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Forum Post: Dollar BIll Hitlers!

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 25, 2012, 11:41 a.m. EST by flamingliberal (138)
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The older generations are guilty of being dollar bill hitlers. For a dollar they will let any number of Americans die. They would be silent while injustice carried out in this nation. For a dollar they fed you lies and propoganda to oppress you.



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[-] 2 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

some petition signatures can be worth $2.50 here in CA

[-] 1 points by shield (222) 6 years ago

most of them simply refused to identify the propaganda. They did not feed it to us. never mind. Thinking about some stuff my dad said a week ago.....

[-] 1 points by flamingliberal (138) 6 years ago

Don't worry when the poor refuse to fight your wars for you, you will be fucked. LOL. Commie that bitch.

[-] 1 points by DanielBarton (1345) 6 years ago

what about the thousands of upper and middle class people who volunteer for military service

[-] 1 points by flamingliberal (138) 6 years ago

yeah let them serve in the frontlines for once.

[-] 1 points by DanielBarton (1345) 6 years ago

what a jokester look in the military and you see that most of them are middle class men and women. If you looked or are you would know that they all serve front line duty and most of them are mad when they are not.

you have no class

[-] 1 points by DanielBarton (1345) 6 years ago

sorry i cant it seriously since it doesn't state where those stats are from. But that is not the only problem with it..

also i sent an email to them asking for the raw data

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 6 years ago

Good deal.

[-] -1 points by flamingliberal (138) 6 years ago


[-] -1 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

Bush family comes to mind. Elitist blue-blood family's that send their brood to West Point, but these are in the 100's.

The 100's of thousands are just white, brown, or black human debris.

The ghetto kid has no hope. First he thinks he can go pro-ball, then finds by 15 that its either dealing drugs or mickyD, but the time he's 17, he's been told military service or life in prison. Smart kids opt for MIL, after 4 years they get a job as a cop in a city far from home. Where they prey on the poor in contempt.

[-] 0 points by DanielBarton (1345) 6 years ago

i find this insulting i plan a joining the military after college and there are many opportunities from it. Like they will pay for the college degree i will get and will pay for much more so we dont just become a cop but engineers bankers teachers and much much more

you view is blinded learn from people see what they do also no one forces you in the military and those who join have greater honor than those who choose to walk a bad path. i will never disrespect a person for stepping up and volunteering their life for our country

[-] 0 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

The working poor don't have a choice.

Today's ameriKKKa the only option of employment for the poor is mickyD or the ARMY, once the join the army and put in their 4 years then they come home they become COPS or PRISON-GAURDS. FACT.

Then their job is to police the POOR, having made it BIG ( $100k/year average prison guard/cop with over-time ), they look down the poor.

The cycle has been engineered to perfection, this is why its so fucking important that the US Dollar collapse, once the US government cannot pay these COPS every month then and only then can the little-people take back their government.

[-] -1 points by JanitorInaDrum (134) 6 years ago

The majority of all complaining in the US are far too comfortable, for now, to see this and even have the spine to pull their money out of the banks and wall street.

You may as well be trying to teach Helen Keller to sing opera.


[-] 1 points by Mowat (164) 6 years ago

Very true.

[-] 0 points by flamingliberal (138) 6 years ago

stagnant wages for 30yrs maybe if they paid us to keep up with inflation we wouldn't be "losers" or "parasites", but we have an ultra corrupt system. America deserves to be a 3rd world and I hope those 3rd world Americans turn on it for selling them out to the highest bidder.

[-] 0 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

Why don't you live in cuba or china or Venezuela or viet nam or even better north korea

[-] 2 points by flamingliberal (138) 6 years ago

defensive much?

[-] -1 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

How do you not know we don't live in China?

Cuba is great, medical almost free. Venezuela same-same.

China is an economic paradise, ... free west capitalism not seen in the USA for over 50 years, ... in fact you would have to go back to the 1890's in the USA to find the 'free capitalism' that is enjoyed in China today.

You make good points.

But here is the real issue, all those that had the money to bail the USA did so long ago, ... all those who remain today in the USA, ... by definition, have no money to bail, its NOT cheap to bail the USA.

[-] 1 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

Here's a couple of articles about your 'perfect' polluted china http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/china/2012-02/16/c_131414176.htm

Colonialism-I bet you'll like this one


[-] 1 points by flamingliberal (138) 6 years ago

They want to pollute America now too. Poison the childrens.

