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Forum Post: Elite Banking Leaders, Such As The Rothschilds, The Vanderbilts, The Rockefellers, the Carnegies, and the Mellons, as examples, will reveal themselves, and offer to “Save” The Floundering World Economy.

Posted 11 years ago on Jan. 25, 2012, 10:28 p.m. EST by livtru (11)
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Back in 1992, Svali and her first husband came to me and another pastor here in San Diego, CA and described some spiritual problems that Svali was experiencing. It was her desire to be free spiritually and she was really struggling to obtain that freedom she desperately sought after. We could tell by Svali’s reaction to our questions that there was a tremendous battle going on inside of her, but at that time we had no idea what was the extent of her problems or the upcoming spiritual battles that were soon to follow.

The initial ministry sessions we had with Svali were absolutely incredible! The fight to keep her denial and programming in place was intense and there is no way Svali could have gotten as far as she did without putting her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We had much opposition from the enemy to try to keep Svali from uncovering her past but Svali is a real fighter and she wasn’t about to be denied. After a few months of very heavy ministry work the pressure became too much for Svali to stay any longer in San Diego. As she stated in her writings, San Diego is the west coast headquarters for the Illuminati and everywhere she went she was harassed and threatened. She finally had to flee for her life and left California.

I lost touch with Svali for almost 10 years as I didn’t know exactly where she had went and I had no idea on how to contact her. One day I came across some of her writings under her pen name “Svali”, and I realized who it was. I was able to track her down and reconnect with her. She was very open to my call and thanked me for helping her to break down the initial stages of her denial system. I kept in touch with her off and on over the next few years and I warned her about the dangers of revealing too much about the inside workings of the Illuminati. She of course knew about the danger of this far more than I did.

Although the Illuminati is very large and not easily intimidated, I am sure they were at least a bit concerned to have someone who had an intimate knowledge of how they program people and about their operations exposing it on the internet. Svali cared deeply for the people who have been hurt by this cult so she refused to be silenced about her past involvement despite many threats and attacks upon her and her family. She continued to write many articles about the Illuminati in hopes of helping people inside of the Illuminati to escape and to let the world know just how real this cult is and to reveal their plans of world domination. I believe we are seeing these plans now unfold to a greater degree around the world as the planned collapse of the world’s financial system seems to have been accelerated and is now in full swing.

Here is an excerpt from Svali’s writings about the planned worldwide financial collapse: All groups have goals, and the Illuminists are no exception. Money making is not their final goal – it is a means to an end. This end point, or goal, is no less than to rule the world. The Illuminati has a set plan similar to the Soviet Union’s previous “5- year” and “10-year ” plans. This is what the Illuminists themselves believe and teach their followers as gospel truth. Whether they will actually succeed is another matter altogether.

The following is the Illuminist agenda at ALL levels of the Illuminati. As with any goal, the Illuminati has specific steps which it plans to implement to reach its objectives. Briefly, each region of the United States has “nerve centers” or power bases for regional activity. The United States has been divided up into seven major geographical regions. Each region has localities within it that contain military compounds and bases that are hidden in remote, isolated areas or on large private estates.

These bases are used intermittently to teach and train generational Illuminati in military techniques, hand- to- hand combat, crowd control, use of arms, and all aspects of military warfare. Why? Because the Illuminists believe that our government, as we know it, as well as the governments of most nations around the world, are destined to collapse. These will be planned collapses, and they will occur in the following ways:

The Illuminati has planned first for a financial collapse that will make the great depression look like a picnic. This will occur through the maneuvering of the great banks and financial institutions of the world, through stock manipulation, and interest rate changes. Most people will be indebted to the federal government through bank and credit card debt, etc. The governments will recall all debts immediately, but most people will be unable to pay and will be bankrupted. This will cause generalized financial panic which will occur simultaneously worldwide, as the Illuminists firmly believe in controlling people through finances.

Next there will be a military takeover, region by region, as the government declares a state of emergency and martial law. People will have panicked, there will be an anarchical state in most localities, and the government will justify its move as being necessary to control panicked citizens. The cult trained military leaders and people under their direction will use arms as well as crowd control techniques to implement this new state of affairs. This is why so many survivors under 36 years of age report having military programming. People who are not Illuminists or who are not sympathetic to their cause, will resist. The Illuminists expect this and will be (and are BEING) trained in how to deal with this eventuality. They are training their people in hand-to- hand combat, crowd control, and, if necessary, will kill to control crowds. The Illuminati is training their people to be prepared for every possible reaction to the takeover.

Many mind control victims will also be called into duty with preset command codes. These codes are meant to call out a new, completely cult loyal presenting system. Shatter codes programmed under trauma will be used to destroy or bury non-cult loyal alters.

Military bases will be set up, in each locality (actually, they are already here, but are covert). In the next few years, they will go above ground and be revealed. Each locality will have regional bases and leaders to which they are accountable. The hierarchy will closely reflect the current covert hierarchy. About five years ago, when I left the Illuminati, approximately 1% of the US population was either part of the Illuminati, sympathetic to it, or a victim of Mind Control (and therefore considered useable). While this may not sound like many, imagine 1% of the population highly trained in the use of armaments, crowd control, psychological and behavioral techniques, armed with weapons and linked to paramilitary groups. These people will also be completely dedicated to their cause.

