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Forum Post: Email Mike O'Brien, MSNBC reporter and divisive journalist

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 4, 2011, 7:19 p.m. EST by NoAliasAdam (7)
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Mike O'Brien, a reporter for MSNBC, says OWS is lefts answer to the Tea Party. Set him straight at michael.o'brien@msnbc.com or tell him on twitter @mpoindc.

This is a populist uprising against the collusion of corporations and government (I hope). That message transcends party lines.



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[-] 2 points by Rjbig (10) 11 years ago

Dear Mike, I hope you can share this with everyone.

Our Demand? Make the Promise Real Robert Biegler, Oct 4 2011 I am not Anonymous, I am the 99%

Today we stand together as the Sun just begins to set on this chapter of Civilization. We have achieved so much, and while many have paid the ultimate sacrifice to get where we are today, let us not feel remorse let us not dwell on guilt, for all of the suffering we have learned so much, and now we can understand and communicate, as we have never been able to do before. This evening we gather together, all over the World, to Celebrate our freedom, Our Togetherness, Our Love. Today we light a candle because surely as any Birthday Celebration, this day needs to be celebrated! We have done it. We have finally shed the chains of Oppression, Fear, and Greed. Together we will make real the Truth that All Men are Created Equal with the inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and no we will not just make this real for Americans for we hold these truths to be self evident for All Mankind. We are all people, we are all Equal, and we all have value. We will not be declared of lesser value just because we are not born here or there, or because our skin is not the proper color, or our religion is not your religion. We will no longer allow anyone to devalue us because we are female, or male, or both, or neither. We will not let you subtract from our value because we are too tall, or to short, or the wrong heritage. We will no longer be declared a lesser person because we have no wealth. We are all equal in every respect and with all the rights that that entails. We all have equal right to the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the trees and the land and all the minerals contained therein. We do not forfeit any of our rights because of whom or what you may perceive to be a deficiency. It is not for anyone to decide, these are INALIENABLE rights, which cannot be separated from me as long as I exist. By my existence, alone I am granted these rights, and they cannot be revoked.

But just what are these INALIENABLE RIGHTS?

THE RIGHT TO LIFE: This right means that each, and every one of us, every man woman and child and all of those to come after us has the RIGHT TO EXIST. No person has the right to KILL you for any reason. This right is inalienable, it cannot be revoked. For a person to exist they must have some basic things such as clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, food, clothing, and shelter. All persons have the equal right to healthcare, just as they so do the air we breathe, or the water we drink. From Today on, we are all working together. We either live together or we die together but from now we are together There is no us or them. There is only You and I.

Right to Liberty: This is the right to choose. Every person has the right to think and feel and to do as they wish. However, no person can revoke these three basic rights, Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. You are your own and only master. You cannot be indentured in any way. We all have the right to travel as we wish to go where we want without question or restraint. We have as much right to all property as anyone else. We all have equal ownership of the World and everything in, on, or around it as far as humanity reaches no matter how far that may be. We all have the right to Privacy, and this can not be revoked by another’s right to liberty. Liberty is the freedom of Choice. A person cannot be forced to work, or pray, procreate, or hide themselves in any way.

Right to the Pursuit of Happiness: This is the Right to ACCESS. Each of us takes a unique path in Pursuit of Happiness. Happiness is a different thing for each of us, but we all have the right to pursue our own path. This right guarantees ACCESS to the means of Production and all that entails. This means we all have an EQUAL right to EDUCATION, RESEARCH, TRANSPORTATION COMMUNICATION, ENERGY, INFRASTRUCTURE AND ALL FACILITIES.

This is our Framework for the Days ahead, Now we must work together to build a bridge form where we are today to that bright, bright future where we can all live in Peace. We can all hold our heads up High for we are truly equals. Our tasks are Great, but the rewards are even greater, for now all men will be allowed to create and to participate to their full potential. We have many hurdles to overcome and our time is short but we can achieve our goals. We can build a new world, we can build a free and just society, and we can live in Peace. Our resources are vast, as we put those resources to use for the benefit of all of us we will be amazed at just how much we can do. Tomorrow looks very bright indeed, I feel like a child the night before the Gift Giving, I can hardly wait for tomorrow and the Wonderful Gift we Give our Children By doing This Today

[-] 1 points by johnnybravo (7) 11 years ago

just a thought. if you don't even have msnbc on your side, isn't that a big problem?