[-] 1 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

I was waiting for a nasty closed minded liberal answer like that from you. It's the international leftists wink and nod agreement'Kill Americans' -we know -we're planning too

[-] 0 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

1 dollar a day for labor in china-economic paradise for the party leaders, chinese millionaires and billionaires-chinese slavery is cheap-yes the filthy internationalist facists have enslaved the American tax payer-49 % of the US population does not pay taxes-51% are in debt almost $100.000 each because of filthy lying fascist/communists

[-] -1 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

The commie party is long gone from power, back in the 1980's yes, ... but its long gone today.

Today virtually anybody can do as they wish, ... $1 a day? Try $400/month average wage, ... not much less than the average poor working ameriKKKan.

The difference is in China you can have a middle class life on $400/month, while in the USA is total fucking poverty.

56% of the US public get a check from the government, in china NOBODY get's money unless they work for the government. The 'iron rice bowl' ( chinese welfare ) was destroyed back in the 1980's, now children have to take care of the parents the same as it had been for 10,000+ years.

Having lived in China since the 1980's, ... I can tell you that CHINA is 500X more CAPITALIST and FREE than the USA.

Fascism? Try the USA ... Fascism is when the CORPORATION controls the government. That's the USA.

China is communist in name, but in name of the people, the PRC the "Peoples Republic".

The USA and assholes like you hate CHINA for one reason only, because back in 1948 Mao Tse Tung kicked the IMPERIALISTS assholes ( USA ) out of his country, and sent them packing to live in Taiwan. Nobody on earth had ever dislodged the USA, and after that the USA waged the KOREA war and then Vietnam war to destroy China, but it failed, finally in 1970's NIXSON gave up, having lost the Vietnam War, the USA conceded to China, and ever since China has become the MOST important economic super-power on earth.

I live in CHINA because its where my children have a future, a white english speaking person here can get a job in a nano-second, in the USA its impossible to find a good paying job, ... unless your a cop, or prison guard.

[-] 1 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

You mean a FEMA Camp prison gaurd-Hell there are over 300 million guns in the hands of American citizens-assholes like you forget that your asshole government allows assholes in the US and world business community use the chinese slave labor and make enormous profits hence 13000 on the Dow last week while unemployment is at 13-14 % in the US-the world power elites are assholes and your a bigger asshole for believing the Communist Party Line

[-] -1 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

Ford just announced 4 new factory's in China today. When was the last time anybody built a new factory in the USA? Nada

The reason is the future of the world is China and the people are rich.

The USA is a deadbeat nation of losers and parasites and now they all bitch and complain and moan when somebody beats them at their own pathetic game.

Nobody anywhere in the USA is investing a nickel in infrastructure, yet the world is sending money to all of Asia, because its the future. The USA is kaput, that's why OWS exists, because the little people are just beginning to wake up to the smell of their own death.

[-] 1 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

Most of the chinese labor work for sweat shop/slave labor compared to those in the west, That's why the international corporation invest there, no other reason. Bottom line. We know that that western power elite want to corral the free people of the western republics and turn us into police states like china so they can now take their billions and possibly even trillions and head to south america and the south pacific. What always amazes me about 'flaming liberals' like yourself is that you would rather live under the thumb of a gang of scumbags in central planning than at least try to create a republic and fight these elite scumbags for personal and human rights. Because of you closed minded 'liberals' like you these greedy scumbags can enslave people and get away with it. The power elites can't have patriots like me running state, local, or even fed gov. positions because I would not do their bidding and fight their enslavement tactics through central planning, like china does.

[-] 0 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

When was the last time a USA auto company invested in the USA? NADA

They're investing in China because the Chinese are buying car's faster than they can be built.

The economy is booming in Asia, and in the USA its dead, the average USA auto on the road is now over 10+ years old.

There is no reason to make car's in the USA, because there are no customers with money. Auto loans are now too risky.

Did you know that Chinese pay cash?? CASH can you believe that? The USA citizen doesn't even know what cash is.

[-] 1 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

Your blathering nonsense again-hyped stats-did you read about your perfect china? thanks to those filthy scumbag commies they got the population to increase in the 60's and 70's to 'create an economy' or some stupid nonsense -then forced abortions now their are more men in the urban areas then women-water shortages, extreme pollution, 400 per month-central planning by scumbags who think they know better than every one else

[-] 0 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

If you weren't an idiot I might be entertained to debate. How pray tell do you think folks make $400/month? You really think there is some kind of Orwellian building that hands out jobs?

