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Forum Post: Disgruntled Hippies vs. Hardass Police

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 26, 2011, 1:19 a.m. EST by MyHeartSpits (448)
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Before I say anything, just know that I was at the action until yesterday, and I plan on returning soon.

I want to call more attention to the fact that many see the OWS action as violent, despite the fact that we are merely disobeying police orders (in a non-physical way) and being a little bit loud in the process. I believe that this perception detracts from our message and our cause. The narrative should not be set by clashes with police! That narrative divides us from potential sympathizers, misguided as they may be. I believe we must remain peaceful and strong, demanding our rights and our freedoms but not in a belligerent way. Even chanting "Who do you serve, who do you protect?" isn't really on point, though it may call attention to the curious detail that Wall St. needs protection from unarmed protesters. Kinda obvious why that is the case, though. I mean, we do want to dismantle their power of influence in our government.

Anyway, just a reminder to everyone that the guidelines from the Direct Action group are stated clearly and advise against provocation. This recommendation came in support of the group's goals and general safety. That's all I have to say. I guess I should probably email some people as well as post this...



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[-] 3 points by voxanator (7) 12 years ago

I suggest that both men and women should protest while wearing suits. A few bucks spent at Goodwill Industries or the Salvation Army and voila! a protester who looks like "one of them." What's the point? To avoid the "disgruntled hippies" appellation. If protesters look like they are merely taking a few days off from work to picket, I think the police and press might find it harder to consider the movement as "us against them. More like "us against us."

[-] 1 points by ronraven (2) 12 years ago

Old newsreels of souplines in the 30s were full of people in suits and hats. The questions asked then were why they could afford a suit but not a meal? Would total nudity silence such critics? The 1% will always criticize us whatever we do

[-] 1 points by tolitobaracks77 (7) 12 years ago

Different groups are at the Protest. Some clash but we have the same desire at Wall Street. Dont judge a cop by his uniform. Some of them hate each other. Busting bad cops in film is great!. Gives their Boss a chance to "clean house". Remember the Police are a business too. The end result of this protest is wall street "Reform". Keep it simple and business oriented. Its about the dollar!!! after all. It has the power to fuel human life when its in control by Patriots. Personally I think this should have happened before the bailouts were paid out to the same bastards that stold your lifes savings

[-] 1 points by damndawg (11) 12 years ago

no one has remotely even mentioned to me that they see OWS as violent. i have been there off and on (little over half the days-not overnight) and am in contact daily with people in Philly, L.A., D.C, S.F., Oakland, New Orleans, London, Germany, Italy, and Canada. not a single person has mentioned OWS as violent. who are you talking to?

[-] 1 points by MyHeartSpits (448) 12 years ago

Mostly people that have watched the videos online... especially the ones of Saturday. In real life, you wouldn't normally have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation with people who are strongly repelled by nature of the protests.

[-] 1 points by damndawg (11) 12 years ago

then you are speaking of the violence of the police which many videos show in great detail. even in lieu of that fact the protests have remained calm and non-violent. many even chant "the police are the 99%" or "we're fighting for your pension." some cities even have the support of the police. oddly, Los Angeles is one of them.