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Forum Post: Do the rank and file police realize what they are doing?

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 20, 2011, 5:12 p.m. EST by fabianmockian (225)
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Do those police officers around the country who have made so many appearances in Youtube videos as of late realize they are allowing the reputation of their respective police FARCES to be irrevocably tarnished by the decisions they are so willing to go along with these days. Do the rank and file police men and women understand that the Nazi's weren't allowed to use the excuse that they were simply following orders and neither are they. Do they know that they can collectively make a choice: On the one hand, they can choose to continue attacking peaceful protesters who are, in fact fighting for the rights of all citizens, including the rights of riot geared hooligans who are pepper spraying and bashing the heads of non-violent individuals for money. I imagine that if those officers in New York checked, they would find that those people they are brutalizing are the brothers, sons, daughters, mothers and grandmothers of someone they actually know. have they never heard the theory of six degrees of separation?, which I think is now actually seven degrees of separation. In the two months since Occupy Wall Street began, I have found a new respect for the police in the city in which I live (Miami), because I have yet to see any of them in Youtube videos and I hold out hope that I will not ever have to see any. I think that's because our police forces were in the middle of some big layoffs when Occupy Miami started in earnest. As for those officers in other cities, especially NY, I can't imagine any of them holding their heads up high at the end of the day. . . except for the psychotic ones who toss flash bang grenades into the middle a group of protesters who are simply trying to remove a, non-threatening ex-military man, who's bleeding profusely, from the danger of their brutal onslaught. I hope that those rank and file officers get together and start making rational and moral choices that dictate they refuse to do the bidding of the elite . . . especially since it was the elite who were forcing the agenda, country wide, that the police and other first responders were making too much money and receiving too many benefits and asking for too much safety equipment. Do they think these arguments will simply disappear from the political rhetoric of people like Chris Christie and others if OWS were subdued? You guys have brains, use them, because you are as much victims as those you spray with pepper spray. You just don't realize it yet. Good luck OWS



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[-] 1 points by jimmycrackerson (940) from Blackfoot, ID 12 years ago

Well said, my friend!