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Forum Post: Florida, to become like Lombardy of Italy, where the angel of death roams?

Posted 1 year ago on March 25, 2020, 6:44 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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Fauci highlighted the exodus of many New Yorkers to other parts of the country. “They’re going to Florida. They’re going to Long Island. They’re going to different places,” Fauci said.

New York, to become the Wuhan of America dispersing its outbreak to Florida, eh? By Orange-utan having ignored to impose domestic interstate travel ban or quarantine, the CP/C virus may have moved with the people.

Florida is New York geezers' haven and they tend to know and practice effective sanitary culture so I'm hopeful though apprehensive because the Chinese escapees who sickened northern Italy by leaving Wuhan ahead of the leaked-as-soon-to-be-imposed quarantine ( the U.S. blocked their flights by its early flight-from-mainland-China-travel ban so it got weeks of reprieve time for preparation but leading-from-behind incompetence turned the U.S. into a deer frozen in a car's headlight and botched its mass-testing-and-isolate rollout despite its early warnings from intelligence as well as the cruise-ship effort in Yokohama, Japan ) had probably been sanitary-culturally-deprived ( as well as in other ways, sorry to say; that's why a HOT WAR between the U.S. and CCP-controlled mainland China had to be fought eventually--let's get prepared as we have no technology to de-propagandize hundreds of millions of information-caged-in people aside from first achieving a physical conquest.)

Neither Whites' House nor Between-the-sea-and-a-lake resort ( for a dry-land duck like my Dad, not an Italian, who has never learnt how to swim, it may as well be a between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place resort--I understand why he was grateful to the Kriegsmarine when he was rescued after having been torpedoed; bread and cold water was far more "gourmet" than becoming shark food ) is of biocontainment-level-4. The 99.44% ivory-soap-pure Orange-utan Grand Duke soon-to-be-the-King-of-the-Jews-for-Good-Friday wants access and moneyed-class privileges but like some young Chinese Red Guard from a cave playing hide-and-seek has been covering his eyes with his hands to hide from the seeker. The improving testing reveals that somehow the seeker can see through his hands and catch the Grand Duke bloodied red, same as the Red Guard. The seeker has X-ray vision!

If one hates the Schengen Area for its contagion capability, one should hate the U.S. federal free-trade-and-movement zone, too, for the same reason.

If the whole world acted in synchrony, 14 days of lockdown would have tamed this CP/C onslaught worldwide but without a concerted lockdown due to political and religious fragmentation, the onslaught flies around at jet speed of 600 mph from Wuhan to Lombard, from New York to Florida... Contrails !

Having border control between states within the U.S.A. is very old indeed. In Hawaii, I had to either throw out my juicy tasty papaya or eat it. I complied so I ate it. It's to protect the U.S. mainland with my very acidic stomach juice.

Get our national priority straight: our people first, all properties be subservient if need be. "Rarely use venery"- Benjamin Franklin.



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

States' individualized border control has very old pedigree ( and worked for decades at least [in conjunction with other measures] in the case of preventing my Hawaiian papaya from infecting the U.S. mainland.)

We must not relax control and prevention of this CP/C-virus onslaught until we have clear evidence that it's being beaten back: testing all who exhibited symptoms showing a positive rate no higher than the background rate of other contagious diseases, all known confirmed positive cases' individuals being under isolation, and the number of individuals coming out of isolation is three or more times that of the new positive cases' individuals going into isolation. CDC needs to verify that the extensive testing being done is indeed robust, real, or all is lost. Driving while being blind is a guaranteed way of getting into a terrible car crash eventually. I wonder whether any state has ever issued a valid driver's license to the Orange-utan.

Defend the medical frontline people with PPE. Even in ancient Greece, Spartan soldiers weren't sent into battle without their shields. "Return with your shield or upon it."

Do you see how huge those shields are? Defense prevents losing--how was the Cold War ( the greatest global war ever, without any mass confrontation/fighting between the principal antagonists ) ended? The Soviet Union went whole-hog on its offensive weapons while ignoring its economy. Unable to match the U.S. economy during the arms race ( Reagan was going for having a 600-ship Navy; U.S. economy was around twice as big as that of the U.S.S.R.; nowadays, the ratio pertaining to Russia, the successor to the U.S.S.R., increased by several folds; I wonder about the sanity of Russia's leadership in going for yet another arms race ), it eventually crumbled, of its own gargantuan weight.

In Retardica, here we "go again". When will the "new AIG" executive bonus from AIG's new owner, the U.S. Government, arrive to bail out Yusef Bidingtime? How about the stock option grants for Kakaqhar Shittoppenhat, Megasuck's new executive? 'zebra' belongs in the 'zoo' which was the last vocabulary word from my first kindergarten's alphabet book but I recall that the picture for 'zoo' in the lower half of the page showed a lion.

Absolutely, as your devout servants, we've decided to fix your DOA screen-freeze lockdown by having our H1B change the color of the "screen of death," from blue to gloriously red.

{ I wonder why someone (who?) asked the question but the answer was,} "When your ancestral stone lion cries blood, the Deluge'll arrive on that day,"--so the village "fool" went faithfully every morning to check on the stone lion at our ancestral hall [in the East] for bloody tears. That made the village butcher curious so he asked around for the reason why.

"Ask and you shall get. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you." He got the reason--he couldn't believe the sheer "nonsense" of it as no stone lion could cry blood so he took the slaughtered animals' blood from his own shop to play a trick at night on the "fool". On that very day, the flood door of "heaven" was swung wide open !

Our ancestors who had followed the very alarmed "fool" ( who found that overnight, the stone lion had "cried blood" ) ¿into a corner room high up on the upper floor of the ancestral hall? were passed over while the non-believers all around perished by the Deluge which gifted much fertile alluvial soil and formed new land. Our clan bought up and came to possess more of the fertile farm land nearby. Our ancestors understood that our successive clan chiefs ( eventually the missing/absent one, my Dad, who as a newly wed with his young family left behind, had gone overseas smack into some of the greatest battles/wars in the twentieth century: the Battle of the Atlantic, the Pacific War with Imperial Japan, and the Korean conflict; at time { or ¿times? } becoming a POW ) had become stewards ( from the people the land came so to the people the land went ) of the remnants of the Deluge ( i.e. widowed spouses, orphans, elderly parents, much alluvial land, debris, corpses, skulls, bones, and skeletons ). We became [ traditionally patriarchal, despite the "yes, dear, you're absolutely correct" last words of the men ] Socialists with the welfare paid for by the profits from transglobal trade with the coastal seafaring northern Europeans.

Mom, who as an adventurous child had climbed up upon the roof, took a peek into that chained-and-padlocked room and saw a strange and scary sight, thus eventually got to tell me the oral history about the Deluge and remarked to Dad about the "inexplicable" sight { a skeleton sitting on a chair next to a table with a teacup upon it, another skeleton standing in an upright position leaning on a support column, other arrangements of skulls and bones, etc. } which she had seen decades ago, of which I can now venture a guess ( for I've seen elsewhere odd but revered and honored "remnants" such as the "Amah carrying her kid on her back longing for her long-lost missing husband's return" showing her Labor of Love ) : the purchased postdiluvian land had come with a covenant covering how to honor the if-later-found-in-the-land skulls/bones/skeletons of the antediluvian ancestral villagers who didn't follow the "fool".

Into my heart an air that kills
From yon far country blows:
What are those blue remembered hills,
What spires, what farms are those?