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Forum Post: Economy/jobs are the #1 problem for the US.

Posted 7 years ago on May 27, 2012, 12:45 a.m. EST by Misaki (893)
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If you are focusing on anything else, I have to say but you're pretty stupid.

In polls, 22% of the population think that "the economy" is the most important issue facing the US today. 26% say it's jobs. Nothing else is even above 10%.

So basically: if you want people to pay attention to any other issue, vote on this site for a solution to unemployment that doesn't involve higher taxes or government spending:
Work conservation to fix unemployment | The 99 Percent Votes

Today, 60% of people get their news from TV... shockingly this is up 19 percentage points from 1979. So you can assume most people are basically ignorant about politics and how the economy works. They might assume that "other people" are in full control of the situation, like the best way to fix unemployment or inequality.

They are wrong if they assume the solution will be announced by experts and debated on TV. It might in the future, but news media require an 'event' in order to begin discussing anything and the experts do not want to suggest anything that would reduce the GDP of the United States (everyone working as slaves[exaggeration] to corporations = highest GDP).

It's time for you to be the change and create the news story, and the first step is building visible public support for working less as the solution to unemployment. Make your vote in support of work conservation now.



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