I'll tell you this, there is MORE Orwellian agency's surveillance, and planning in the USA than in China.

Until you actually go live in China and learn to speak the language, why not shut the fuck up about this subject.

[-] 1 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

Typical fake 'liberal' really a communist fascist shill for central planning scumbags-don't ever come here we don't need any more subversive communist scum.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

it's that wall that makes the Chinese proud

they gonna move a river

gonna spin blades on wind

gonna harvest the sun

[-] -1 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

AmerKKKans like myself, and proud of my American klans make an average of $4136.00 per month-I know all about the International Corp and if we KKK's had our way they would be headless-literally-the commies are dtill in power in China-let's see you walk through tianamen Square a say out loud the Party members are scum-off to jail for you -remove you kidney and sell it on the open market

[-] 1 points by flamingliberal (138) 6 years ago

KKK can't win any wars by themselves. Not enough white ppl in America to fight any war. You need minorities and we aint gonna fight for you assholes anytime soon.

[-] 1 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

We don't need you-You again have no idea about how cloak and dagger really works and I wouldn't tell a close minded fascist like you any thing-my klans have given the world blood and treasure at least to keep the free market going and provide prosperity for millions, even with the elites working against the people-we still have good 'karma' in the bank. A big mistake was black slavery which the western elite sanctioned, allowed slave traders to buy the slaves from muslim slavers who bought the slaves from african tribes who enslaved each other. The western elite made money from shipping slaves all over the world and in the US south. The fed gov. made money from taxing the goods from slave labor and especially cotton. The Confederacy was getting rich and plans were being made to secede from the Union because DC has always been run in conjunction with the European elite so a war was conjured on the premise of freeing the slaves. Christian activist John Brown, who had many college pals in DC led the propaganda charge. It's all bullshit. Same elite families are leaving for South America to live on 10,000 acre estates. We'll see what plays out for the American Republic.

[-] -2 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

$2,000 a month medical insurance $500 every 3 months auto insurance $2,000 month rent/mortgage $500 utility ( tv-cable, internet, and water/power ) $500 / month auto payment

Your fucking $4,000/month in the USA is poverty.

In China the median wage of $400/month, ... its a decent middle class life.

In the USA middle class is now $160,000 / year.

The USA middle class is gone, ... yes with average salary of $48,000/year the majority of ameriKKKans are living in poverty.

90% of the world don't pay for auto insurance or medical insurance, ... and in China, its about $50/month to rent a place to live, ... so most money is spent on food. Chinese love to eat, and cook at home.

The USA eats at micky-D's, that's why they're all fat & dumb.

The USA spends its life in front of the TV, the Chinese spend their lives talking to their family, and spending quality time together.

[-] 1 points by gestopomillyy (1695) 6 years ago

your crazy china middle class live in the factories they work at. they sleep under the bench they work at , they rarely see thier families. they have no iphones or big tv's they have no cars.. they have no homes , to rent an apartment 300 sq ft cost 2000 a month.. check your facts

[-] 1 points by DanielBarton (1345) 6 years ago

you have your stats all wrong dont go from the average go from the mean and middle class was last describes at 70,000 or 60,000 i think

[-] -1 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

I know people who make $120k / year in the USA struggling to pay their bills.

Don't lecture me about poverty.

I would prefer to live in a country where $500/month I can live like a king.

[-] 1 points by DanielBarton (1345) 6 years ago

well for 120k a year you could buy a lot sounds like they just don't know how to manage their money TRUTH

sorry i expect to make half that after college and i know i can manage if they cant manage with 120 then they are not doing something right

[-] 0 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

the guy who posted this is an asshole beyond measure-he's a propagandists for over crowded polluted communist china

[-] 1 points by DanielBarton (1345) 6 years ago

um no called a smart person

i hate communism by the way

[-] 0 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

God bless you-to hell with commies

[-] 1 points by DanielBarton (1345) 6 years ago

o silly silly but you think everyone is commie ya dam Klansman

[-] 1 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

Except for the stupidy and evil of the forced southern slavery (that the muslims in Africa bought from the African tribes who to this day enslave each other in many cases and the fed gov made money off of the sale in Mobile and then taxed exports from slave production) I'm proud of my American klans-we've done more good, splilt more blood, and spent more treasure than any nation on earth to at least keepp the free market moving so assholes like you could prosper

