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Forum Post: Do You Have a MERS Mortgage?

Posted 8 years ago on July 26, 2012, 4:04 p.m. EST by mrcfunds (1)
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If you want to know if MERS is IN your mortgage you must begin by understanding what has happened to your mortgage! Or if your in a legal battle with The MERS Mortgage Mafia you must first, know what they have done to your mortgage and promissory note that affects you even if you are current on your mortgage. Presently you are in the dark about the transformations that has taken place with your mortgage and promissory note; it is not what you think it is anymore. Your promissory note has been changed into an investment tool and sold at the Wall Street Casino. This action has set you free from a secure mortgage; learn the whole story inside this book! http://ismersinyourmortgage.com/



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[-] 1 points by mrcfunds (1) 8 years ago

Hi CSFSP it is so good to hear from another homeowner in the fight against these big fraudulent banks thats going around stealing home they dont have rights to. Have you won your quiet title fight yet?

[-] 1 points by CSFSP (15) from Centennial, CO 8 years ago

I've been researching this issue for four years and have a finance background but still can't figure out what happened to our loan. We're in a quiet title action but our loan is tied up in the Taylor Bean & Whitaker fraud with Freddie Mac. Now the funding arm of TBW, Ocala has filed for bankruptcy and wants to examine Freddie Mac's books. They also want to talk to the FHFA and learn what they know. A little birdy, me, gave the FHFA some info. Freddie Mac has already fought off this examination in the TBW bankrutpcy litigation so it will be interesting if the same judge allows it in the Ocala bankruptcy. Here's the link. Also MERS had two active loans on our property with one of those loans being paid off years ago. And Freddie and Fannie were both claiming to be investors.