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Forum Post: Enhanced video of Zimmerman in police station appears to show injuries....

Posted 6 years ago on April 3, 2012, 12:19 p.m. EST by F350 (-259)
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Enhanced video of George Zimmerman being led into a Florida police station appears to show possible injuries to the back of his head, lending credence to his claim he was in a struggle with Trayvon Martin when he shot the teen. ABC News initially released video of Zimmerman that did not clearly show marks on his scalp, but had the video enhanced digitally and released a new clip on Monday. That clip appears to show a gash. Zimmerman's father claims his son was being beaten by the 17-year-old teen when he shot Martin in self-defense. Martin's supporters say Zimmerman shot the unarmed teen on Feb. 26 after racially profiling him and stalking the youth through his neighborhood.

Zimmerman's attorney, Craig Sonner, said Monday that his client would surrender to authorities if charged. Sonner told Reuters that his client is not hiding from authorities. "There’s not going to be a manhunt or anything like that," Sonner told Reuters. Also on Monday, Martin's parents asked federal officials investigating the teenager's shooting death to look further into the prosecutor who stepped down from the case and his role in deciding whether to press charges. In a letter to U.S. Department of Justice officials, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton allege that State Attorney Norm Wolfinger met with the Sanford police chief within hours of the teen's death and that together they overruled a detective's recommendation that Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter. The letter claims a lead investigator filed an affidavit stating that he didn't find Zimmerman's story credible. Wolfinger called the allegations "lies" and said no meeting took place. "I'm outraged by the outright lies contained in the letter," Wolfinger said in a statement. "I encourage the Justice Department to investigate and document that no such meeting or communication occurred." Wolfinger recused himself from the case two weeks ago and a special prosecutor from Jacksonville is now investigating the shooting. Wolfinger said he wanted to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest and to tone down the rhetoric in the case. Martin's parents want to know why Wolfinger's office made the decision not to charge Zimmerman after the shooting. Zimmerman told police he was attacked and fired in self-defense. The U.S. Justice Department is already looking into the Sanford Police Department's handling of the case.

The Associated Press contributed to this report




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[-] 2 points by nobnot (529) from Kapaa, HI 6 years ago

You follow and harass me. I punch you for it.Then you kill me. Sounds fair. Unless I shoot you before you pull your gun than I guess it.'s murder.But I can afford a decent mouth peice.So than another turd is wasted.Any news from San Fran?

[-] 2 points by Neuwurldodr (744) 6 years ago

Oh...and another thing...Having treated injuries sustained on the body for even the smallest of boo-boo's.....where are the damned bandages???

[-] 2 points by Neuwurldodr (744) 6 years ago

Are you sure those aren't "alleged" injuries sustained from the police kicking his ass for resisting arrest? He does have a history of that... If someone is pounding your head against pavement, over and over, I do believe your cabbage head would have cracked wide open!! Ever seen a persons skull after it hits concrete or bashed into the ground, covered with grass over and over?

[-] 1 points by nonwo (2) 6 years ago

Rebuttal of Van Jones Interview by Amy Goodman on DemNow! Misnomer on "Stand Your Ground" - 3 Apr. '12

Mr. Van Jones and Ms Amy Goodman with all due respect, I wish to voice my dissent over a particular issue in controversy. That issue is this notion that a few perceives this long standing common law being codified for self defense in the commons as statutory. This so-called notion of self defense allowing anyone to kill first and ask questions later is erroneous. On the contrary, it allows anyone, including walking while black and Mr. Martin, to defend himself against attack. The problem I see is the blatant misapplication and false notion of what this statute actually is. It is not a free pass for anyone to shoot a perceived assailant, including walking while black and Mr. Martin, on his own prejudiced and or false notion he is being accosted. This said statute incorporates certain distinct and essential elements of proof to qualify compliance with the measure. If one can believe the facts on the record, this statute is being unjustly blamed for Mr. Zimmerman being at large with his 9mmP. arm. This statute has been unjustly accused of allowing Mr. Zimmerman to kill Mr. Martin because he is black. That is not the case. Initially, it appears from the record the police investigator recommended further investigation and holding Mr. Zimmerman. It was his police department superiors or the prosecutor's office that overruled this recommendation. Let's look more closely at the issue statute for reason for this holding recommendation. The second requisite essential element within this measure is "stand your ground". Now any sane, objective and unprejudiced observer cannot say Mr. Zimmerman was somehow, "standing his ground" given the entered fact of the 911 tape recording demonstrating instead Mr. Zimmerman actually stalking and not "standing his ground". Anyone saying the statute is wrong and allowed this killing is patently wrong. The statute's requirements states otherwise. On the contrary, the statute protects instead the victim such as Mr. Martin who was actually being stalked and forced to defend against lethal force. If in fact Mr. Zimmerman can demonstrate scuff marks, that demonstrates Mr. Martin defending or using force to meet force being levied against him. It is apparent given the recommendation of the initial investigator, Mr. Zimmerman failed to comply with the said statute. Therefore, the said statute is not faulty or unlawful and doesn't enter as a defense for Mr. Zimmerman.

