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Forum Post: Economics, Stimulus, Taxes, Jobs, Regulations, Revolving Door, Specific Action Items to Consider

Posted 2 years ago on Feb. 12, 2012, 10:41 p.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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--- For Comments --- Does anyone want to add Reform, or Economic Stimulus Ideas ---

A. Problem Area Taxes are Lower for Rich People:

1) Captial Gains, 2) Dividends, 3) Carried Interest, 4) Deferred Wages,

B. Problem Area Taxes for Social Security, Medicare not paid by the Rich (These social programs are under funded).

I was just reading this article: http://www.truth-out.org/have-super-rich-seceded-united-states/1326127151

C. Problem Area Most People Don't Work although women did join the work force and increase the number of people competing for jobs

1) Children, 2) Elderly, 3) Infirm, 4) Spouses at home

D. Problem Area The Alternative minimum Tax doesn't work for Rich who still have "Loop Holes", Pay "None Wage Tax Rate", and No Defintion of "effective tax rate" except for the tax in the IRS tax booklet.

E. Problem Area Congress Spends Funds that We Don't Have.

1) War over 500 Mile from this Country is Questionable, 2) There is No Trust Fund for War Spending, 3) Taxpayer's Borrow Money for War, 4) Much of Spending is a transfer of Taxpayer money to industry, 5) Too much Spending for Prisons for nonviolent crime, 6) Over 1600 Federal Subsidies, 7) Social Security Funds Stolen for War Funding.

F. Problem Area Banks Are Predatory, engage in dishonest and Criminogenic activity, One Idea: "Banks should become a Utility" managed like a the water complany. It seems like a good idea, because they function to lend money and with Fractional Reserves - they are really making money "out of thin air" (transparency and regulation goes without saying if banks become a "Utility").

G. Problem Area Borrowed Money:

1)Which brings up another point that MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) has brought up. And that is that if we are the government, we own the treasury, why don't we create money and institute monetary policy, and why should we pay back money borrowed, or ... even borrow money to begin with???? Unless we borrow or lend to foreign entities we can create money without borrowing it.

2) Monetary Policy is all about making sure there is enough money in the system. If businesses can be born, and grow...if people can borrow and use credit,... then the s