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Forum Post: Economic Justifications - What Capitalism says we should do...

Posted 10 years ago on Jan. 26, 2012, 4:24 p.m. EST by Listof40 (233)
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What capitalism says should we do... using predatory 'economic justifications' of 'greed is good', etc...

Justification: "Well, businessmen have a 'responsibility to the shareholders to maximize revenue', therefore, as long they don't get caught, or can change the laws to their favor":

At any opportunity to fire employees and outsource the jobs to china or other country to increase revenue = increased profits = Do.

At any time prices can be inflated on drugs, food, oil, or any product beyond reasonable returns using distribution manipulations = increased profits = Do.

Any time employees can be denied bonuses from the growth that they created = increased profits = Deny them.

Any time insurance companies can deny people of continued medical coverage or treatment when injured or deemed terminal = increased profits = Do.

Anytime a private equity firm can buy a healthy company, suck 75% of the revenue out in bonuses and fees to themselves, then put the company in debt by that amount, gut the health care and pensions, and fire loyal employees with good wages who oppose that mismanagement = increased profits = Do.

Money over people = increased profits = therefore there is a 'responsibility to the shareholders' = Do.

Any opportunity for corporations to put people in office to serve their predatory interests and manipulate the system = increased profits = Do.

Any opportunity to pass predatory laws that can be implemented to obstruct fair regulation or protection for the consumers = increased profits = Do.

Any opportunity to dump chemicals in the river or groundwater (even if such chemicals are known to cause developmental harm to humans or animals) to avoid costs of having competent or ethical business practices, and where a company can avoid regulation or settle lawsuits with non-disclosure = increased profits = Do.

Any opportunity to get people in the media to champion predatory interests and use false justifications or rhetoric to obstruct progress and manipulate public discussion = increases predatory advantages = generally increases profits = Do.

Justifications are what are being used to gut the country in the name of 'greed is good' and the "only ethical responsiblity is to the shareholders" and other baloney arguments...

This is unacceptable... and to directly confront these arguments, policies, and those who peddle them, is something we should focus on...




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