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Forum Post: Do we need better forum to keep transparency of discussions?

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 22, 2011, 4:58 p.m. EST by gale (14)
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Hundred messages per hour, this means discussions could be separated to several groups, which would make all of this more transparent.

Seems to me great potential of this place could be empowered even more?




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[-] 1 points by thegrinchwhostoleyourmoney (15) 12 years ago

Find Justine Alexandra Roberts Tunney google+ page. She is a proclaimed "anarchist communist"

[-] 1 points by thegrinchwhostoleyourmoney (15) 12 years ago

Yes we do. this has proven to be biased

[-] 0 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 12 years ago

Apply the official "moderating policies", WEED OUT the TROLLS carefully and regularly and this forum will become usable again.

[-] 1 points by ScrewyL (809) 12 years ago

Keep in mind, this is what TIOUAISE considers "Trolling":

The person who runs this website is named "Justine Alexandra Roberts Tunney", and they have published the source code for the website on github.com here:


You will notice that the headline, or "motto" for the project there reads as follows:

"Stomping out capitalism, one line of code at a time"

You can verify this is true by scrolling down to the bottom of this very page you are reading, and looking to the right. You will see a link which reads 'github'. Click it. At the top of that page, underneath the smiley face, underneath the word 'Code' with an orange underline, you will see the project headline.

NOTE: I am fully aware that I am discussing the views of J.A. Robert Tunney, and NOT the OWS as a whole. -- However, it is time for the schizophrenia within the OWS movement to cease and for them to actually discuss, debate, and come to consensus on, what is their purpose and a sane solution to the majority's complaints.

The doubletalk about "we are not really socialist but yeah we are but not really" is being used as cover for the co-opting of a huge mass of genuinely concerned people.

Since the ideology which most vociferously speaks out against "Capitalism" is Socialism, it is quite likely that the maintainer of this website is a Socialist.

I would be quick to point out that Capitalism is not an "ism" at all, rather an unavoidable result of the consequence of possessing things.

Note also that "possessing" is not a legal construct which can be debated -- but a physical fact having to do with who's hands an object is within or controlled by.

Wether an individual capitalizes upon his own labor, the state capitalizes upon it, or a wealthy entrepreneur does, they are all forms of capitalism -- and have quite blurred lines.

Consider this:

If you have a broken car, and you employ my expertise in fixing cars, trading me two ears of corn for my labor...

Then I have 'capitalized' on my labor.

If you then turn around, and trade that newly repaired car for two fat pigs, then, lo and behold, you have /capitalized/ on my labor, in much the same way that I did.

The difference being, you /possessed/ the car itself, which repsresents a much greater amount of labor input than my repair, and were therefore able to obtain a higher 'price' for it.

Question is this: Did you ''exploit" me?

And another question:

How could you, OWS, or ANYone, ever successfully prohibit this transaction, or anything like it?

Isn't opposing and "stomping out" capitalism futile?

End the Federal Reserve and the Fractional Banking System.

They have devalued our currency and widened the gap between the 1% and the 99%.

They are the cause of the problems Occupy Wall Street is in protest of. They have empowered the political system which conspires with Wall Street to commit banking fraud.

Socialism is not neccessary, nor even preferred. Simply return to sound money, and prosecute fraud.

The existing American system, if enforced by its people, is capable of that. Enforcement may require revolution, but do not seek to bring down capitalism. That is futile and impossible.

Bring down corruption, conspiracy and political deception -- and your goals will have been met.

Do not chastize open debate and ridicule your strongest polticial support while pretending that you do not wish to alienate anyone and disingenously claiming that mockery is the same as moderation.

Ron Lawl <-- THAT alienates people.

[-] 0 points by Jimboiam (812) 12 years ago

Well said. People are sheep.