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Forum Post: Everybody must stop work now!

Posted 11 years ago on May 9, 2013, 6:20 p.m. EST by Richard80 (0)
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Since the start of time, man has always worked to fill their pantries with food in order to survive and live as comfortable as possible. Over time, these needs were fullfilled very easy with newer and more efficiant tools and todays machinery. To have constant warmth and shelter in todays primal human needs spent is a very low amount of energy.

Thanks to the industrial revolution, we now have products that do not cost nearly any labor or energy at all and can produce an enormous amount of finished end products. These inventions and machines have often been conceived and made complete by ordinary people who thought that this could be a good idea that could benefit all people, who then have been bought up and patented by big companies who earned big money by selling these products to ordinary people that work and ultimately also the same kind of people who invented the product.

Considering what a man really needs to survive and thrive is:

  1. Food water and housing

  2. Energy

  3. Environmental structure (such as helthcare/repairing-productional facilities/education/science-ingeneering recerching/etc.)

Social gatherings (sports,music,dancing,etc)

Since the beginning of times we have always lived in groups and was an important component of our mental development, and still is. People need to be social and do social things ex sports, dance, sing, sharing love, for some degree in working etc.

We have evolved and today develp an need for knowlegde and surtain extra types of comfertebilities like tv internet computers washingmaschines etc. The houses and apartments wich we have today would be free and with no rent and would be switchable as long as someone want to switch.

How can we remain in this lifestyle and also work 25% of the amount of work that we do today?

During these last centuries, there have been tremendous advances in the technological development that has led to our lives has been facilitated to a very high degree. If you look from the ecological perspective so can we see that the Earths water and athmosphere and all life on the planet is being poisoned trumenduisly much, only in this last period of time.

We can no longer let politicians and businesses poison and pillage our planet while we quietly look on and go to work like nothing happened. And with this silence contribute to this destruction by working and helping companies to plunder our planet for resources and poison our water.

Politicians have shown clearly that they support the big cooporations rather than the people. It is irresponsible of us to keep working, now that we know what working means to the planet. NO!

We must figure out an idea ourselves that will get us out of this mess. Money doesent work so far were learnt. So how can we keep us this lifestyle with comfertities like tv internet data light heat,spearparts,clohthes,etc.

How would it be if we produced only what we need?

The only thing we eventually should work on is to produce food,energy so that it is enough for everyone and a good health care. Reparing and production facilities. A minimum amount of resurces will be taken from the earth, the idea would be create only what you can recycle.

There would be mostly demi-vegetaring food with mostly egg,milk,chickpeas,beans,lences and other vegetarian protein food sources to get the protein instead of from meat. Potaties,rice,bread,sallata,cheese,ice cream,etc would still be possible to eat. Approximatly two times a week will you still be able to eat meat.

There will not be any use of money, because all the problems that money causes with all the injustities envy greed comperecing violence etc that brings out the most bad parts of a human being, we are not meant to live that way.

Instead everything will be free and ex food will be divided in to units per day, wich everyone has the same amounts of units say food a day, wich would not be possible to spare, so if u dont use all youre units one day so will you start over fresh the next day.

What we will pay with is our common labor, which will be when everybody is contrubuting about one week's work per month of all elements on the workload. We'll just have to content ourselves with those gadgets we have today, the same apartment/house (switchable) the same mobile,same tv,same computer, etc. Sewing clothes will be an workstation along with repairing items,edjucating,doktors,working with power/electricy, etc everything we got today but without the military,finance,department banks,unnecessary products,corporations,politics,financial buisnessmen,etc.

All power and decisionmaking would be maken on a local level and in respect of the environment. The same would be for all the planet within the ecology laws that the planet should be as little impacted as possible and always strive to repair those damages that is already done. When stuff then breaks down, we submit them to a repairing shop instead of tearing up wounds in our planet in search of new assets to produce more stuff.

In this system everyone would have 75% more sparetime compared to what we have today.

I'm thinking me a system of a unity production of food etc, where the whole community take turns to feed the animals, harvest,wire electricity,recycle repair and re-use stuff,driving tractors and working on machines and making essential products. And that would then be distributed to the shops where everyone would get a certain number of devices food beverage mm per day that had not been saved for the next day. On weekends, it would be arranged dance with food and drink that would be sponsored by voluntary labor and cooked by the joint or local community as a big party in each neighborhood. Without money, that is. Money in any form would not exist in this new system.

When people have so much time going to seriously start thinking about what is truly important in life and find their natural creativity. The inventions and technology would go forward at record speeds when everyone cooperating rather than oppose one another, and that the patents obvious released (free for all) so no we will not reinvent the contrary, we take huge steps forward.

Here I propose the same community in which all aspects of the tasks so that the more people who are involved in helping the less work it will be the per person, less hours worked in the month.

An example:

Now I take the cities but this may well be easier to control in the rural areas. Cities are the divided into neighborhoods that are home to about 20 000 people. Each district is responsible for such a chicken stall, where the residents of the area care for and retrieves eggs slaughters on a schedule that the district's population is on, then rotate the schedule so everyone can try out the different arbetsområderna. Community will make everyone feel everyone and it would quickly become obvious if someone would shirk their few hours.

Because the chicken barn is modern with machines and close neighborhood becomes very low hours worked per person per month. A reasonable area of arable land and greenhouses on the same principle, but for this, we have tractors and combines, as well as machines that grind the flour as it gets very little hours worked per neighborhood residents when we should only produce it ourselves and such chickens to eat.

Similar schedule will be used for all tasks which are very few hours per person per month in which we all share the workload.

That's a basic idea that needs to be developed in the form of calculations of consumption of materials and fertile area,the amount of energy requaired for the earths populations basic needs or how big human population is healthy for the planet?

Accessibility of geothermal power source suggested where to drill a 4 km hole then every 1 km down in the crust corresponds to about 25-30 degrees Celsius warmer, so you get a 100 degree celcius (boiling point)constant heat source. Where u can lead the heat up thru isolated steelcables on wich u can mount a steam turbine. That works by adding water in a boil closed contaiment it produces steam that puts a pressure and pushes and spinns the generator turbine so it generates a constant flow of electricity.

I think many have other ideas that can facilitate and help. And i apriciate creative ideas to fully develop and to complete the idea.

To take responsibility for the planet should be the first priority for all but the politicians and corporations have already shown what they want, they still cutting down large areas of the Amazon, looting and blasting for gold, metals, commodities oil, tearing up large wounds in the planet that can never be repaired to its original condition. We all need to mature and take a joined responsibility for our planet and to clean it for future generations. Instead, use the time with each other and our children, dance sing love inventing etc and develop new technologies and repair what we can of the damage we've done to the planet,

The fact that the big companies and politictians are agreeing of poisoning the earth, sea and athmosphere is a proof enough that they aint going to do anyting about it but instead increasing it. The tree slaughtering in amazones has to stop now! enough is enough! Unless we humans defend nature against big business and looting, then who will do it?



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