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Forum Post: Edward Snowden: The Fear of Knowledge

Posted 6 years ago on June 12, 2013, 8:18 p.m. EST by bigdog187 (47)
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Snowden #ARewriteTweet to @Lawrence & @TheLastWord: By: @_forthe

You know it must be hard to be an #MSM Member. It was for me, BUT unlike "Michael Corleone" once I got out "they" weren't able to, "pull me back in." HOWEVER, to see the #MSM break The Edward Snowden Story down this week through the eyes of #LawrenceODonnell is purely fascinating and unrelentingly pleasant, it is the Michael Corleone of pull me back in moments.

Mr. O'Donnell has gone painstakingly out of his way to mention THAT: "I fear nothing," when it comes to this story. Its one thing to say I fear nothing, BUT its entirely something else altogether to know what, clearly, Mr. Snowden knows, and to have the level of fear that he has of that knowledge.

President @BarackObama, along with the hand in glove media this week have tried their best to get out in front of this issue with stump lines like: "This is a nonstarter", "There's no their their" OR "Its really not and issue". All the while and out of the same sides of their mouths SAYING: "he's a traitor", "what he did put our national security apparatus at (great) risk!" "how does a 29 year old kid get a hold of this kind of information, especially at such a low level of security clearance as he had?" OR and my personal fave! "(D.Y.K)he donated to @RonPaul's 2012 presidential campaign, twice?" I hope that you are starting to see, by now, where I'm going with this?

SO, if there is no their their why the need for the out in front of this mentality? WHY the need for just when I thought I was out they pull me back in standard? I mean if what that the #MSM #politicos #pundits and #talkingheads have had to say OR not say regarding Mr. Snowden and his "low level" security clearance why talk about it? TRANSLATION: Mr. Obama your wasting your time there is no scandal here sir #MoveOn!

This is, I wish, something the likes of and line of questioning Mr. O'Donnell should be approaching this with INSTEAD OF: "I fear nothing," statements. I mean if he put the same kind of effort into this news story that he did #TEAParty v. #IRS and the bi-line of: the #1959501c4taxlaw we'd all be, @ least those of us who do watch and listen to his show on a regular basis any ways, the better served for it, would we not?



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