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Forum Post: energy bike power

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 28, 2011, 6:04 p.m. EST by turtlebeanz (40)
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[-] 2 points by turtlebeanz (40) 12 years ago

just want to say i think it's important that they consider adding an addendum explaining the cost/bike. i think ppl might not be getting how resourceful this group is about building stuff out of recycled parts. i think they should explain what they are recycling and what they need the money for so people can get behind it. i suppose there will be an onslaught of snarky comments about ows and money.... whatever. bottom line, i hope these guys get their money and build their bikes.

[-] 1 points by PROTESSTONER (70) from New York, NY 12 years ago

I know this will create a fire storm, but why can't the GA vote to use some of the donated funds so that OCW doesn't lose power. Without power the message won't get out. Without the message, (Video feeds, twitter, face book etc) the 'bosses' win. As totalitarians know, control the media and you control the people.

[-] 1 points by demonstrator (167) 12 years ago

brilliant- those bike's can be used throughout the world-