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Forum Post: Do we have a strategy on how to fight even a single issue?

Posted 10 years ago on April 5, 2012, 4:54 p.m. EST by jrhirsch (4714) from Sun City, CA
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Look back at the first posts in the Occupy archive:


These guys are only talking about strategy. We are talking about everything else, myself included. They 1% don't even need to send the trolls to sidetrack us anymore, we are doing a great job all by ourselves.

So what is the strategy? Anybody?



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[-] -1 points by JIFFYSQUID92 (-994) from Portland, OR 10 years ago


Don't pout like many of "us" did in 2010 which made the whole mess much worse.

Unite and Win! Unite and Win! 2010 Never EVER Again!!

Register and Vote! Register and Vote! "We the 1%" NOT What They Wrote!!

If YOU Don't Vote, YOU Don't Count!!!

NO MORE Woodstock reenactments, cardboard and crayon scribbles, sleeping-bag parking lots.

ONLY Loud and Clear signs, flags, banners and words! Picture perfect and camera ready for America to see on TV!!!

[-] 1 points by jrhirsch (4714) from Sun City, CA 10 years ago

Agree, and let's not forget that democracy does not begin and end at the polling booth. Economic Democracy begins with our vote at the checkout line. Also vote to strike May 1st! Show the 1% we are more powerful than they are.

[-] 2 points by forjustice (178) from Kearney, NE 10 years ago

I agree. We must continue to communicate with elected officials. Write your congressmen regularly. Sign petitions that support your position, regularly. Educate your fellow citizens and yourself continually. Rally/Protest when necessary. Pressure companies that influence politics with your money. Democracy is about much more than election days.

[-] 1 points by JIFFYSQUID92 (-994) from Portland, OR 10 years ago

They already know that, WE DON'T!

It's The People, the 99% "we" need to show who has the power.