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Forum Post: Disturbing images from Iran you rarely see

Posted 10 years ago on Jan. 5, 2012, 3:06 p.m. EST by Freebird (158)
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[-] 3 points by ironboltbruce (371) from Miami, FL 10 years ago

The True Cause of the U.S. Debt Crisis: Spiralling Defense Spending

Contrary to Kleptocracy-scripted CNN newsbytes, the United States Debt Debate is NOT just the false choice between raising taxes on the few and rich versus lowering Medicare for the many and poor: What always goes unmentioned is MILITARY PORK.

Here's what the Department of Defense (DoD) paid out in just one day on 30 June:


And here's what they paid out in just the last month:


And here's what they paid out since 7 October 1994:


$4 trillion for Iraq and AfPak alone:


Much of that going to multinational corporate giants that pay little if any taxes:


Many of whom have a long history of defrauding the taxpayers:


Including Lockheed-Martin: First in funding ... First in fraud:


And Boeing Corporation, who charges taxpayers 71 dollars for a 4-cent pin:


Source: http://ironboltbruce.com

[-] 1 points by freewriterguy (882) 10 years ago

the true cause of spiralling defense spending is the "we better spend our budget or we wont get it next year that is set up in every level of every branch and office from federal, state and local level. Gee, too bad no one thought of a reward system where gov agencies who operated on less than their budget is rewarded for the money they saved, and awarded for times they need it.

[-] 1 points by shadz66 (19985) 10 years ago

Further to your excellent links above, please also see :

fiat pax ...

[-] 0 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 10 years ago


and the civil war debt still hasn't been discharged

[-] 3 points by JPB950 (2254) 10 years ago

Looks like any chamber of commerce ad for almost any city on the planet. What is the point you're trying to make? We should plan to vacation there?

[-] 1 points by Freebird (158) 10 years ago

Well, Tehran is the next place that the USA has in the cross hairs. You don't think it's important to challenge people to look their victims in the face before they are destroyed?

[-] 3 points by JPB950 (2254) 10 years ago

There may be a conflict with Iran, it unfortunately doesn't matter that they look like us or we look like them. What matters is the fear spread through the population about each side by our leaders and theirs. The arrogant pride the leadership of both sides possess matters. The hardened political position of both sides matters.

[-] 1 points by Nordic (390) 10 years ago

Hey, Iran has no intention of invading anybody. They haven't invaded anyone in CENTURIES, while the U.S. has invaded pretty much every one of their next-door neighbors. And Leon Panetta admitted on Meet The Press last Sunday that Iran is NOT making a nuke. Wake the hell up, the bellicosity is 100% on the Israeli/U.S. side. "Hardened political position of both sides" MY ASS. Read about this, it's not hard to do!

[-] 3 points by JPB950 (2254) 10 years ago

I have no idea what any government's true intentions are, there is obviously a lot more going on then simply what people say and what gets reported. What I did mean originally is that the link to the chamber of commerce type pictures above isn't going to make people fear any less. You could cover Iran with pictures of rainbows, bunnies, and puppies and still get unreasonable fear by mentioning the words nuclear bomb.

That no matter what I feel or you feel it will come down to the willingness of two governments to come to an agreement. If you are right and the real US (or US/Israeli if you prefer) position is unreasonable and Iran refuses to bend there will be conflict. If no popular justification can be made then there won't be. That is how these things go. I'm not defending it, just stating how it's been. The anti war movement, unfortunately, is rarely proactive.

[-] 1 points by Nordic (390) 10 years ago

There you go again with the "Iran refuses to bend" nonsense. How are they not bending? They're in full compliance with the international nuke regulatory laws, they're doing everything they're supposed to. They are not doing ANYTHING threatening toward ANYBODY. Yet you CONTINUE to claim that they are. Why are you doing this when the FACTS are contrary to what you keep saying?

[-] 3 points by JPB950 (2254) 10 years ago

You insist on reading things in the opposite manner in which they are written. No point in my trying to make it clear to you, bye.

[-] 1 points by Nordic (390) 10 years ago

Well apparently you can't communicate worth a damn. You keep saying that "Iran is refusing to bend". That is simply a goddamn LIE.

Iran is complying with every international nuclear regulatory agency in existence. That is a fact. Look it up.

