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Forum Post: Economic Tyrannical Factionism: The Enemy Exposed

Posted 6 years ago on April 26, 2012, 12:36 a.m. EST by Philosopher215 (4)
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Historical: The Birth of Viable Democracy

When our founding fathers first proposed what would become the American governing and political system they had to contend with what they considered to be the historical demise of all democratic genus governments up in tell that time.

This great problem that Alexander Hamilton (proposer of constitution theory) referred to as the “Mortal Disease under which popular governments have everywhere perished”… can only be truly described as tyrannical factionism.

Tyrannical Factionsim: When one group gains political power and imposes a kind of tyranny on the minority factions via said power.

To protect The People from this inherent problem in free politics, and to make popular government (People’s government) viable, our founding fathers set up a system of complex checks and balances and civic rights all in the attempt to protect the minority from a tyranny of the majority.

What they essentially did was make a system that rather well looked after the rights and liberties of the citizenry. Having achieved this, they then made it incredibly difficult for the governing system to overcome the systems intrinsic design of looking after the citizens rights and liberties… for any one faction to come to enough political power to be able to impose a tyrannical factionism… and thus seeing to it that tyrannical factionism could never well manifest in the U.S. government.

They achieved all this in one fell swoop via the U.S. constitution and checks and balances.

The Modern Destruction of Viable Democracy

Currently America is suffering from another form of the Mortal Disease… of tyrannical factionism.

What we see taking place in America and all across the free world is Business in bed with Government, gaining access to the power to regulate and deregulate economics to their gain and at the health and wealth expense of The People.

This relationship of mutual power and financial gain between Government and Business causes a number of critical problems to free politics.

  1. “Will of The People’s government” is firmly compromised… as what use to be Our politicians no longer have to answer to Us and Our will… be it to whatever faction and view we hale… but instead they answer to those few wealthy businesses and business men who finance their political campaigns.

In this way our government and political system is no longer Our own… but big businesses. The power of government is no longer Our own… but big businesses.

This forms the “one political faction taking power” part of “one political faction taking power… and imposing a kind of tyranny on the minority factions” that is the historical demise of ALL people’s governments.

In American, big business is the majority faction in power.

  1. To best explain how this Business + Government relationship imposes a kind of tyranny on the minority factions I am forced to quote F. A. Hayek.

Two time economic Nobel Prize winner F. A. Hayek said in The Road to Serfdom that “to give a bureaucrat power over economics is to give said bureaucrat power over every aspect of your life to one degree or another… as economics bleeds into every aspect of your life to one degree or another”.

Thus it is possible for a majority faction in power to impose a kind of economic tyranny on the minority factions via the power of governmental regulation of economics.

In extreme cases, this economic tyranny can destroy constitutional and civil liberty rights just as effectively as the outright law of a police state.

The powerful need for bread, for the almighty dollar, can be just as powerful of an enslaver and destroyer of civil liberties as law and a gun.

This is arguably not Businesses goal in politics; they are just out to make money at the health and wealth expense of The People. Unfortunately for us as the wealth and power of big business grows, and our health and wealth decreases via this Business + Government relationship, We The People lose more and more of our say in government, our civil liberties, our rights, our lives. As the situation worsens we can expect to lose nearly all say in our jobs, our wages, the hours we work, what we eat and so on.

If the situation was not unacceptable from simply losing our say in politics and government… then watching where it will lead… to losing our say in economics, civic rights and liberties, and how it bleeds into our daily lives should be beyond acceptable.

Economic tyrannical factionism: when on group gains political power and imposes a kind of tyranny on the minority factions via the power to regulate economics.


Our founding fathers solved the problem of tyrannical factionism, the great concern of their time, by getting the fundamentals of civic liberty and human rights correct… and then simply greatly eliminating the possibility of a tyrannical factionism from forming via a checks and balance system centered around a document championing those civic rights and liberties… the U.S. Constitution.

As our current problem is virtually identical to the one our founding fathers faced it is not beyond the possibility of reason to have a similar system that limits and checks governmental ability to regulate economics for the purposes of maintaining the health and wealth gain of both The People and Business alike… as appose to one’s gain at the expense of the other that is economic tyrannical factionism.

A similar system of checks and balances centered around a document that gets the fundamentals of economics correct would effectively make government have far less of a free hand in economic regulation while maintaining a healthy economy for both The People and Business alike… as well as greatly eliminating the possibility of an economic tyrannical factionism from forming… as well as getting Our governmental and political system back from the clutches of the wealthy.

After all, with nothing to really gain or fear from being in bed with government, Business and the wealthy have no reason to form a destructive relationship with government. There is nothing for them to gain or lose via that kind of relationship, and so no reason to risk their time or money in politics.

In this way we would achieve in one fell swoop…

  1. Getting Our, The People’s, government back
  2. Protection of our civic rights and liberties
  3. Economic prosperity for The People and Business alike
  4. Some semblance of justice, equality, freedom, and morality in Business and economics that is currently woefully lacking

(Note) This solution proposal statement is currently brief, overly yet accurately simplified, and lacking. It expresses 2 of the 3 things needed to both solve the problem of economic tyrannical factionism AND achieve a well and properly regulated economy.

The missing solution proposal deals with the difficulties of enforcing economic regulation upon Business. There is the problem of writing laws aimed at business… then there is a whole separate judicial enforcement problem currently. The above 2 proposals only deal well with the law writings problem… not the enforcement. As such a third proposal is needed to get a working judicial enforcement system for Business. Naturally, it would be dangerous to have the third, effective enforcement of regulation on Business, while still having a Business + Government in power.

As we will see, the 3 proposals are meant to work in tandem… with the central documentation protecting, and limiting the power and ability of both government and this new judicial system of effective business regulatory enforcement. If it was not this way, we could neither have good healthy economic enforcement, nor safety from the problem of economic tyrannical factionism.

In Part 2 I have intentionally broken this work into two parts as no one seems to want to read anything long these days, but, unfortunately, in order to explain HOW to solve a problem one must first sum up the problem at least… if not go into detail on it at some point before one can truly show how a problem can be solved.

Thus any real solution writing will have some length to it. As such I have decided to address the actual solution details and methods in a second writing that can be found on our website and our Facebook in a couple of days. She is written, but as always needs the fat trimmed off her still.

http://theomnist.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Omnist/171214346314898



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[-] 1 points by jrhirsch (4714) from Sun City, CA 6 years ago

Can you give an example of what your addition of an economic section to the constitution would contain?

Limiting regulation of business by Congress would seem to benefit business at the expense of the people.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

the people would not be in control of the businesses

[-] 1 points by JoeW (109) 6 years ago

Of course they would be, we just punish businesses like we punish people, because people run businesses.

If you have rights you have responsibilities and you must stand trial for any crimes you commit. Corporations are people dontcha know, they got's responsibilities to the masses at large. Like not offloading the externalities of their business practice into the government or the people.

A business cannot be "profitable" except to its owners when it ignores the consequences of its actions on the human socio-ecolgocial sphere. Together let us end unprofitable businesses.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

not sure what that means

offloading the externalities of their business

[-] 1 points by JoeW (109) 6 years ago

It means that businesses need to be taxed at the level of the costs that they offload onto society. Things like paying for the pollution they cause, any health effects caused by their products.

For example in the case of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill by BP, they are responsible to the people for far more than they have payed, someone however still has to pay those costs, so government and the people take of the rest of the burden, rather than BP.