[-] 1 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

I'm with you-Gordon Chang who is a journalist an reports on The John Bachelor Show says that the top 1%, millionaires and billionaires in China are looking to change their image for the 'masses' and the image of China run by human rights abusers and they are funding western journalists to create this wonderful sugar coated view of china like this asshole is trying to do. The top 1% in china send their kids to all the best western universities taking up space from Americans-look for the fake flowery stories when the place is aver crowded, polluted, and the chinese gov. has plans for the US file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/User/My%20Documents/China%20Wants%20'Economic%20Zones'%20in%20the%20US.htm Send this link around -American tax payers should know what their fed gov is doing to the-us!!!

[-] 0 points by DanielBarton (1345) 6 years ago

first of all i love free market it will get me a job as a engineer once i graduate

[-] -2 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago


I'll respond, $120k/year take home is $80k, that's $6k/month, like I wrote above the most american's need about $5,000/month just to pay the bills, that leave $1,000/month for food, toys, and going out, which at $100/night means a lot of nights at home.

You sound like a young kid, and you think that if you made $60k/year your would take home $5k/month, .... don't work that way, you would take home 1/2 that and most would go to insurance, car payments and rent, most likely your first ten years out of school you'll never save enough to buy a house.

[-] 0 points by DanielBarton (1345) 6 years ago

well i dont need a house i am one person so i need a single apartment if you cant afford it then you shouldnt try to buy it anyone can live on a budget of 120,000 a year i pay 560 a month for everything not including school and random bar trips so lets round it to an even 1000. SO when i pay 1000 a month to live exactly how i want and live well i might add is great. So 60k a year is god send money i hope to make 120 in my life so again these people are miss managing their money.

[-] -1 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

You have already admitted to us that your 16 years old and not even finished school and planning to join the military because you have no money to pay for an education.

WHat the fuck do you know about the expense of living and raising a family?

[-] 1 points by DanielBarton (1345) 6 years ago

actually 21 year old paying for college with the military and plan on have a successful engineering career thank you

[-] 0 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

$2000 mortgage? $500 auto $500 utility? You don't know what your talking about-if America is so bad then why are so many people from the fucked up, corrupt, tird world taking boats on the open sea from cuba and risking their lives in the desert to get here/ Stay in china we don't need any more fucked up brainwashed closed minded 'liberals' like you wndering the streets spreading lie after lie like all you filthy lying leftists

[-] 1 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 6 years ago

hehehe.... this is Classic .... a righty calling another righty a filthy lying leftist ....

[-] 0 points by Shysters654 (26) 6 years ago

he is a filthy lying leftist from china-says chinese have it better at $400 per month-yea sure and you better keep your mouth shut or they throw you in prison and harvest your kidneys

[-] -1 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

Flaming-Liberal this comment isn't for you, its for everyone else that has responded to you. Yes, your right, and our little hitler's DB, ... shyster, ... prove your assertion, back in the day we called them flag-waving patriots who excepted to be paid to wave the flag.

If America is so great then why are all these man-children posting here?

So much talk of liberals. Boring.

Why must Republicans send their retarded here to comment?

[-] -1 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

Let's take this debate back to the OP.

Who is the biggest DOLLAR-BILL-HITLER? TEA party folk or OWS folk??

My bet is its OWS, because the TEA party tend to be oldsters that by definition hate war, but the young are always gullible and buy the shit they're fed on MTV and MSM media.

My bet is that 99% of the OWS youth are DOLLAR-BILL-HITLER youth, who would just as soon KILL for a $$$ as listen to their iPhone tunes.

[-] -1 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

It's NOT just the old.

The fact is the TEA-PARTY is the oldster, and the OWS party is the youngster.

The youngster NEVER got off his trust-fund ass until the trust fund was absconded by MADOFF.

The sad fact is EVERYBODY is fucked in the ass by the corporation, as even public unions and everybody 'invests' in the stock market and buys GE and MILITARY stock, and ... everybody. Every pension fund and trust-fund OWNS the corporations that control our politicians, and we the people.

The sad fact is the US citizen is 100% a DOLLAR BILL HITLER.

The good news is that the world NOW HATES the US dollar, and soon nobody will be shipping anything to the USA.

That's good news for the USA as well, as they'll have no choice but self sustaining.