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Forum Post: Disassociate with violence where ever it occurs

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 26, 2011, 4:19 p.m. EST by RichBuckley (0)
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Oakland protesters lend violence to OWS imagery. It's not the police, it's about the dozen or so undisciplined subset inside the Oakland OWS group of protesters. Little of the restraint and orderly behavior evident in the discipline and protocols of the OWS-New York is being respected here or honored by the Oakland protesters. It seems like a combination of issues that goes beyond OWS demands for financial banking reforms. The dozen or-so trouble makers in the Oakland OWS movement is as much about their pesonal apparent carryover of resentments over the January 1, 2009 killing of a Oscar Grant III by BART police as it is about OWS-New York goals. Oakland has its own baggage. My advice to OWS-New York: Disassociate the OWS-New York movement from the violence makers where ever they are found; they are a subset of trouble makers and continue on with OWS. The US needs several financial and currency reforms. Just watch tinyurl.com/44d89sd It's 4 hours well invested to face the coming trials to liberate humanity from Money Changers.



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