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Forum Post: FINRA Arbitration Stats Disappoint. Why aren't more burned investors using arbitration?

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 16, 2011, 3:25 p.m. EST by fraudfight (2) from Santa Monica, CA
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FINRA, the main non-govt. organization charged with oversight of financial firms and brokers, operates the dominant securities dispute resolution program across the country. This arbitration program, which has existed for many years, reports that through October just over 4,000 arbitration claims had been filed for 2011. With the OWS movement highlighting Wall Street abuses, it would appear that burned investors either do not know about the opportunities securities arbitration affords and that -- real world -- arbitration works if done well, right and if individual cases are fought hard recognizing that fairness of process is not a given but must be achieved case by case in this excellent, effective, meaningful process. No, I don't work for FINRA. Nor do I work for Wall Street. Been representing burned investors only in arbitration and mediation for 24 years. I know it works. David can beat Goliath. Failing to use arbitration programs (FINRA or others) to recover funds lost to investor abuse, Wall Street misdeeds, means only one thing: Wall Street wins again. From a 99%er / burned investor advocate. Fight back. Please.



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