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Forum Post: Energy

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 18, 2011, 7:38 p.m. EST by TheAncientMariner (100)
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The oil is going to run out – that is a fact. We will need alternative sources of energy – that is a fact.

Here are the answers available from capitalism:-

  1. Build wind farms – but not where rich people live.
  2. Keep on burning fossil fuels as long as we can – but charge more for it.
  3. Harness tidal power but only when the price of oil starts to affect business.
  4. Build more power stations which operate by nuclear Fission. (despite the dangers).

There is another answer but it will only be developed if there is another World War!!!

Nuclear Fusion

The ultimate prize in clean energy! Nuclear fusion is what caused life to develop and prosper on earth because we orbit the sun. It was developed – destructively – by the most capitalist country on earth to make the Hydrogen Bomb! Let's give it up for the good old U.S of A!!! And let's not forget that ideologically driven old scientist Edward Teller – round of applause please. Controlling it will be a complex problem to solve but if the worlds resources, both monetary and scientifically were pooled it could become a reality. Free, clean energy forever –

capitalisms worst nightmare!

Is it any wonder there isn't a new “Manhatten Project” under way? It would take years, worldwide cooperation and long term investment. I can hear capitalists squealing at every key I depress.

The end of life on planet Earth

Coming soon to a theatre near you folks! Capitalism eventually destroys the planet! Think outside the box people!

!Are the police really there to protect ordinary people , or there to protect rich people from YOU? ! !Are Armed Forces there to protect your country or to enforce the “world view” of your elites?! !Is the media their to inform your knowledge or to shape it?! !Do the richest people have the best brains and are they serving humanity or themselves?! !Do poor people get elected under any capitalists system of ~”democracy”?!

If the people of the world don't wake up soon we will be the only mammals left on the planet – and not for long.

Good luck insects and plants – I'm sure you'll do a better job of it.

Love and Peace,

The Ancient Mariner



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[-] 2 points by frankchurch1 (839) from Jersey City, NJ 12 years ago

We need to stop this tar sands pipeline! That thing will destroy the country all by itself. All the bullshit about jobs will make it hard, but it has to be done. Better to be jobless than dead.

[-] 1 points by an0n (764) 12 years ago