[-] 3 points by JPB950 (2254) 10 years ago

I mean bend as in "to give in" or "yield". The term applies, doesn't matter if it means yield to a bully or to a yield to a reasonable request. When nations stand on the brink of hostilities truth no longer matters. One side or the other will back off or there will be hostilities, this has little to do with who we perceive as right or wrong, it comes down to an agenda that isn't usually made public anyhow.

[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 10 years ago

America's history of meddling in Iran's political affairs goes back to 1953, when the UK convinced new US prez (was it Eisenhouer?) to arrange the ouster of democratically elected president Mossedegh, (then Time magazine's Man of the Year) replacing him with the despotic tyrant, Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavi, and sending CIA operatives to train his murderous secret police force, to quell any political dissidence.

Picture another country doing that to America, and you might understand why Iran's people and government wouldn't want anything to do with you again.

[-] 3 points by JPB950 (2254) 10 years ago

Ok, we're bad guys and and our government has a strange notion of self interest. There is a long and ugly history, has very little to do with the original post. The video is still has a chamber of commerce flavor to it. It's one sided and I wonder what the point of it was. As for all the rest it's still governments facing off for their own reason.

[-] 1 points by Nordic (390) 10 years ago

The point of the video is that most people in America have no EARTHLY idea that there's anything normal about Iran. They think it's a bunch of evil-looking Mullahs in black robes running around in some sort of backwards medeivel environment. It's not. The point is that Iran looks a LOT like us.

[-] 3 points by JPB950 (2254) 10 years ago

They have a system that works for them, and while we're biologically the same in terms of culture we are very different. I'm personally not a big fan of a strict theocracy or a society that treats women as second class citizens, but those judgements are based on my culture.

[-] 2 points by Nordic (390) 10 years ago

Now here's something outrageous -- Youtube has removed this video.

Yes, a video promoting peace. Removed. No reason, no excuses, there's just a 404 now.

Outrageous. I found it posted here, however, so you can still see it:


I have to say I just joined this site to post this, and I'm really astounded that people at this website would be somehow in the "let's bomb Iran" camp. You do realize it's for oil, don't you?? IT'S FOR OIL. And the fact that Iran wants to get rid of the US Dollar as the reserve currency for foreign trade. HELLO! This is how countries get invaded -- Libya, Iraq, you name it. It's NOT ABOUT ISRAEL and it's NOT ABOUT NUKES. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

[-] 1 points by Freebird (158) 10 years ago

Thanks for letting me know the link is dead. I'll post the new link up top. What the hell YouTube?

[-] 2 points by Gileos (309) 10 years ago

The video means nothing and reveals nothing.

[-] 2 points by Freebird (158) 10 years ago

That's fine - I have neither the desire nor time to spell it out for you. You run along now, and have a nice day!

[-] 0 points by Gileos (309) 10 years ago

You dont have to, its easy to see why it was made. It preys on the unintelligent and uninformed. Only an idiot would think they dont have buildings, parks, and happy people in Iran. Its their government that wants to start a new world war, and maybe a fringe of the people, their 1% perhaps? So I wasnt critisizing you or your post but merely pointing out that its pointless.

[-] 2 points by Nordic (390) 10 years ago

No, you're completely wrong. Most people have almost ZERO images in their head when they think of "Iran". And if they do, they think of the Mullahs, these nasty old men dressed in black. Most Americans have NO IDEA that Tehran is a vibrant place filled with beautiful people, parks, buildings, and children. No idea. You are a fool.

And pay attention. Our government and our corporate/government media is trying REALLY hard to get us all to support a war with Iran. Are you ten years old? Do you not remember the run-up to the Rape of Iraq? Oh, you say you do? Well remember it better then. This is the SAME THING.

[-] 1 points by Gileos (309) 10 years ago

Your crazy as hell to generalize Americans into "most" people. The idea that you think you have to tell me and "most" people what to think surely shows who the fool is here. Have you done a survey? Most of the Americans I know have common sense, maybe you should find a new group of associates.

[-] 2 points by Freebird (158) 10 years ago

It's the US gov and Israel that wants to start a new war.

[-] 1 points by chuck1al (1074) from Flomaton, AL 10 years ago

Iran is an independent country, what reason does the US have in interfering in Iran.

[-] 1 points by wellhungjury (296) 10 years ago

Videos similar to this can be shown of the U.S. too. Does that somehow mask the horrible decisions and action that are made by either government. Let's get to the meat and potatoes of what is happening between these two nations. As well as the other nations that have interest in this.

