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Forum Post: Evidence that money has a big influence in our government.

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 23, 2012, 2:24 p.m. EST by JoeTheFarmer (2654)
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Top Fund Raisers

  1. Barack Obama $136,886,599
  2. Mitt Romney $62,706,797
  3. Ron Paul $30,868,051
  4. Newt Gingrich $18,142,387

Top Three Contributors to Barack Obama

  1. Microsoft Corp
  2. DLA Piper
  3. Google Inc

Top Three Contributors to Mitt Romney

  1. Goldman Sachs
  2. JPMorgan Chase & Co
  3. Morgan Stanley

Top Three Contributors to Newt Gingrich

  1. Rock-Tenn Co
  2. Las Vegas Sands
  3. Poet LLC

Top Three Contributors to Ron Paul

  1. Active duty US Army
  2. Active duty US Air Force
  3. Active duty US Navy

Check out these top spenders: http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/list.php?order=A



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[-] 1 points by randart (498) 6 years ago

You think we need evidence that there is too much money in politics? It has been an issue for ever and probably will be very hard to change.

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (22871) 6 years ago

This really has to stop. Thanks for the link.