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Forum Post: Fairism: a system that is profitable and fair

Posted 10 years ago on Jan. 26, 2012, 11:50 a.m. EST by darknessbeforedawn (0)
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If you can’t put your message into a line of a song, people probably won’t get it. So in order to put a simple and clear message out there, which will inspire people to re-structure the corporate world, for today and the future, I give you: Fairism! Put this on your protest signs: Be fair, Be Profitable: it is possible!

Inspired by the occupy movement I created a website called fairism dedicated to a practical approach to making real changes right away.

Fairism is a way of re-creating the corporate world for the benefit of the community, and well being of the people who run it, including you and me, which leads to a lot more prosperity than the conventional form can possibly grasp. This is wealth that everyone shares in, and goes beyond mere money…

Fairism measures GDP, the success of our economy, by the well being of the people, a thriving community, and environment. And it is more profitable than ever.

Impossible? No!

Fairism is about distributing power back to the true markets, back into the hands of the tax paying public who love their freedom, and right to prosper. And it is in our hands to do this right now. We the people have way more power than we have yet realized, and the Internet is our secret weapon. Fairism is not just some idealistic dream, it actually works right now in Brazil.



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[-] -2 points by smartcapitalist (143) 10 years ago

More rainbows and unicorns. Please spend a few years in the corporate world and then try becoming Adam Smith 2.0

[-] 1 points by EricBlair (447) 10 years ago

Ironically Adam Smith would find your advice to be very bad---he was opposed to corporations (joint-stock companies) and other huge concentrations of wealth and warned that they would cause great economic harm and injustice. Freemarketers that selectively quote Smith without realizing that his analyssis come from a context/time-period that was essentially agrarian/pre-capitalist and where more than 80% of the population was self-employed. Capitalism as we know it didn't even exist and the concept of "free trade" he discussed is radically different from the corporate tyranny implied by the phrase nowadays.

*Note that I don't think Adam Smith is some kind of prophet or Guru like some people--- I just resent that people act like he would approve of modern corporate capitalism. The "corporate world" is run by morons and the only thing you'll learn from an experience there is how to babysit people who think they know what they are talking about.