The Illuminati firmly believes that it can easily overcome the other 99% of the population, most of whom are untrained, or poorly trained, such as “weekend hunters.” Even the local military will be overcome as the Illuminati will have regional cell groups with highly trained leaders. They also count on the element of surprise helping them during their takeover. Many of the highest leaders in the militia branch of the Illuminati are or have been officers in the military, and so already have a good knowledge of which techniques will work best to overcome a region’s or locality’s defenses.

After the military takeover, the general population will be given a chance to either espouse the Illuminati’s cause, or reject it (with imprisonment, pain, even death being possible punishments). These people very much believe that the intelligent, or “enlightened” or Illuminated, were born to rule. They are arrogant, and consider the general population as “dumb sheep” who will be easily led if offered strong leadership, financial help in an unstable world economy, and dire consequences if the person rebels. Their utter ruthlessness, and ability to implement this agenda, should not be minimized.

The Illuminati banking leaders, such as the Rothschilds, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, and the Mellons, as examples, will reveal themselves, and offer to “save” the floundering world economy. A new system of monetary exchange, based on an international monetary system, and based between Cairo, Egypt, and Brussels, Belgium, will be set up. A true “one world economy”, creating the longed for “one world order”, will become reality.

There is more to the Illuminist agenda, but these are the basics of it. This agenda is what the Illuminati really, truly, believe, teach, and train for. They are willing to give their lives up in this cause, in order to teach the next generation, as they believe that their children are their legacy. I was told that my children’s generation would see this takeover, sometime in the 21st century.

At present, the Illuminati have quietly and covertly fostered their takeover plan by their goals of the infiltration of:

  1. The media
  2. The banking system
  3. The educational system
  4. The government, both local and federal
  5. The sciences
  6. The churches

They are currently, and have been working the last several hundred years, on taking over these 6 areas. They do NOT go to an institution, and say “hi, I’m a local Illuminist, and I’d like to take over your bank). Instead, they begin by having several people quietly invest funds over several years, gradually buying more and more shares in the bank (or other institution that they wish to control), until they have a financial controlling interest in it. They never openly disclose their agenda, or their cult activities, as often they are amnesic to them. These are well respected, “Christian” appearing business leaders in the community. The image in the community is all important to an Illuminist; they will do anything to maintain a normal, respected facade, and DESPISE exposure.

This post is on the long side and is continued in the first comment section below.



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[-] 1 points by livtru (11) 11 years ago

Continued from post;

On one leadership in a major metropolitan city, where I was a member, there sat: one head of the local small business administration; one CEO of a government defense firm; one principal of a Christian school; one vice mayor of the city; one journalist; one nurse; one doctor; one behavioral psychologist, one army Colonel, and one navy Commander. All except one attended church weekly; all were well respected within the community. NONE of them appeared “evil”, or “marked”.

If you met them in person, you would probably instantly like any of these intelligent, verbal, likeable, even charismatic people. This is their greatest cover, since we often expect great evil to “appear” evil, led by media portrayals of evil as causing changes in the face and demeanor of people, or marking them like the biblical Cain. None of the Illuminists that I have known, had unkind, or evil appearing, persona in their daytime lives, although some were dysfunctional, such as being alcoholics. The dissociation that drives the Illuminists is their greatest cover for being undetected at this time. Many, if not most, of these people are completely unaware of the great evil that they are involved in, during the night.

There are other groups which are not actually part of the Illuminati, but the Illuminati are aware of them. The Illuminati are not the only group that follows esoteric practices, or worships ancient deities or demons. They encourage divisiveness between different groups (divide and conquer is one of their ruling principles), and are not concerned about other groups. Instead, they will often welcome them into their umbrella, if possible. This has been happening more and more in recent years, as the Illuminati trade teaching their training principles, which are considered the best by most secretive groups, in exchange for loyalty to the Illuminati. They will send their trainers to these groups, and the trainers will report to the local regional council.

In the political arena , the Illuminists will fund both sides of a race, because their greatest maxim is that “out of chaos comes order”, or the discipline of anarchy. That is why they sent arms to, and funded, both sides of both the great World Wars in this century. They believe that history is a game, like chess; that only out of strategy, fighting, conflict, and testing can the strong emerge. I no longer agree with this philosophy, but at one time, I did, with all my heart.

Hopefully, as these people and their agenda are exposed the common man will rise up against this intended rule to be foisted upon an unsuspecting mankind.

Svali’s battle to be free from the Illuiminati is still going on today, 16 years later, and many people had come to the conclusion that Svali was dead. I even read on one website that she had died of cancer and on another that she had a brain tumor. This is why I am coming forward at this time with this information about Svali and her whereabouts.

I am sure Svali would want you to know that the Lord Jesus Christ is able to protect those who are His until their appointed time on this earth is up. I urge anyone out there who is reading this message to take seriously the times we are in and to do as much as possible to obtain a relationship with Jesus Christ. The real living Christ, the Savior of the world. Without a relationship with Him it is going to be pretty hard to exist in this world of chaos. I urge you to seek Him with all of your heart.

Article is from this link:


A rare interview of Svali's account of how the elite torture and control their members.


[-] 1 points by brightonsage (4494) 11 years ago

I don't think you are allowed to use the term "elite." I believe a person named Gingrich has it copyrighted. I have always wanted to meet an Illuminati. Would you mind introducing me to one?