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Forum Post: Don't believe it when Jolie, Pitt, Madonna, or any other Hollywood celebrity shovels their FAKE humanitarian PR crap in your face. This is a small portion of the ugly truth.

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 21, 2011, 4:31 p.m. EST by Mcc (542)
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The rich and famous do not want to be seen as 'pigs' or go down in history as 'villains'. They want to be seen as 'heros' and go down in history as 'humanitarians'. The market for their product has become global. The fan base has become global. Therefore, the 'humanitarian' effort and 'good will' PR machine has gone global. These 'huMmanitarian' efforts and 'good deeds' are not chosen to address the greatest need or injustice. They are chosen almost exclusively to appeal to the largest demographic for their respective commercial products. The largest fan base. Efficiency or effect is of little or no concern. Its all about PR, marketing, image, and fame. This is why so many of the rich and famous have taken up 'philanthropy' or 'good will' around the world. This is why so many have 'schools' or 'foundations' in their name. This is why so many play golf or appear on a TV game show for 'charity'. This is why so many sign motorcycles, other merchandise, or auction off their own 'personal effects' for 'charity'. This is why so many have TV shows with a 'charitable' gimmick. This is why so many arrange photo ops with wounded veterans, firefighters, or sick children. This is why so many have adopted children from around the world (Which they always pay others to care for full time. The hired professionals are sworn by legal contract to confidentiality. Not allowed to discuss or appear in public with the children they care for. Those 'photo' and 'interview' opportunities are reserved exclusively for the rich and famous 'adoptive' parents. Often sold for millions.). This is why every 'humanitarian' effort and 'good deed' is plastered all over the media worldwide. Its not about 'humanity' or 'good will'. Its all about marketing, image, fame, and PROFIT. This is why we are so often reminded of their respective 'good deeds' or 'humanitarian' efforts shortly before or after the release of their latest commercial product. IT IS A SHAM. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE HUMANITARIAN. GOOD WILL HAS BECOME BIG BUSINESS.

Charitywatch.org is a non-profit charity watchdog. Others include guidestar.com and charity navigator.org. Of all the well rated charities (about 1500) only three are closely affiliated with celebrities. Michael J Fox (he is not the primary donor), Tiger Woods (he is not the primary donor), and Bill Clinton (he is not the primary donor). That's three well rated celebrity foundations out of 1500. THREE OUT OF 1500. That should tell you something. In general, celebrity foundations run like crap because they blow half the money flying around in private jets, securing five star accommodations, and hiring PR crews.

Don't even get me started on Jolie and Pitt.

Oh the hell with it. I'll tell you just a little.

Virtually every penny they have 'donated' has come from the sale of baby photos. The babies had no choice. The money goes to their own foundation first. Then later, a portion is donated to a a legitimate charity. Another portion is blown on private jet rides, accommodations, photo ops, and pr crap. They always schedule their transactions and photo ops to coincide with the promotion of a new movie.

The Make it Right Foundation took in over $12,000,000 the first year alone. Tens of millions overall. To date, the Make it Right foundation has helped 14 former families of the lower ninth ward in New Orleans move back into new homes. These families were not given homes. They were required to pay an average of $150,000 each. UP FRONT. That's tougher financing than any bank. The difference is offered in cheap loans or on occasion, forgiven.

That's 14 families total after 5 years and tens of millions in funding. Brad Pitt has never been the primary donor. He is nothing but a figurehead. Make it Right is the epitome of inefficiency. A God damn disgrace.

Celebrities sick. They are just like politicians. The only difference is that the celebrities have had more plastic surgery. THEY SUCK.



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[-] 1 points by GypsyKing (8708) 12 years ago

Translation: Don't align yourselves with Hollywood leftists because they have a lot of power and influence.

[-] 1 points by martinletreau (2) 12 years ago

You're an asshole and this post isn't worthy of Fox News. I can't comment on everything here, but living in New Orleans I know about Pitt's org.