[-] 0 points by SteveKJR (-497) 10 years ago

What part of "Iran" where these images taken from? Anyone know?


[-] 0 points by gestopomillyy (1695) 10 years ago

who cares what the crazy idiots do to themselves? they have been doing this for 6000 years.. they love it. they live for it. and you want them to change? no.. just put a wall around them, dont let them out and let them kill each other and leave them alone!

[-] 0 points by timir (183) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

ok, but we have to set up nonviolent movement there right? They doing well, they dont need overseas management

[-] 0 points by JohnMarsden (47) 10 years ago

OWS is just like this see?

[-] 2 points by Freebird (158) 10 years ago

I'm not sure yet about OWS. The only person on the world stage - who is taking a moral stance about the evilness of an attack on Iran - is completely demonized on this forum.

[-] 1 points by ShubeLMorgan2 (1088) from New York, NY 10 years ago

It is a shame that this politician you speak of has involved himself with white supremacy and that his program as a whole is hostile to the interests of the 99%. Were he by some strange quirk of history to be elected President those aspects of his program that appeal to progressives would not be implemented anyhow, are there is the small matters of Congress, The Supreme Court, the neo con media. the military and the prison industrial complex all standing between the realization of these supposed goals and their actualization. Obama couldn't even close Guantanamo. Imagine an elected President under the current set up ending foreign interventions, the drug war and the war on terror. Wouldn't happen. what would happen perhaps is the end of things like Pell Grants, public housing, etc.

[-] 1 points by Spade2 (478) 10 years ago

Who's that?

[-] 1 points by Freebird (158) 10 years ago

Ron Paul.

[-] 1 points by Spade2 (478) 10 years ago

Paul has too many flaws for me to support him and I don't believe that a war with Iran is guaranteed; personally, I don't believe we're going to war with Iran at all.

[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 10 years ago

I wish I had to wonder why OWS moderation does not want the group discusssing the 9 trillion the 55% of the 99% have invested with Wall Street and the Banksters and why these same 55%ers are no better than the wealth extractors of which they claim are evil. Well they are, however, no more evil than the hypocritical 55%ers.

So don't expect much from the majority on this forum. They only handle convenient truths.

The moderators keep deleting any replies which state these facts.

[-] 1 points by Freebird (158) 10 years ago

Keep in mind that the people who have their life savings in the stock market have already been fleeced (no gains over last 10 years) and will be wiped out in the next crash. You can't put your money under the mattress (no value when you retire be ause of inflation), and most people have no choice in having their savings forced into the stock market by the government. I don't like to collectivise hard working people trying to save their money as evil.

[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 10 years ago

Well then, by your account, foolish would be appropriate.

Surely they could wise up and invest in tangibles of solid value and utility.

Gee, that would help the economy unless they spent it all with any number of super welfare receiving corporations.

Invest in good antiques, fine craftsmanship, farm equipment... anything which will retain or increase it's value and demand.

Why trust known crooks to do it for you?



[-] -1 points by DiogenesTruth (108) 10 years ago

The people of Iran are very Westernized and educated. However, the are allowing a lunatic fringe religious minority to rule the country. the stated goal of these nutcases is to destroy Israel. Israel wont let that happen.

[-] 3 points by Freebird (158) 10 years ago

Hmm. I would argue that Americans are "allowing" a lunatic fringe rule the USA and Israel is doing a fine job destroying itself.

[-] 0 points by DiogenesTruth (108) 10 years ago

What lunatic fringe in America? We vote for the people who represent us. you, freebird, have a voice, it is called your vote. never forget that. if you dont like the person who represents you, gather votes and have him ousted. it is that easy. the Tea Party organized and had people who reflect their points of view elected.

who is your senators and who is your congressman? i personally want government reduced in size. i do not want us to get militarily involved in far off places. i think public employee unions represent a clear threat to freedom. i like Paul Ryan's ideas on healthcare ( actually my idea, he used it)

[-] 2 points by Nordic (390) 10 years ago

Dude, wake up. We haven't had free elections in the U.S. for years. Not only are the candidates pre-selected for us, so we literally have NO choice, but they've hacked the vote. We get who THEY want, not us. They hacked 2000 and they hacked 2004, and for all we know they hacked 2008. Well actually in 2008 they had this con man named Barack O'Bomber who took the place of Bush, just sorta slid in there and tricked everybody into thinking he was gonna change things. He was a Trojan Horse. Democracy is dead in this country, if you didn't know that you shouldn't BE HERE. So WHY ARE YOU HERE, and WHO ARE YOU?

