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Forum Post: DO NOT RESPOND. Social hypnosis tricks (Yes. It's a genuine problem.) and how we may secure ourselves.

Posted 5 years ago on Nov. 19, 2012, 6:20 a.m. EST by TheMelodicInduction (6)
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First things first. Do not respond to this post in any way. We know we are reacting properly to this post if it has absoultely zero votes/replies. I will add any additional related info + accuracy corrections & disambiguations via edit as I become aware.

Second thing second. This is a serious post about known and confirmed issues. Less than common knowledge, but far from tinfoil hat. "Social hypnosis" "conversational hypnosis" "covert hypnosis" and "underground hypnosis" all bring internet browsing results (though not convienient ones) because it is used/anticipated in various fields, including commercial buisiness and law-enforcement. The technique is similar in nature to reverse psychology, but it is more dangerous in the wrong hands.

No conspiracy projection is involved. I intend to bring light to uncommon knowledge. The police & other authorities are employing this upon us, hence the related rumors. I myself was (and still could be) a brief-time victim.

Any potential rumor-mongering caused this post can be met by the truth as I know it. Hypnosis is an establishment tactic against us & others, and we have been working to quietly defend ourselves.

If issue is known but must be kept off web, please filter this post immediately. I breach any such common rule unknowingly and in belief that wider pan-movement enlightenment and protection may be necessary. If only part of the movement knows HRQ or at least similar protection, we are in trouble.

Social hypnosis is a mid-range mental trick which provokes neurological reactions that cause subconscious to be wired to speech & short-term memory. Symptoms of such mental wiring include "trigger phrases" subdued memory and tendency to repeat tones used in the trick.

A "trigger phrase" is any phrase someone hears in a hypnotic tone. Once the trigger phrase is heard in hypnotic, each repeat (with/without hypnotic tones) of the trigger phrase will always provoke the same response from victim.

HRQ stands for "Hypnosis Response Quarantine." Anyone possibly affected by psychological techniques may be allowed to participate/speak (depending on situation) but must NEVER be directly responded to in verbal communication. HRQ people should not be allowed to snap fingers, or to engage in any equivalent to finger-snap. Action should be taken to free (not simply purge) HRQ subjects of all abnormal manipulation of psychology.

Recognizing & avoiding certain hypnotic techniques is simple. Hypnosis works by using specific voice-tones and occaisionally a distracting perhipheral gesture. (Only a casual hand movement, hypnotic focus objects are the stuff of cheap movie film.) Anyone speaking in overtly unusual tones is to be told to stop speaking. Ask subject to say same phrase again in more normal tones. If subject continues to speak in the previous tones, inform him/her that he/she is potentially under mental influence and must not be replied to (henceforth from current exchange) and must not clap or snap or etc. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISCUSS OR INFORM OF HYPNOSIS-RELATED ISSUES. Subject may be confused and such confusion will be inconvienient to group agenda, but iinvestigative cure is possible and state-of-hypnosis can be eventually remembered by subject. Subject may attempt to work towards solving issue. Collaborate where safely possible but do NOT respond directly to any such communication. Attempt to find source-person of HRQ subjects' hypnosis.

If source is verified to be free of mental influence, work to verify whether this person had sucessfully ended source. If grand-source is verified to not exist, source must be extracated from movement unless potentially otherwise involuntary/unwitting. Social hypnosis is contagious via tones spoken by both hypnotists and hypnotic victims. Any non-victim would have deliberately started the hypnosis chain unless otherwise tricked/forced/coerced into such activity. Verify whether any source found to be original had done so on own knowing-&-witting volition. If not, make as much investigation into source of misc. trickery as is readily affordable & viable. If so, follow procedure for extracating known agent provocatueurs, as well as finding means to have agent end each hypnosis he/she had caused.

If source has grand-source: continue investigating up the chain, remembering not to give direct response to actions of potential victims. Once source is found, follow the above paragraph.

Following are means of resisting social hypnosis:

Never respond to a potential hypnosis victim. Always initiate. Also keep at least one general step of agenda between each interaction. The break step must be something you were already doing.

Phrase-numbering idea recalled. If this was already part of HRQ policy before I had posted this blog, please inform by private message after breaking chain of thought.

Always keep a maximum trust of 80% in anything said/done by a past/present HRQ victim. Including myself and previous sentence. Agents have infinite layers of trickery and victims are never witting of disruption they cause, where any. If trust-gap must be bridged, do so by shut-out anticipation of agent behavior- and with deep caution.

Also, if anyone asks you how you are, and agrees when you respond instead of giving predictable response: TERMINATE CONVERSATION WITHOUT A WORD AND REFUSE TO SPEAK FURTHER TO THAT PERSON. Avoid group pressures and cliche/unoriginal responses. And avoid paying attention to potential hypnotists or objects/concepts invloved. This particular social exchange is key to a common social-hypnosis method. It does not verify but it suggests agent behavior.

I myself knew I had been psych-influenced into involuntary agent behavior because I did not know these techniques until very recently, and after I had unwittingly ended up using them. I had also recognized a policeman's hypnotic efforts on me, from prior experience with being hypnotized for benevolent purposes. (Hypnotic reponses cannot be lies. I had wanted to take advantage of this to report something illegal & corrupt going on with an establishment, in a way readily verificable to anyone knowledgable in psychology.)

Last but not least, the simplest means to verify your own mind-freedom is to verify your own capability to manifest thoughts right next to your forehead. Hypnosis and various other psych-techniques (such as reverse psychology) work in part by partially disabling the conscious frontal lobe. Verify that the thought is coming straight from the forehead area. The thought should be in concept, not "mind's ear."

These prevention techniques, aside from my necessity to be under max 80% trust, are vital to preserving the integrity of our movement. Not to mention our thoughts and lives. I cannot post links to sources because of my minimum trust-gap. Please research yourselves and with no particular necessity to use my specifc search-box suggestions. There are doubters to the existence of this issue who have not been involved/exposed or who wish to subvert awareness for their own purposes, but I assure this has been a verified issue (albeit relatively uncommon knowledge, like certain high-reference facts).



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[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

Get real.

[-] -1 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 5 years ago

I wouldn't know, I'm just an Eloi.

Don't mind GF, she's a high level troll, a decepticon.

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

You just don't like what I am telling you.