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Forum Post: employmentforthe99.com

Posted 7 years ago on March 17, 2012, 10:52 p.m. EST by lancealotlink (147)
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First they told us we should not march on Wall Street we should be marching on Washington.Then they told us we were lazy and to go get a job. Now they tell us our movement is dead.

Well I have news for them this movement is not dead it is only just begun and now I am taking the next step and running for Congress in the 33rd district of Texas.

My name is Lance Donohue and I have petitioned to be on the ballot in Texas as an independent candidate running for Congress.

My new site is called employmentforthe99.com. I hope that you will find time to visit me. I plan to wage a full war against the political establishment of this district through talk radio, door-to-door campaigning and TV commercials.

I have gotten petitioned to get on the ballot as a independent nonpartisan candidate and need only 500 signatures. Which I have already gotten a few dozen.

I feel it is very important that we take our fight to Congress so I'm asking for all of your love and support and please visit my site.Employmentforthe99.com. Thank you



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[-] 1 points by lancealotlink (147) 7 years ago

Just wanted to come on here and thank everyone for your donations. Im using the money to print flyers to pass around to college campus. I already have a few dozen signatures and plan to qualify to be on the ballot by June 21 . I also ask you to limit your donation to only 5 $ { now what kinda politician asks you to do that} Right now Im looking for deep pockets so if you know anyone like that and believes in what Im doing let them know about me Love you all and thanks.


[-] 1 points by lancealotlink (147) 7 years ago

Thanks for your support. As Ive said before the occupiers are some of the bravest people on earth. You are my heros.