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Forum Post: Do you want religion taught in tax funded school? It does not matter what YOU believe – it is being done.

Posted 8 years ago on March 3, 2013, 7:25 a.m. EST by bensdad (8977)
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By Zack Kopplin
I first began investigating creationist school vouchers as my part of my fight against creationism in my home state of Louisiana. Over the past few months, I’ve learned creationist vouchers aren’t just a Louisiana problem—they’re an American problem. School vouchers are, as James Gill recently wrote in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, “the answer to a creationist’s prayer.”
The evidence below proves him right.

Liberty Christian School, in Anderson, Indiana, and Kingsway Christian School, in Avon, Indiana have field trips to the Creation Museum and students learn from the creationist A Beka curriculum.

Mansfield Christian School, in Ohio, teaches science through the creationist Answers in Genesis website, run by the founder of the Creation Museum. The school’s Philosophy of Science page says, “the literal view of creation is foundational to a Biblical World View.”

All three of these schools, and more than 300 schools like them, are receiving taxpayer money.

So far, I have documented 310 schools, in nine states and the District of Columbia that are teaching creationism,
and receiving tens of millions of dollars in public money through school voucher programs.

There is no doubt that there are hundreds more creationist voucher schools that have yet to be identified. The more than 300 schools I have already found are those that have publicly stated on their websites that they teach creationism or use creationist curricula.

There are hundreds more voucher schools, across the country, that are self-identified Christian academies, that appear very similar in philosophy to the ones I’ve identified in my research as teaching creationism. These schools may not blatantly advertise that they teach creationism on their websites, or often don’t even have a website, but there is a good chance that hundreds more voucher schools are also teaching our children creationism. Some states, Arizona and Mississippi, haven’t even released lists of schools participating in their voucher programs for the public to audit.

Here are a few highlights from creationist voucher schools I have identified:

The Beverly Institute in Jacksonville, Florida, teaches “Evidence of a Flood,” and “Evidence against Evolution,” and ”The Evolution of Man: A Mistaken Belief.

Creekside Christian Academy in McDonough, Georgia says,“The universe, a direct creation of God, refutes the man-made idea of evolution. Students will be called upon to see the divine order of creation and its implications on other subject areas.

Life Christian Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma says their life science class will “lead the student to recognize that God created all living things and that these living things are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Evolution is taught only in history class, where students “evaluate the theory of evolution and its flaws.” The school uses the creationist Bob Jones and CSI curriculums.

The principal of the Claiborne Christian School, in West Monroe, Louisiana, says in a school newsletter, “Our position at CCS on the age of the Earth and other issues is that any theory that goes against God’s Word is in error.” She also claims that scientists are “sinful men” trying to explain the world “without God” so they don’t have to be “morally accountable to Him.”

Trinity Academy, in Gary, uses the creationist A Beka curriculum and says it “presents the universe as the direct creation of God and refutes the man-made idea of evolution.”

Rocky Bayou Christian School, in Niceville, Florida, says in its section on educational philosophy, “God mandates that children be discipled for Christ. They must be trained in the biblical world view which honors Jehovah, the sovereign Creator of the universe. It recognizes that man was created in the image of God”

Wisconsin Lutheran High School, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, says in its biology syllabus that it teaches, “evolutionists are ‘stuck’ because they have no god, therefore they must believe in evolution” and “young earth evidence a disaster to evolutionists.”

This year, we may see even more creationist school vouchers. Both Tennessee and Texas are considering passing voucher programs. Indiana and Georgia may expand their programs.

Advocates for vouchers argue that private schools and more competition would offer a better education for American students. Schools that teach creationism and do not meet basic science standards will fail our students and do not deserve taxpayer funding.

We must to speak out and write our state and federal representatives to prevent funding these creationist schools with our public money thru vouchers – educating our children with lies. We must speak out and end these existing creationist voucher programs. As Americans, we must do the right thing and teach our students evidence-based science.



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[-] 2 points by GirlFriday (17435) 8 years ago

Should have gotten rid of the high stakes testing. You should consider focusing on ending charter schools and the false notion of choice.

Either shit or get off the pot.

Gee, was it something I said?

For the gazillionth time.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 8 years ago


Look over there!!

The libruls are after our guns!!

And so they continue.

Destroying Democracy, one State at a time.

[-] -2 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 8 years ago

Critical thinking is out. Rampant consumerism is in. Shit food for lunch, no art and no creative balance. Just dumbed down testing.

[-] -2 points by blacksad (-58) 8 years ago

These are private schools where the kids are hearing this same crap at home, so it's not like their worlds are changing. But still, private is private, so I have no prob taking the tax bucks away.

If you are concerned about education, check out Common Core. It's being used to stop public schools from teaching 8th grade algebra, because its hard and might make the feel stupid. That 's really going to help the future.

[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 8 years ago

Myths About Content and Quality: Math

Myth: The Standards do not prepare or require students to learn Algebra in the 8th grade, as many states' current standards do.

Fact: The Standards do accommodate and prepare students for Algebra 1 in 8th grade, by including the prerequisites for this course in grades K‐7. Students who master the K‐7 material will be able to take Algebra 1 in 8th grade. At the same time, grade 8 standards are also included; these include rigorous algebra and will transition students effectively into a full Algebra 1 course.

[-] 0 points by blacksad (-58) 8 years ago

You're quoting the common core website to defend common core? And you just happen to forget to mention that little fact? What did you think they would say? "We suck"?

[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 8 years ago

Well gee.......You want to show us where you got your quote from?

[-] -2 points by blacksad (-58) 8 years ago

Wow. Who could imagine that so many schools with "Christian" or "Trinity" in their names would be teaching creationism? That's some top notch investigation going on their. You'd never guess Zach is only 19 years old. Well, actually....