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Forum Post: Flood the DHS and TSA with reports NOW !

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 13, 2012, 10:18 a.m. EST by mikecollier70yahoocom (0)
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These agencies have given us the rope with which we can hang them, simply by doing EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT us to do: report 'suspicious activity' (en mass). Think about it: what if tens of thousands of people start calling their local police (please use the non-emergency lines: we want the police to get sick of the DHS, not us) with SINCERE reports of suspicious activity AS DEFINED BY DHS / TSA THEMSELVES ? NOBODY GETS IN TROUBLE because we are only doing what the DHS has asked us to do, as long as we are SINCERE in our reporting... They will be UNABLE TO RESPOND TO THE SHEER VOLUME. The DHS has deemed the following activities, among many others, as potentially threatening and suspicious: American flag displayers, radical bumpersticker displayers, photographing government facilities (cell phones have cameras in them right? So cell phone use within sight of ANY government building is cause for a SINCERE REPORT of a potentially suspicious activity); also, returning veterans, homeschoolers, gun enthusiasts, constitutionalists, and recently, DHS has deemed suspicious ANY kind of protest ! (no lie) - We can use payphones; conveniently anonymous, yet more reliable than cell phones, should the question ever arise... There is now a virtually endless list, put out by DHS/TSA themselves, of suspicious activity we can start making Sincere reports about. The reports must sound Sincere to illicit an actual police response to the location. It will only take a few responses by police to find people doing unremarkable things, for them to start ignoring the DHS directives. This will also create DISDAIN FOR DHS POLICIES within local police departments. The power of that cannot be overstated. This has the potential to DE-FEDERALIZE LOCAL POLICE, at least in their psyche... If local police are UNWILLING to see the PEOPLE as a threat to themselves and their authority, as defined by DHS, they will be far more likely to be on the side of the PEOPLE, should the need for such a decision ever arise... After a police response to the location, we can call the LOCAL MEDIA and ask them if they were aware of police investigating a potential terrorist threat. This will actually HELP the police to challenge DHS directives because they can sight public pressure. This is SO SIMPLE ! We all start 'telling on each other' to the DHS, through sincere local police reports. Their policies will melt in MOCKERY ! Very quickly ! mikecollier70@yahoo.com Mike Collier Santa Cruz CA. 831 466-0335



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[-] 1 points by shizznic (1) 11 years ago

No sense in y'all getting all riled up about what your constitution permits. This nation was "Dead Man Walking" from its inception. United we stand divided we fall right? What do you expect then with two party representation in the government. It used to make since to be "on one accord'.