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Forum Post: Evolution & Politics - SERIOUS

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 5, 2011, 8:51 a.m. EST by TaylaWolf (42)
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Ok, I've been a supporter of this movement from the beginning, and honestly, I'm a bit disappointed. We've been so focused on the whole "Occupy" side of this and have lost sight of the true emphasis. The MSM's keep saying that we don't have direction, and with the infiltration tactics and smearing campaigns going on, the movement as a whole needs to regroup and evolve. We should NOT be distracted by other causes, the ones that this movement was based on IS the main focus and should STAY the main focus. That being said:

There are many of us STRUGGLING, many groups have come together under the banner of OWS to actually address the issues at hand, and while a lot of the occupied sites are struggling to keep their ground, there's a HUGE issue right now that DEMANDS our focus. It's time to switch gears here guys, and FAST.

The DAA act that's currently been voted on by Congress and has flooded the net shows the very heart of the corruption we are protesting against. Plattitudes of occupying foreclosed areas SHOULD NOT be the focus when our rights are being stripped away right in front of our eyes. Remember, in the top 10 stocks, theres at LEAST 3 congressional investors.

We, the American people have been lied to so grossly by MSM and our own political servants, we can't just be focused on the fat cats in Wall Street when their political backing is doing this attrocious act right before our eyes and we aren't even discussing it and what to do about it? Really?

Someone said that we can't effect change politically, I ENTIRELY disagree. Remember, this collapse was brought around not only by Wall Street, but their political backers as well. We've been saying this from the start? So why the heck aren't we changing our focus when effectively our Congress is calling the US citizens a national threat? Yes that means ALL OF US. Anyone that's seen as not agreeing with the government and what it's doing (i.e. attacking their bread and butter) are seen as a NATIONAL THREAT.

We need to evolve, we need to pay attention to the whole picture here, not just part of it, because while a lot of you are so focused on the Wall Street aspect of this, our rights as free human beings is being taken right under our noses.

And, as a side note: Mic Checking a political forum is kinda wrong guys. I've proposed the idea that if as a group we wish to address a political figure, the people's mic should NOT be used, especially indoors. The loud yelling is NOT getting the message out and is SCARING people. Look at the videos, don't look just at the protesters, look at the people around them, there's fear there. What should be happening in these forums is a Mic Check called, but ONE speaker with the rest standing silently (and with signs if you wish, I suggest cloth ones as they can be folded and unfurled descretely when the Mic Check is called) in solidarity. Part of a peaceful protest is the ability to address your issues in a calm, informed, and respectful manner. Going into the lion's den (and a politican's appearance venue is exactly that) and screaming is not a calm and respectful manner. Part of being able to enact change is the ability to also LISTEN.



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[-] 1 points by TaylaWolf (42) 12 years ago

Sorry, bumping this because it's that serious.