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Forum Post: Earn your Pocket money from your home

Posted 7 years ago on Feb. 11, 2012, 11:21 p.m. EST by traihan213 (0)
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ASK Interlinks Online Captcha Entry Work

“Is typewriting your passion.. Make it profession.. Captcha Entry Work is ready for you that helps you earn $300-$500 per month. “

At ASK Interlinks, you get paid for typing Captcha or images. The process is easier than any hard working! You simply need to type the images within 10 to 15 seconds to earn money. Is that sound simple!!!. You’ll get paid up to $0.85 also we pay bonus upto $5 based on your work. Payment request can be made every weekend (From Friday to Sunday) and are processed within a week throughMoneybookers, Paypal and Bank Transfer (India Only).

The Data entry job need the following requirements:

  • You need to have a little knowledge about computer.
  • Must use only the Software provided by Us.
  • Your Typing Accuracy should be between 97-99%.

Earnings Example

» You type 10000 images per day = $8 » Your 50 Referrals type 10000 images per day = $12 » Your daily earnings = $20 » Your weekly earnings = $140 » Your monthly earnings = $560

The above example is based only on 10,000 images per day and only 50 referrals. Some days you can type even more depending upon the speed of the server and you can refer any number of persons.

Many satisfied members have already received their payment

If you’re still not convinced, read the praise of our happy members.

Download our Website Manual – Getting Started Guide (PowerPoint Presentation)

Registeration is absolutely free*. No need to Pay Us anything !!

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*Joining Fees of $1 is charged from your Earnings




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