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Forum Post: Engaging in Psychological Warfare Against the Cops

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 4, 2011, 6:10 p.m. EST by JusticeNine (-4) from Denver, CO
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There is an amazing opportunity to turn these cops on their masters. Instead of shouting at them (as has been seen on various Youtube videos), engage in emotional and psychological warfare.

First build rapport by grounding yourself in their reality. "You're here on this cold/warm/hot/winter day in City X having to face all these angry protestors. Must be exhilarating and a bit frightening at the same time. Let me ask you..."

Then go on to ask them what they tell their kids about their future chances in America. Ask them if they can without a doubt promise their children that America will have the same quality of life in the future as it did when they grew up. Ask them if they have dying parents or relatives who can't afford the same healthcare as the rich. Are they standing in riot gear to represent them? How long before the government cuts their benefits and paychecks and they have to explain to their wife and kids why the family is barely making ends meet. How are they going to explain that to them? How are they going to calm their family's worry? Where will the access to equitable healthcare be when their wife (or they themselves) get a terminal illness or big health scare?

More emotionally brutal questions are ones like how are you going to sleep at night if you get orders to shoot and kill one of us down the line? Are you willing to be a killer? How are you going to sleep at night if a child gets critically injured at one of these protests due to your departments' tactics? Are you willing to carry that shame for the rest of your life.

Anything that will make each individual cop leave the scene that night and have to look themselves in the mirror and have your questions haunt them. Everyone at that protest should be repeating the questions until the cop is standing there emotionally disturbed.

More logical questions almost any citizen can engage in is asking them do they agree with what the government is doing to their kid's future? Do you think the government and banks has your child's future and your family's best interest in mind?

You get the picture. Anything....anything to emotionally disturb these cops is far more effective than any yelling and cursing at them. Questions are an age old mind control technique, because the mind almost instinctively has to answer a question it hears. Throw in a few presuppositions and they become even more effective. Start adding in visual, auditory, and kinethestic language and you start to mentally construct a reality for your target.

For example, "Imagine the disappointment in your child's eyes ten years from now, when he learns his Daddy fought on the side of the oppressors when the masses wanted to fight the corporate ruled government for liberty and freedom. How are you look them your child in the eyes and explain your cowardice?"

Twenty protestors shouting this question over and over again will force a person to do some reflection. Stick to the same five or six questions and just drill them again and again at the cops. It will ring in their ears long after a protest is over. And regardless if they say something like "I don't care," they care.

"Shame! Shame!" is one thing or "The Whole World is Watching!" is another, but ask them a question over and over again and their mind is forced to answer it. Start targeting the things they treasure most and tie its loss due to their actions to protect the 1% and you'll start to mentally break them.

If this protest truly wants to be effective utilize the weakest part of any opponent, their mind. One only need study the tactics and techniques used by the mainstream media (especially Fox) and the CIA to learn how to effectively make an enemy question himself and his beliefs. Anyone can break a person physically, but if you can turn their own mind against them, you never have to lift a finger. It's chess, not checkers.

The CIA has been using psychological warfare for years to do its dirty work and has written extensively on how to use it. I'm a student, as I've been waiting for this period to hit America since 2008. Google "Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare by the CIA pdf" for a quick primer. Please vote up if you think this can help the movement.



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