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Forum Post: do you like to be citizen or consumer?

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 18, 2011, 7:34 p.m. EST by zoom6000 (430) from St Petersburg, FL
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do you like to be citizen or consumer?



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[-] 3 points by Abc3602 (42) 12 years ago

I'd rather be a citizen.

[-] 2 points by unended (294) 12 years ago

Citizen! That is what we are fighting for. Our citizenship back.

[-] 2 points by frankchurch1 (839) from Jersey City, NJ 12 years ago

They want us to be consumers, so that they can stay in charge. They are worried, they will not just cease control. Expect years of pain and occasional gains.

[-] 1 points by an0n (764) 12 years ago

Extremely good question. I'd suggest however that people answer "citizen" or "consumer" instead of "yes" or "no." :o)