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Forum Post: Don Barack Corleone

Posted 5 years ago on Feb. 6, 2013, 9:27 p.m. EST by DeathsHead1 (-111)
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So the president claims the authority to put anyone on his drone kill list. Criteria is vague at best. Is this worse than water boarding?



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[-] 4 points by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR 5 years ago

Not worse than allowing 9-11 and lying us into a bogus War on Terror!

[-] -2 points by DeathsHead1 (-111) 5 years ago

So you agree with Obama s kill list. Okay.

[-] 2 points by ericweiss (575) 5 years ago

the ultimate stupididty -
pretend that someone said something they did not say

[-] -1 points by DeathsHead1 (-111) 5 years ago

Actually I was replying to a post.

[-] 1 points by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR 5 years ago

You do know that the primary objective in war is to kill people, right?

I don't "agree" at all with anything about this Fraudulent Bush-Cheney War. But since we are stuck with it and we can't just leave (Why? I don't know) then I want the fewest casualties possible. Drones are designed for that objective. If you send a bunch of soldiers into enemy territory many more casualties ensue.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 5 years ago

our terrorist government can decide you are a threat to national security and may kill you without explanation. So keep your mouth shut


[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 5 years ago

gotta sell those US weapons

[-] -1 points by DeathsHead1 (-111) 5 years ago

Yes. I know all that. Most people don't. Your point?


[+] -4 points by chuckuschumer (-366) 5 years ago

Don't ya just love the complete hypocrisy of the low information Obama voter? They can't compute or spin this situation in to a positive for Don Barack.

It really just sickens me how this shit is glossed over and completely buried by the MSM Obama media and these low information clowns will support this piece of shit no matter what.

[-] -2 points by auargent (-600) 5 years ago

the ny times and washington post knew about secret drone bases and was asked ( told) by obama administration not to report on for 1 year. marines go through waterboarding, uncomfortable , yes, torture, no. but the obama adminstration will outright murder americans and the libs dont say anything about it.

[+] -6 points by Shayneh (-482) 5 years ago

Hey the younger generation voted for him so they know what they are doing by making him president again - stop complaining and learn to deal with it - it isn't going to change anytime soon.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4047) 5 years ago

The younger generation chose the lesser of two corporate evils...buying themselves time to forge revolt before the two parties and corporate oligarchy copulated out their giant three headed beast...pick whichever head you want to rule you since your own head appears to be hidden elsewhere I won't say where but you can probably guess my drift...but Occupy wants to stab the beast in the belly and live in the fresh clean air of new system and our own minds free to follow our own path.

[+] -5 points by Shayneh (-482) 5 years ago

Well if you talk "revolt" get back to me in 20 or so years - maybe just maybe we might be a "socialists" country and those who want to have "minimum necessities" and be happy with that to live on go for it.