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Forum Post: End Corporate Personhood... No Corporate Machine Shall Exist in All Places at All Times

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 26, 2011, 3:43 p.m. EST by rogerfaraday (8)
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End Corporate Personhood... No Corporate Machine Shall Exist in All Places at All Times

The Bank of England owns the Federal Reserve Bank ::




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[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 12 years ago

John Bassist i think its time for us to write a more eloquent document gentlemen i was thinking something along the lines of "Declaration of Independence 2.0"

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John Bassist

‎1. We the people, of these United States of America, Hereby invoke our right and our powers and hereby do proclaim that our government, of by and for the people, shall again and immediately be of by and for the people, instead of of by and...See More

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John Bassist

‎2. It is hereby a criminal offence equal to treason to knowingly lie to the public and this shall from this moment in time forward be extended to any and all possible pasts in which government interacted with corporations or their represen...See More

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John Bassist ‎3. It is hereby a criminal offence to wage class warfare of any kind, and specific to this it is thus criminal to do any of the following.

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John Bassist A. Collect taxes. period. Taxes are merely part of the caste system and one of the bubbles that they ride. Our government was founded on the sound principle of havin gthe government itself both print and distribute its own money. The old banking system infiltrated and took over the USA and so the USA is still more or less owned lock stock and barel and controlled by the British Crown.

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John Bassist

B. Incarcerate persons for non violent non victim offenses. If you are going to put a person in Jail you must make the case that you are doing them less harm than they would do to society otherwise. Currently, they just put people in jail r...See More

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John Bassist C. Create any federal boundaries or laws regarding the creation of unions, which rightly should take precendence over corporations in government because they represent PEOPLE not Corporations. Thus Government shall not restrict the right of people to form unions and to seek just compensation for employment.

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John Bassist D. Own property for rent. Either you sell the property or you keep it vacant. Renting is in essence a form of masked slavery to prevent people from owning their own home. Every person in America should own their own home and probably to start, own it by virtue of inhabiting it.

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John Bassist

E. Lie in any kind of contract or make or create any kind of contract that is knowingly misleading. Contracts should be up front and there should be no "fine print" phenomenon because everything important should be said up front. business a...See More

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John Bassist F. Restrict the Right of the people to convene esp upon a political problem or to solve an issue with any meta entity that the population deems to have crossed the line. If 10001 people show up at some meta entities door step thats a citizens arrest and the police darn well had best enforce the will the people and arrest those folks to make sure that it all goes to propper and fair trials.

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John Bassist

‎4. The legal notion that a corporation is a legal person or may be is hereby rescinded. Corporations are not legal persons, and their actions are the actions in fact of assorted persons who make those decisions. Legal Representation is also now hereby restored, and ancillatory to this (part B) It shall be the job of the legal representative to run an open source forum and wiki on which the public can work through problems and make its views known. This direct communication via the internet shall replace all of the back door secret secret lies and spies against the public games that have been going on. From now on we the people demand direct access to our representatives, the right to tell them what to do, and the right to keep corporations and meta entities out of it. If a CEO of company X wants to talk about his company he can do so on the forum with everyone else and in full view of the public. All gifts and all donations to any public representative (congress, senate, mayor, city council, etc...) are hereby illegal. You get payed a flat rate by the government to do the job, and its a nice high wage because otherwise your not legally allowed to accept gifts while in office or because of favors after or any of that . Government by secret favors is now over.
[-] 1 points by takeTsquare (77) 12 years ago

I also believe this should be our GOAL number one :) Keep ON!