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Forum Post: #FlipADistrict candidate: @RepHalRogers

Posted 6 years ago on March 22, 2014, 7:16 p.m. EST by grimwomyn (35) from New York, NY
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The long list of earmarks he’s steered to well-connected campaign contributors shows Rep. Hal Rogers has yet again earned the title “Prince of Pork.”

The Kentucky Republican earmarked millions of dollars to a Kentucky manufacturer, Phoenix Products, which produces leak proof drip pans for the Army. The Phoenix drip pans cost an average of $17,000 each, even though a competitor charges about $2,500 for a similar part.

Rep. Rogers, nicknamed the “Prince of Pork” for his habitual earmarking, has taken more than $35,000 in campaign contributions from the owners of Phoenix Products and employees of its lobbying firm.

  • Seventeen-term member of Congress representing Kentucky’s 5th district
  • Under investigation by the U.S. Army’s Office of the Inspector General for earmarking millions of dollars to a company whose owners and lobbyists have donated tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign and leadership PAC
  • Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee

Source: http://goo.gl/hhqx9b

Kentucky's 5th congressional district, serving since 1981



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