[-] 2 points by alexrai (851) 10 years ago

Why would they destroy Israel? They would be ruling a smoldering heap of corpses after they were done invading Israel. Plus a lot of Muslim's live in Israel, its just a matter of time before they out-breed the jewish population and take over through peaceful democratic process.

Why not just continue making billions off oil experts, sit back, relax, and wait for fate to runs its course. That's the intelligent solution, they might be extremely religious, but you'd have to be a moron to give up that posh lifestyle to kill yourself over something that is totally unnecessary... and would also burn the Muslim holy sites to the ground in the process along with the Jewish and Christian ones.

[-] 0 points by capella (199) 10 years ago

their goal is to destroy isreal, the only country succesful in the mid east that is not dependent oil for its economy. when isreal gave them gaza , which under israel had a thriving greenhouse produce industry, the arabs detroyed the greenhouses.

[-] 1 points by gestopomillyy (1695) 10 years ago

arabs? or islamic's ? because Israelites are arabs too

[-] 0 points by capella (199) 10 years ago

arab muslims. "Israelites"? that term refers to jews. an "Israeli" is a citizen of Israel.

[-] 1 points by alexrai (851) 10 years ago

Even if I accepted that, I still think given the circumstances the obvious choice for Iran is to wait 50 years until the Arabs outbreed the Jews in Isreal and then they can elect an Arab government and take control.

I'm not sure about the whole he-said-she-said middle east saga, but I'm quite sure both sides are a big part of the problem. Its the natural result of bad blood resulting from blowing each other up for so many years, and I would love to see both sides take some leadership and decide to work together.

Nonetheless, I don't think the goal of Iran is to destroy Isreal... their leaders are clearly not idiots, and even if they tell that to their Israeli hating population I have no doubt that they would rather be living a lavish lifestyle with an entourage of available women and fine food than worrying about hiding in a hole hoping to avoid being discovered deloused and hung like Saddam.

[-] 0 points by capella (199) 10 years ago

what makes you think they aren't living a lavish life?

[-] 0 points by capella (199) 10 years ago

They aren't allowing it. In the spring of 2009 the people were in the streets protesting the phoney elctions, The people of iran were gunned downed and murdered by the govt forces. obama did nothing, said not much of anything.

[-] 1 points by gestopomillyy (1695) 10 years ago

no suppose to do anything.. do you think america is the global police? why didnt germany do anything? england? france? spain? mexico? sweeden? canada? japan? china? why do you think americans should die in the place of people that are too cowardly to do for themselves? the govt. forces are just the same as ours.. your brothers or cousins or whatever and they kill thier own,, but you want american brothers and cousins to die in their stead?

[-] 0 points by capella (199) 10 years ago

he endorsed the uprising in tahir square and now the muslim brotherhood is in power.

[-] 1 points by gestopomillyy (1695) 10 years ago

and so what? why do you think its any of america's business who kills who in another country? they do it for religion. you cant dictate religion. if they love killing in the name of a diety.. then let them. you would think after 6000 yrs people would get sick of that religion but no those people choose this way of life and its not up to the world to tell them different. they like killing and dying as a way of life. its their culture. im not willing to force americans to die for something they do not believe in.

[-] 0 points by capella (199) 10 years ago

the people of iran were crying out for the support of the usa, verbal support. obama hd no trouble endorsing the muslim brotherhood in tahir square ( an american reporter was gang raped there).

[-] 1 points by gestopomillyy (1695) 10 years ago

that was just peer pressure. like that video of troops pissin on al quaeda.. we are suppose to show respect to dead terrorist cause of thier religion? those boys will probably go to jail for nothing, you see how wrong it is to fall for this ploy of 'you have to respect my religion'. but yes he did so. yes gang raped by islamic's.

[-] 1 points by gestopomillyy (1695) 10 years ago

and what would happen? like in libia? when they were freed what did they do? instutute sharia law! they learned nothing, appreciated nothing kept with the religion/government of killing and just turned it over to some new individuals. what is the point of helping people like that?