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Forum Post: Do sanctions work?

Posted 1 year ago on Sept. 16, 2020, 4:58 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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Someone claims that sanctions don't work. Other claims:

Sanctions do work –– rogue régimes in particular always like to pretend that "they don't care; sanctions don't hurt." The inveterate Liar Putin has even audaciously lied: "Sanctions have made Russia stronger." It's a large smelly swamp of hooey! His "superweapon" blew up, spewing radiation & incinerating its creators; massive toxic spills have devastated Siberia; spontaneously exploding vast methane reservoirs have left numerous craters across the landscape -- with more occurring daily; the birth rate is in decline and so is life expectancy... Have you not observed the protests? Have you not registered the collapse of the ruble, that used to trade for 33 to $1USD just a decade ago & is currently soaring above 90 to a Euro?? There is no money for infrastructure projects; the coronavirus data is massively understated; the condition of most hospitals is like something out of a horror movie... Anyone who can is getting out, and this tendency will only accelerate. Do sanctions hurt "ordinary people?" Of course they do. But PEOPLE AND TAXPAYERS HAVE AN ABSOLUTE OBLIGATION TO KEEP THEIR GOVERNMENT IN CHECK, TO HOLD THE REINS OF POWER. If Russians prefer to live as Slaves, as "Serfs of Putin" -- his personal property -- instead of stepping up the tempo of resistance to his murderous & corrupt régime, that is now a threat to most of us (just look at the damage he has already done to the UK & USA, without a single shot having been fired!) -- then, of course, they must swallow the bitter pill and share in the punishment. As for the Russian "elites," oligarchs, kleptocrats & even some clergy: they can manage fine with 1 less invitation to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party, a few less cocktails in posh country piles... They will get the message, and, yes, PRESTIGE MATTERS TO THEM. They want their kids & grandkids to study at Oxford & Harvard... And not getting those coveted spots? YES, IT WILL HURT. SANCTIONS! SANCTIONS! Freeze their assets! Let them sit in those bank accounts until we are all satisfied that they came by them without murdering, poisoning, looting, raping, extortion, intimidation, fraud & corruption. Putin's cronies have literally diverted billions in foreign exchange out of the Russian (and Belarusian) treasury. Should that simply get them a pat on the back and an invitation to the Tory Party Conference?



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

In the case of North Korea, a most courageous defector from the DPRK argued that sanctions could not be lifted "no matter what".

I say until the DPRK leadership changes its mind about developing nuclear weapons and stopping all human rights violations as verified by an international weapons inspection team and human rights watch organization, sanctions stay on. The U.S. had gone down this path before and was betrayed by Saddam Hussein who thumbed his nose for having outlasted Gerorge H.W. Bush's administration ( with which Iraq agreed to the terms of the ceasefire ) and kicked out U.N. weapons inspection team. When the U.S. was in doubt, it kicked the door down to find out. It was great that George W. Bush eventually found the shoes, with the help of an Iraqi journalist.

We'll hand the culprits over to their own people for justice and righteousness. Iraq used a gravy-tron. The DPRK being much colder and potentially a far more productive and wealthier country than Iraq ( which is actually true just next door in South Korea; ROK there has been emerging as the next economic superpower for a while already { its adoption of advanced technology on a societal level is much faster than the U.S., for example; I understand it when people online say that we the Americans still live in wooden houses therefore every year many of us get burnt to death--really not much different from the shantytown of my childhood except that many houses are farther apart in the U.S. than my childhood shantytown so maybe not the entire town would be burnt to cinder by just one single careless smoker hurrying to start going to work in the morning } ) may instead find a [tropical] banana or its peel useful.

For human rights we live, so fighting against the deprivation of human rights we die. That's the calling for the U.S.A.

Always remember that a nuclear bomb detonating in the heart of Manhattan is no different in effect from an individual ( probably ) White supporter getting hit at his temple a lead shot fired by whom he supports, down Fifth Avenue. Manhattan has many concrete buildings which can provide radiation shielding after a nuclear exchange.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

It seems that not only does the U.S. need White control, so does White Russia need White control.

How big a pleasure squad does this омон need? Doesn't he have females galore "ready-to-fuck" already or has he gone mirror-image номо?

Men are pretty useless for holding the Global Vaginal Line ( fortified with airlocks for blocking poison [новичок] gas ) but.. Chairman Mao had a pleasure squad. I, to give him the benefit of the doubt, for his being such an ardent anti-reactionary permanent-revolution-for-others revolutionary, need to check whether he had been any good at fucking { in private, of course, for the moral rectitude multitasking multipronged vaginal probe } or just huffing and puffing the "reactionary foreign influence" British 555-brand cigarettes to blow smoke up our A.S.S ( die amerikanische Staatssicherheit.)

1.4 billion Red Chinese jumping down at His command from three-foot height in Shaanxi province can create a devastating earthquake ( China's sorrow, the Yellow River which has the most unusual turns to run north, then turn east, then turn south, and turn to run east again seems to indicate a possible heaving/breaking of river flood plain sediments up to form the loess plateau or maybe it had come from topsoil erosion of the highlands and uplifted later; the heaving may have come from the Indian-subcontinent tectonic plate slamming into under the Sino-Tibetan plate; turn an atlas upside down while looking at southeastern Pacific Ocean bordering Indian Ocean, what looks very broken? The Philippines and Indonesia--where there are many unusual distortions, there are probably dangers: volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. ) and tsunami sufficient to cross the Pacific Ocean to put out all the Bush fires incinerating the U.S. Left (West) Coast, I hope ! He would probably say something like, "Californica: I saw, I wanked, I came."

Wankers are the greatest collection of people in the World, judging by what trafficking transpires. The World trembles at the mere thought of the moral-majority Global Nation of Wankers, perhaps even >99% ? !