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Forum Post: filmmaker looking for info about OWS post Nov 15th ejection from Zuccotti Park

Posted 8 years ago on June 12, 2012, 10:46 p.m. EST by thomas4444 (0)
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This is a pro OWS short.

Particularly, I want to to hear about the decision making process about in which direction to take the movement after being evicted from the park. I'm curious about the shift from Downtown Wall St. to foreclosed homes. Were there plans of discussions to maintain a presence elsewhere downtown ?

I would really appreciate any help you can provide. If you can do a phone interview, please send me an email or other way to contact you. Or, if that's not possible, please type your thoughts here...

thanks best wishes



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[-] 1 points by SOLIDARITE (1) 8 years ago

I remember there being some talk about moving to Winter Garden Atrium in the world financial center. I think it was a mistake not to keep a hold on some part of the financial district. Some symbol of "wall street" should have still been occupied. I don't think OWS handled the eviction well - but I don't know what was discussed.