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Forum Post: End Capitalism and Democracy we need socialism and communism

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 28, 2011, 2:39 p.m. EST by brooklynsocialist (0)
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What do you occupiers think about the idea that our country needs to be communist and socialist so the 1% percent can finally get rid of excess cash and let the poor and the middle class get something too. I think this will work, capitalism must end now!



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[-] 3 points by ARod1993 (2420) 12 years ago

Please tell me you're trolling....

[-] 1 points by Edgewaters (912) 12 years ago

It's a Tea Partier or something, they post this stuff and then run off and go "look what I found!"

[-] 2 points by tbuontempo (194) from Jersey City, NJ 12 years ago

Yes, but think of it as a mental exercise and come up with a good answer. It is a good question to be discussed.

[-] 2 points by opensociety4us (914) from Norwalk, CT 12 years ago

we don't need socialism (per se) or communism. capitalism is a form of freedom and openness; it's the freedom to trade goods and services. it, however, needs to be constantly regulated in an open and democratic environment. the baby (capitalism) is good, it's the water right now that is shit and needs to be dealt with.

[-] 2 points by tasmlab (58) from Amesbury, MA 12 years ago

My preference would be to have had the nasty side of capitalism, the part where the bankers go bankrupt in 2008 instead of being bailed out by main st., happen and those particularly nefarious 1% be rid of said excess cash.

[-] 1 points by TheStop (53) 12 years ago

Wow. this is what the OWS is made of...

[-] 1 points by PublicCurrency (1387) 12 years ago

The 1% created and funded Communism and the Bolshevik Revolution. The people never got ANYTHING but lies and scarcity. I visited East Berlin before the wall came down. Even in East Berlin there was NOTHING to buy and East Berlin was the most productive Soviet city,

People and children gazed at me with wonder in their eyes because they knew I was from the free side. I was wearing my U.S. Army uniform, a requirement for all military personnel.

[-] 1 points by genanmer (822) 12 years ago

Do you have a solution for greed that doesn't involve imposed violence?

[-] 1 points by beamerbikeclub (414) 12 years ago

I think it is a terrible idea. I love our system of limited, federal government, split into 3-branches that divide and limit power further, and guarded by our Constitution.

I also like free-enterprise, and if we could have some rules and regulations to get rid of "legalized bribery" and "legalized gambling" (with other people's money), and protect the public domain and the public good, I think capitalism is the correct economic model.

[-] 1 points by nrama (18) 12 years ago

Capitalism is an uncomplimentary belief in greed which is now manifesting in spectacular fashion. Communism failed because humans were not equal to its ideals and very poorly implemented through the barrel of a gun. BTW Jesus was a communist. I expect flack over this!

The noblest ideas must issue from the heart and no legislation can bring it into being. There are two movements that make this difficult and work against the human Spirit, religion and science. The former claims that we are a tainted species and the latter makes a biologically dangerous assertion that we are a product of chance and a meaningless universe that happened accidentally. Taken together a most unhealthy psychic atmosphere. It is no wonder that we behave in such fractious manner which idiocies, for example, could never be countenanced by the animal kingdom.

There is hope as the OWS is upsetting well entrenched ideas that have worked against humanity.

[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 12 years ago

This isnt capitalism. Its a heist. Its a heist by the elites and the people are too fuckin dumb and lazy to do anything about it.

[-] 1 points by ScrewyL (809) 12 years ago

State Socialism invariably devolves into State Capitalism, aka. Statism, aka. Fascism, aka. Dictatorship, aka. Monarchy, aka. Tyranny.

Next question.

[-] 1 points by WachtAmRhine (10) from New York City, NY 12 years ago

Capitalism would end anyway and be replaced by Christian economics according to the teachings of Jesus, our Lord. A culture of sharing bread and wine would emerge.

[-] 0 points by WolfThom (90) 12 years ago

Get rid of

  • a) The Federal Reserve Bank and the private banking syndicate behind it...! (they get the income tax)
  • b) Free trade (protectionism functions better)

  • c) The Controlled ZOG Media Alex Jones Infowar http://www.infowar.com/

Get a money system like Silvio Gesell invented


Michael C. Rupperts Peak Oil Blog


[-] 0 points by Farleymowat (415) 12 years ago

I think you are a moron.

[-] 0 points by brooklynsocialist (0) 12 years ago

i dont think we can ever change capitalism it is always goingto be this way therefore we need socialism and communism

[-] 0 points by Kevabe (81) 12 years ago

OWS = Antisemtic, Anti-American, Communist movement.