symptom of the corruption of your society as a whole. All of you who point the finger are just as corrupt as the ones you point your fingers a. None of you are willing to look critically at your own faults and failings..

None of you are unwilling to cooperate with each other intelligently.. None of you are wise enough to learn from the past. All of you are repeating the same mistakes which have been done over and over again, only now you're repeating them even worse.