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Forum Post: Everything is Just Business

Posted 11 years ago on April 27, 2012, 6:57 a.m. EST by benjamin (3)
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A plane hits a skyscraper. Business with terrorism and war. Toppling of a dictator. Business with oil. A bomb blast in the subway. Business with security cameras. Finding explosive in the heel of a shoe of an airline passenger. Business with security equipment for scanning passengers. The spread of bird flu. Business with anti-flu medications. The announcement of global warming. Business with CO2 emissions. Outbreak of financial crisis. Business with taxpayer money. Swine flu pandemic. Business with flu shots.

Long live business. There are enough businessmen and enough victims. There are enough taxpayers who finance those businesses. There are enough naives who buy their products. There are enough voters who vote for incompetent candidates. There are enough media reports for spreading threats. There is enough fear to make business bloom. There are enough bombs, viruses and polluted air. There is enough of everything for this century and beyond.

So where is peace, democracy, content, friendship, tolerance, justice, moral, humanity, responsibility? Gone. Because they won't bring business.



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