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Forum Post: Fighting International Bank - In Mediation - Unsafe Work Environment

Posted 6 years ago on April 22, 2012, 5:35 p.m. EST by top20percent (1)
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I have been fighting the International Bank I work for now for 10+ months. The unsafe work environment just kept getting worse and worse, until I was incapacitated and unable to function at work and nearly not function at home.

This week alone, I have finally won 2 major breakthroughs. Their top employment lawyer wants to give me $3000 to move on, but I am wondering if I should just go all out and sue. To prove a point and stick up for safer work place environments here in the USA, the way they do in the Scandinavian countries and Australia and UK. Why should we be treated bad, and they good. Treat us all well.

I qualified for disability this week, my Doctor says it is so bad, I should do long term disability and then just go for Social Security, because he fears the worst. We don't know how badly I was damaged and how far I will deteriorate. I tried hard to work with my employer and keep my job, but they just kept putting me in worse and worse working conditions. I just fell apart.

I nearly went bankrupt, now I will get some money. Should I sue? How do I hire a lawyer when I am broke? Will it be worth it, or will the lawyer just make all the money? The corporation won't care and I will just endure more pain and suffering. I am thinking about moving on and just taking care of myself. Or should I fight the system?

Any thoughts or advice? I was too weak and scared to reach out to anyone while in the 10 month battle. I never imagined it would be this much of a nightmare. I thought I was just being silly. But now I have won 2 parts of the process. Justice is on my side. Just not sure how far to take it.

Long story short, I wasn't so much placed in a physically unsafe work environment, but I have psychologically taxing work, and my coworkers started juggling balls, bouncing balls, throwing legos in boxes next to me for 10 months, and my mind took massive damage. Fear, stress, broken concentration, failing performance, depression, anger, frustration and total meltdown. My Doctor wrote a note, saying I should be moved to a wall, a quiet location or gotten a headset. It took 10 months! I tried to get help quickly, decisively and graciously. Management and coworkers just ignored my pleas and Doctors notes and when I came back after 1 month paid time off, I was treated horrendously by everyone when I got the accommodations. I filed a Discrimination suit, and the company will pay me out in mediation. I am thinking about suing, because they psychologically crushed me and I might have PTSD now. Long story. But, it was unnecessary on their part to fight me and ignore my Doctor.

Every citizen should have the right to work, without others keeping them from working. Common courtesy. Should I fight the system?



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[-] 1 points by top20percent (1) 6 years ago

I forgot to say that I work on the phones, while customers are often upset and asking very complex questions. I requested a full ear covering headset, like the ones for the gun range, or for DJ's. I couldn't just make or bring in my own. Tons of security / bank regulations. When one coworker (and then only 1 other) started doing their circus performances, I couldn't concentrate. I knew I couldn't get their cooperation, so I asked Management just to move me. Eventually my coworkers noticed it was bothering me and they got others to join in and after 10 months I just collapsed. I needed the job. I am now so crippled, I don't know if I can work any more period. I asked to be visually non-distracted, and no constant noises like balls or lego throwing. It was insanity.