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Forum Post: EVENT: #Occupy movement roundtable discussion: A political dialogue being held 7:00 pm Oct. 28 @ NYU featuring active participants, organizers, and mobilizers from OWS (hosted by the Platypus Affiliated Society)

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 24, 2011, 7:29 p.m. EST by RossWolfe (34)
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‎#Occupy Movement Political Roundtable Discussion on October 28th @ NYU, featuring active participants, organizers, and mobilizers from OWS working groups. Spread the word. Everyone attend!

Join us to discuss some of the central ideas animating this movement.

  1. What would it mean to challenge capitalism on a global scale?
  2. How could we begin to overcome social conditions that adversely affect every part of life?
  3. And, how could a new international radical movement address these concerns in practice?




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[-] 1 points by dolfinguy (20) 6 years ago

OK-- How about discussing real attainable goals & solutions now... Are We the 99%Voters ready to take the REAL next step?....Here is the more proactive solution as the necessary next step-- http://www.getmoneyout.com/ --& tell a friend--tell everyone...because this ones gonna be the hardest next step to take. Election Reform Now-- One person ,one vote ,$100 limit to voters only! Also--how many tent-totin' Occupiers are Registered Voters & ready to Organize Re-call Elections, or run for office, or propose local, state or federal referendums, initiatives or propositions? These 99%Votes would threaten & shock our current politicians to change their tunes --Recall one corporate-suckling congress person in every (or a few) states & see how the rest of elected officials will respond to the Power of the Organized Voters!! Join & support --getmoneyout.com-- Reform Elections first-- tax reform will follow... Don't waste time & money on jail-bail. Keep it peaceful, keep it legal, & the 99% wins. Use your American Rights & Freedoms to Organize Votes & Fix America Now. &Read Jeffery Sachs--the "Price of Civilization: Renewing America's Values". or listen to--- http://www.commonwealthclub.org/events/archive/podcast/dr-jeffrey-sachs-101011 ---