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Forum Post: Don't change the system, LEAVE IT!!

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 10, 2011, 5:56 p.m. EST by otets (1)
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I find it confusing that many OWS'ers want bigger government and more taxes. Why give the beast even more power given big government's historical track record?

Why not simply use the constitution - as you are already doing - and take it a few steps forward and create self-sustaining communities, etc.

Stop participating in the corrupted, non-constitutional system. Why trade REAL rights for FED/corporate "benefits and privileges"? Why use the fake FED fiat money. OWS has some good legal experts. Make use of this and occupy pristine park land and start living the way you want. With numbers like OWS has, you can create your own economy. Don't change the system. Leave the system. With the advanced state of technology available there is little need for the current infrastructure.

Any thoughts?



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[-] 2 points by PandoraK (1678) 12 years ago

"The grand experiment" is the way the US was once referred to as...and once it was working pretty darned well for at least 90% of us. We had good schools, building a great highway system, most of our laws were fair and just.

Why did some want to change that?

We arranged to care for those for whom the system wasn't working for as well, giving them opportunities to improve their lives, opening doors, bringing equality to all our citizens. We were on a good path.

Why did a few want to change that?

We learned from our mistakes and we took steps to prevent those mistakes from occurring again. We were the most forward thinking nation in the world, the envy of many and equal to all.

Why did a few want to change that?

We have the opportunity to return to the status we once held, now why wouldn't anyone want that?

OWS and the other occupies are ways to bring attention to ways we can make that return, it's working.

[-] 2 points by bugbuster (103) from Yoncalla, OR 12 years ago

Don't feed the planted right wing trolls.

[-] 1 points by JZes (30) 12 years ago

Gotta create your own food to create your own economy. Other wise you need "the systems" food.

[-] 1 points by nucleus (3291) 12 years ago

The old system is dead. The putrid stench of its rotting carcass should be evident to all by now. I'm surprised that you haven't noticed it yet.

[-] 1 points by justhefacts (1275) 12 years ago

sniff sniff....nope just the smell of bong smoke and B.O.

[-] 1 points by nucleus (3291) 12 years ago

Sounds to me like you need a shower. And your posts might be more coherent if you laid off the weed.

[-] 0 points by Gileos (309) 12 years ago

Im glad your still the minority.

[-] 1 points by moediggity (646) from Houston, TX 12 years ago

No hes not the minority, you morons that actually think that theres nothing wrong are in the minority.

[-] 1 points by Gileos (309) 12 years ago

What about people that make dumb assumptions such as your and call people morons that they dont know?

[-] 1 points by moediggity (646) from Houston, TX 12 years ago

I stick by my comment because your terrible grammar proves my statement.

[-] 1 points by Gileos (309) 12 years ago


[-] -1 points by hahaha (-41) 12 years ago

Actually low-achieving, false sense of entitlement dim bulbs are the minority in our country though they do represent 99% or thereabouts of the OWS 'movement.'

[-] 0 points by stevo (314) 12 years ago

Translation: "Let's live here forever. I'm having a good time. What do you think".

[-] 0 points by owschico (295) 12 years ago

you can go to jail for as much as 5 years for using competing currencies

[-] 1 points by invient (360) 12 years ago

Could they not just form a corporation and issue stock which is only "sold" to their "employees" (protesters)...

[-] 0 points by otets (1) 12 years ago

I am neither a plant nor a troll. I would be intrested in reading your rebuttal to the opening post. Tell us what your soloution would be.

[-] 0 points by otets (1) 12 years ago

Then we are experiencing the night of the living dead. The system is very much alive. Haven't you noticed all of the Occupy protesting against it?

[-] 0 points by hahaha (-41) 12 years ago

I have. There are about nine of you in my town. The same nine that turn out for 'near earth comet passes' and when conspiracy theory speakers are passing through town.

How many left in New York? And it's not even cold yet!

[-] -3 points by VladimirMayakovsky (796) 12 years ago

I agree. Don't change the system. It is working very well for me and I do not want it fucked up. Just leave and go occupy Mexico. The weather is far better there.

[-] 2 points by nucleus (3291) 12 years ago

You are going to be sorely disappointed. Too bad.

[-] 1 points by Gileos (309) 12 years ago

I cant wait till they come and try to occupy my property, I wont be calling the cops.

[-] 1 points by nucleus (3291) 12 years ago

The cops won't be on your side.

[-] 1 points by Gileos (309) 12 years ago

So by that time you will have convinced law enforcement that they should not protect the personal property and safety of the tax paying, law abiding citizens? Man you got this all figured out eh? A real posterchild for this communist movement, I bet youll be the first one to run back home to mom and dad if and when this thing turns violent.

As I said... even in this extremely unlikely case I would not be calling them, as they are not needed.

[-] 1 points by nucleus (3291) 12 years ago

LOOK - we found Gaddafi!

[-] 1 points by Gileos (309) 12 years ago

At least your consistant.