80 homes so far in the 9th ward. you know how I know that? By driving over the Claiborne Bridge and looking left. Not 14. 80, with another 70 under construction. Also, the people who buy the COMPLETELY GREEN SUSTAINABLE HOMES, BUILT TO WITHSTAND A HURRICANE don't pay 150,000 up front. They pay what they can afford and that's it. And by the way, the only way you can buy a house there is to have a deed to one from before the storm.

Pitt had the idea for the org and started it. not a figure head. NO ONE ELSE wnated to rebuild that neighborhood. He did. You don't like his movies, fine, you don't like his face, fine, but hating on him for this?

I don't know about the rest of what you said, but if its as inaccurate as what I do know about, it's crap too.

Is this what your movement's about?

[-] 1 points by Mcc (542) 12 years ago

Those few dozen homes were built. Duh. I've done my research. But only 14 families have moved in after 5 years, tens of millions in funding, and worldwide acclaim for Brad Pitt. Do you know why? Because each family has to pay an AVERAGE of $150,000 UPFRONT. I've done my homework.

Make it Right is part of an organized effort to rebuild the very beautiful New Orleans with fewer poor people. That's not to say, it's designed to help the poor. It's designed to EXCLUDE them. Brad Pitt is an investor and property owner in New Orleans. Not to mention a half dozen other cities around the world. Now do you get it?

I've done my homework. You want to save Brad Pitt's image? Help more people with those tens of millions in funding. HUNDREDS MORE. Do it now because I won't shut up about it until you do.

Just a note to light a fire under Pitt's greedy fake humanitarian ass.

The last so called 'charity' I singled out was Madonna's 'Raising Malawi'.

[-] 1 points by martinletreau (2) 12 years ago

wrong. simply wrong. There are 80 families, 300 people. Again, go over the Claiborne Bridge, look left. drive through the neighborhood.

they don't pay up front, they don't have to pay 150K.

The houses are only available to the familes who lived there BEFORE THE STORM, and they pay what they can afford.

you're a crackpot, I'm done.

[-] 1 points by Mcc (542) 12 years ago

Ahhh. Sounds like you're affiliated with Pitt and his little project which was intended from its inception in '06' to raise property values in New Orleans to an all time high. Not help poor people. They lower property values. If you're not upper middle class, you'll get no assistance whatsoever from Make it Right.

If you want to stand by your claim, then get that progress page updated. Like I said, I've done my homework. The last update was earlier this year. It's been FIVE YEARS ALREADY. I don't care how many homes have been built. I care how many families have moved back and how much (on average) they had to pay. After all, we were told that this effort (sham) was intended to help families who lost everything through no fault of their own. It's already received tens of millions in funding and 5 years of worldwide acclaim. Usually when Pitt is promoting his latest movie.


Just Make it right. I'll be watching.

[-] 1 points by ModestCapitalist (2342) 12 years ago

There are a number of terms the previous residents must meet in order to move into one of those homes. Not only are they required to pay an average of $150,000 but there are also minimum income requirements. If you are not upper middle class, you get NOTHING from Make it right. Like I said, Make it right is part of a calculated effort to rebuild the very beautiful New Orleans with fewer people. It is specifically designed to exclude them. All this in the name of 'charity' after tens of millions in funding and 5 years of worldwide acclaim for the filthy rich multi-hundred-millionaire actor/figurehead.

And of course, he holds a position on the board of advisors.

Hey Pitt! Advise this. Stop basking in the fake humanitarian glory and make it right. Not for your image. But for those innocent victims of Katrina.

I've done my homework. I speak the ugly truth.

[-] 1 points by Yepper (277) 12 years ago

Kinda of like Jesse Jackson college fund. Millions of dollars and very few if any get to go to collge via it. Wait he did send a mistress one year.

[-] 1 points by Mcc (542) 12 years ago

Finally. Some common ground.

[-] 1 points by Yepper (277) 12 years ago

LOL I agree