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Forum Post: EASY Jobs. Especially for women. More than you can imagine

Posted 7 years ago on Nov. 15, 2012, 5:03 p.m. EST by flyerbri (14)
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Women, how would you like the absolute guarantee of a six figure income?

Do you want a job that has unlimited potential?

  • Two hour lunches.
  • Two hour long breaks a day (go get your nails done right in the middle of the day!)
  • When the hectic work environment gets to be a bit too much, you can get away from the office noise' to 'get some work done' and instead go shopping or even stay at home and sleep in or play games all day to .. ... Or just simply work off that hangover from the night before!

If you're a single woman, and tired of dating the neanderthals you meat on eharmony.com or match.com, how would you like to be 'fresh meet', and be in a profession where literally millions of smart men will look at your ravenously, and be pining for yout attention.

If you're a married woman, and bored with your husband, how would you like to meet intelligent, PUTTY in your hand type guys who absolutely KNOW how to keep a secret and will do anything you want?

And when you walk out of your building early, at 3pm for your hair appointment, not even the boss will stop to ask you why, because he's too busy saying to himself 'There goes the only spot of brightness in our building, my day is complete'

And stimulating conversation.. Imagine talking ALL day long. And only having to work, at most - 15 minutes a day of real.. work...

If all this sounds about right for you. You too can be an IT Programmer... Imagine it, the six figure income, the relaxed schedule, and a free computer you can take with you anywhere. Better yet, as you surf the web browsing for new boots or a skirt, you can

Just grab any example resume off the internet, add new acronyms like '.NET and ABAP', and about a hundred more onto your resume, and you have the absolute guarantee you'll be making a 6 figure within 2 months time. Yes, you hear that right. You have my guarantee or your money back!

.. it really is that easy for a woman to get a job in the IT industry.

Ask any developer....



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