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Forum Post: Economics, State Of The Union, What is Not Said, 800 Pound Guerrillas

Posted 5 years ago on Feb. 13, 2013, 10:02 a.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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On a Practical Level,... where should OWS Go? The big Issues that the President of the USA, whoever that might be ... should be the Big Issues for Unions & OWS.

Would like Publicity on many Issues though ...to allow National Debate & Scholarship ... to allow Voters the chance to Discuss with Representatives and Form Coalitions and Grassroots Activism:

1) Retirement Crisis, Savings Interest Rate Crisis, Pension Loss Trend
2) Lack of GMO Lables, spread of GMO Food, Monolopies Set up by Monsanto
3) Jobs Flight
4) Capital Flight
5) Executives Loss of Citizenship and Allegiance to the USA.
6) Tax Avoidance, Tax Lobby, Tax rate declines due to Tax Loopholes, Tax Abatements,
7) Corporate Welfare, Corporate Subsidies, Public Private Partnerhips, Shifting of RIsk to Taxpayers & Government by Private Corporations
8) Lack of Industrial Vision, Vision for a Place for US Workers, Loss of Worker Wages & Benefits, Lack of Investment in R&D in the USA to create Spinoff Jobs in areas of New Technology, Lack of Policies to Develope proper environment for Small Businesses in the USA, Policy of importing tech workers to the most advanced country in the world, Policy of Low to Free Interest Rates for TBTF Banks while no money is investing in Small Businesses or production of any new products.
9) Policy of Low Interest Rates & Continual Bailout for the banks that caused the biggest Global Economic Crisis in the World, while permitting them to act in corrupt ways like Liberal Banking Practices, Paying bonuses to employees for gambling, incentivising casino type activities, disencentives for real investment in real businesses.... Creation of Criminogenic environment as Bill K. Black says....
10) Flight of Wealthy from USA, Non-Citizens Avoid Taxes, but eventually leave the Country Morally & Ethically just like their money, eventually their houses, they buy Compounds in Paraguay to live out their Days of Retirement, Eventually when all Finanical Structures and Business Structures have been corrupted ... they will leave for Vactation and Never come back to the USA. This is what happens when our Expert Risk Assessment Icons become Traitors to the USA.
11) US Risk Assessment Experts become Traitors to the USA. Independent Auditing Agencies, US Ratings Agencies, US Government Econmists, US Government Bankers, US Federal Reserve Bankers, US Politicians, US Financial Regulators including CFTC, SEC, FTC, OCC, FDIC, NCUA, Treasury, DOJ, FBI,... and TBTF Wall Street Banks, WTO, GAAT, IMF, WB, & UN. Oh, Don't forget the "US MEDIA SHILLS".
12) Systemic Reduction of US Worker Wages, Benefits, and Retirement Security through private Pension Funds & Retirement Funds which get destroyed through LBOs, Business Mergers, or Business Bancrupcy through Leveraging Debt to where significant institution sinks under the total debt burden. This also brings pressure to the Social Safety Net Programs which are healthy through Trusts set up through employment taxes. The fact is that Executives may get bonuses & promotions for collapsing a business or a bank through the Incentives Provided.
13) Lose of Free Media, Capitalism's Effect on Media, Access to Government Officials depends on reputation, the Specific Media Organization, Ass-Kissy-ness, ... Loss of any semblance of "Real Investigations in the USA", ... Loss of Investigatory Staff at CNN, Foxnews, etc, .... Systematic Marginalization of Lone Voices like those who were against the Iraqi War ... Marginalization of Voices like Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul, Barney Franks, Dennis Kucinovich, ... and Even Ross Perot who Predicted Capital Flight 20 years ago.
14) Loss of democracy, Loss of Free Presidential debates, Loss of Open Agendas for Presidential Debates, Loss of Safe Spaces for Democracy, Loss of Places to Execise the Right of Free Speach, Loss of the RIght to Free Speach on Capital Steps and on Public Side Walks, Systematic oppression of Third Party Candidates through the Support of Money as a Power to Drowned Out Ideas, Systematic Oppression through Prevention of Competition of Ideas in Elections because of the Power of Money and Enabled through Government Regulators. Oppression through Advertising Dollars and TV Air Time because of Campaign Rules, Soft Money Rules, 501(c) Organizations, PACs, and through Lobby Dollars and Gift Giving in the US Congress. The End or Limitation of democracy in the USA.



