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Forum Post: Dinner Party

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 10, 2012, 10:43 a.m. EST by ibdickt (0)
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The Tea Party was brilliant for the conservatives. Can we start a Dinner Party for the liberals? Please see the pledge below.

As a member of the progressive/liberal Dinner Party and a candidate for office I pledge that I will devote my efforts to:


Demand parity between Congress persons, other government workers, and the Median U.S. family. The maximum congressional/government salary fixed at 4 times the median income. No bonuses. Government healthcare and other perks to be the same as those provided to the median US household.

Initiate legislation that helps the middle class, and oppose legislation that harms the middle class and disadvantaged.

No revolving door for government workers, regulators, congress and the military. Entities doing business with the government may not employ or contract with former government employees.

No contributions, election contributions, quid pro quo, or other forms of largess to the President and Congress persons or their families except from registered human voters in their states/districts.

End the wars. Withdraw all combat forces from the middle east, and require Israel to make peace with its neighbors. End tax breaks and subsidies for corporations.

Return jobs to the U.S. through tariffs and changes to the business tax laws (e.g. no business expense allowed for offshore personnel expenses or other offshore costs, all corporations doing business in or for the US must be registered in the US. ) Curtail the abuse of green cards that take jobs away from our citizens.


Public money and public institutions may not bail out private/corporate banks and other private enterprise. Protect Wikileaks and other whistle blowers who provide information about government activities at home and abroad.

Advocate for 6 year congressional term limits, 3 terms for Representatives, 1 term for Senators.

Revoke NAFTA and any other treaties that harm U.S. businesses. Require the Attorney General to enforce the same laws that apply to ordinary citizens to: big business, congress, and government employees.

Terminate the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Terminate the war on drugs. Provide addiction rehabilitation and education, legalize and monitor marijuana use. Terminate offshore tax havens for corporations doing business in the US, and for persons living in the US. Terminate government support of religious/faith based activities to include the military (separation of church and state).

Yes, I will challenge any politician or government official engaged in practices that benefit themselves or their special interests. I will not fear retribution nor scorn, but will do all I can to inform and benefit the ordinary Citizens of the United States.



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[-] 1 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

On the matter of the "Astro Turf" (cf. False Grass Roots) Tea Party, please see the following very important and revealing documentary film : "The Billionaires' Tea Party" ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO_WC0FINmA !!!

fiat lux ...