It is without a doubt ALEC, the corporate dominated organization, should and must be dismantled for undue influence by commercial and corporate forces over legislation. It is quite likely this was the source for the so-called Patriot Act, and others, waiting on the side lines to be implemented when sufficient shock appears. Having said that, it still does not negate the appropriateness of this self defense statute based on the common law. Consistent with the thrust of "Occupy Movement" (Am. Spring), it is the fundamental problem where the people (including blacks and other minorities) have undeniably being overthrown by fascist forces. The road back will require the "Occupy Movement" in all its forms, coalitions, the rest of the public and all its factions, officials, patriot organizations and institutions, all working together in a cohesive force to restore the Constitution and people to their preeminence. Without unity and organization, it will delay justice, liberty, freedom and the elevation of the people over the gov't. structure/apparatus. The de facto shadow ruling elite has succeeded in dividing the people into vulnerable, indefeasible and useless factions. These weak rendered factions will endlessly be mired in indefinite ineffectiveness and destroyed at will by the de facto power elite.

I personally applaud Van Jones and DemNow! for taking a tougher attitude and stance against forces opposing the people's control of their gov't. apparatus. I really like Van Jones' words I "speak up" for Occupy. If we can galvanize and sustain "Occupy", I believe we can regain the people's control over and dismantle the de facto fascist ruling junta. I have my doubts over the issue of a Syrian style oppression of the people and how long non-violence strategy will work. I believe the de facto fascist junta has gained too much power and ground for a complete non-violence strategy to restore the People's control. It is my considered urging for a full, proper, apolitical, unbiased, multinational criminal investigation of the events surrounding the incident 9/11. This is one of the major centerpieces used by the fascists to further perfect its junta and relegating the people to the wayside of servitude. This proper investigation, inter alia, will hold accountable civil servants and their puppeteers paving the way for reemergence of the people.

The major faults I harbor against Hussein is not that he's black, rather he is a damned liar and war criminal. Undeniably, Hussein promised he'd close Guantanamo JTF Brig, he lied. Hussein promised he'd end the 2 so-called wars, he lied. Hussein promised an end to state torture, he lied. Hussein is waging war against Yemen and assassinating U.S. citizens. Hussein is using drones even more than the former war criminal in Pakistan and even will use them over U.S. air space. Hussein continues to build the national security police state. Hussein is unjustly fomenting war against Iran. He and the so-called political parties are no different than the Bushwhacker; they are just different sides of the same 5 cent coin. That is the difference between the 2 parties, since really in control is the de facto fascist junta. That's enough to chew on for now. The real solution is the U.S. president is not powerful enough (even a single racist cop (part of the militarized central force) brought Hussein to eat his words). If you don't realize indefinite detention without due process is unAmerikan and unconstitutional then it's a call for reeducation and you are part of the problem. Despite U.S. presidential powers, besides our Creator, the people wield the real power if they are so motivated. For now I see only the "Occupy Movement" as the upfront unifying and plenary force to effect positive change. Will the people unite under this banner for their health, safety and liberty? This is key to their freedom, do you disagree? Does the issue of Mr. Martin's death advance the cause for the whole of the people's interests? Can or should Mr. Martin's death serve to unify all the people? Does it serve to divide the people or does it unify the people? Should we be unifying the people no matter what the distracting forces and fascists place before us?

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

Isn't this an old case ?

why now

on Feb. 26 after racially profiling him and stalking the youth through his neighborhood.

not that long ago

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

any news from afghanistan ?

[-] 0 points by TryingForAnOpenMind (-358) from Yonkers, NY 6 years ago

Hi Matt.. nobody cares about wars when there is a perceived opportunity to really exploit an un-investigated shooting death...in order to facilitate promoting the lib's class/race warfare agenda.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

i don't want to think what "Stand Your Ground means to class warfare

the rich should be taxed

[-] 0 points by TryingForAnOpenMind (-358) from Yonkers, NY 6 years ago

it appears our leader is behaving like sharpton

[-] -2 points by F350 (-259) 6 years ago

Why yes,thanks for asking.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

Enhanced by whom, using what program?

Even in the "enhanced" version, there's still no sign of the blood that would be present in such a gash.

No sign of the broken nose, nor the blood that would be evident from such damage.

Indeed, it's the evident lack of blood that is most telling in the video.

[-] 1 points by aflockofdoofi2 (-66) 6 years ago

I dont have a dog in this fight but this is an utterly botched investigation. I doubt Zimmerman and the Martins testimony. This guy should have been booked and kept under watchful eye for the immediate time after the killing.

Justice wont be served.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

I finally agree with you.........:)

At the very least justice won't be served in the courts of Florida.

It's going to take the FBI and the justice department to get anywhere close.

[-] 2 points by fiftyfourforty (1077) from New York, NY 6 years ago

Even a federal case would be heard by a jury drawn from Floridians, correct?

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

I'm not sure, but the investigation will more professional.

[-] 1 points by fiftyfourforty (1077) from New York, NY 6 years ago

It couldn't be less professional than the one done by local authorities, that's for sure.



[+] -6 points by DKAtoday (33491) from Coon Rapids, MN 6 years ago