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[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

"Fix the Debt claims to seek bipartisan solutions to reduce the deficit, but Fix the Debt is nothing more than a CEO lobby whose real objective is huge corporate tax breaks and drastic cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. David Cote and his CEO friends receive a lot from government: In 2011, Honeywell received $725 million in government deals, making it the 35th largest federal contractor. However, Honeywell and other companies pay next to nothing in taxes. Honeywell's tax rate from 2008-2011 was 2 percent. Does anyone in this room pay 2 percent?"

Excellent Article from Fine Author on Truthout.org


Protesters Confront CEO and "Fix the Debt" Leader over Corporate Tax Breaks, 11 February 2013, By Mark Provost, Truthout,

Mark Provost is the communications director of corporate tax accountability group US Uncut. Mark's writing on US income and wealth inequality have appeared in numerous publications including Truthout, Institute for Policy Studies and Counterpunch.

See entire article for whole text

"...Gan Golan, cofounder of Flip the Debt, laid out his group's goals. "We will disrupt Fix the Debt meetings across the country to elevate our message that the biggest corporations in the country aren't paying taxes, and now they want the rest of us to pay for it. Sustained public pressure against corporate tax dodgers in the UK has put the issue at the top of the agenda there, and we hope to do the same."

Flip the Debt's launch comes on the heels of legislation, introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, seeking to close corporate tax loopholes and raise nearly $600 billion over the next decade. Said Sanders, "Wall Street banks and big corporations love America when they want corporate welfare. But when it comes to paying taxes, they want nothing to do with this country."

After police escorted the protesters out of the conference, at St. Anselm's College in New Hampshire, Cote stated that "entitlements" like Social Security and Medicare are bankrupting the United States. Cote's Honeywell retirement amounts to $78 million - enough to qualify for monthly retirement checks of $428,000 starting at age 65. By contrast, the average Social Security payment to retirees is $1,237 per month.

Charlie Balban, president of the Alliance for Retired Americans-New Hampshire, grilled Cote during a question-and-answer period. "We should do something about the debt, but we don't need to cut programs that people depend on. Instead of reducing the deficit on the backs of working Americans, corporations should pay taxes like the rest of us...."

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Robert Reich on State of the Union Address - Pre-Statement:


"...His focus should be on the joblessness, falling real wages, economic insecurity, and widening inequality that continue to dog the nation. These are the overriding concerns of most Americans. All will grow worse if the deficit hawks, austerity mavens, trickle-down charlatans, and government-haters who have commanded center stage for too long continue to get their way.

In coming weeks the GOP will be using another fiscal cliff, a funding crisis, and another debt ceiling showdown to convince Americans of an outright lie: that the federal budget deficit is our most important problem, that it is responsible for the continuing anemic recovery, and that we must move now to reduce it.

The President should make it clear that any Republican effort to hold the nation hostage to the GOP's ideological fixation on the budget deficit and a smaller government will slow the economy, likely pushing us into another recession. And that those most imperiled are the middle class and the poor.

He should emphasize that the real job creators are not the rich but the vast majority of ordinary Americans whose purchases give businesses reason to add jobs. And that if most Americans still cannot afford to buy, the government must be the spender of last resort.

Perhaps it's too much to hope for, but I'd encourage the President to call for boosting the economy: Reversing the recent Social Security tax hike by exempting the first $20,000 of income from payroll taxes and lifting the ceiling on income subject to it, to make up the shortfall. Reviving the WPA and CCC, to put the long-term unemployed directly to work. Raising the minimum wage. Imposing a 2% annual tax surcharge on wealth in excess of $7 million to fund a world-class system of education, so all our kids can get ahead. Cutting corporate welfare and the military but not cutting public investments or safety nets the middle class and poor depend on. Giving tax credits to companies that create more new jobs in America. Helping states and locales rehire the teachers, fire fighters, police officers, and social workers they need.

This is the most fragile recovery in modern history, from the deepest downturn since World War II. Most Americans are not experiencing a recovery at all. As has been shown in Europe, austerity economics is a cruel hoax. President Obama must acknowledge this in his State of the Union, and commit to fighting those who would impose it on America..."

Entire Article is posted at Truthout.org

Coming Tuesday (Hopefully): The State of the Union's Economy,
11 February 2013, By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog |

[-] -1 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

Pretty much all the stuff we are hoping to achieve.... I didnt even bother watching it, way too predictable and frankly just way too dumb.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

You Caught me. I didn't watch it either. It is seldom educational even to hear a couple of his ideas. He actually scuttled DOJ & the FBI Financial Crimes Division, but wasn't that in his propaganda speach like last year or in 2011,... that he was going to establish a Financial Crimes Task Force.

Americans are actually Dumber for having Listened to his previous SOTU Propaganda Statements. They would learn more by watching Homer Simpson....