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Forum Post: digitalGA requirements specification tool 1 of 'tools for revolution'

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 24, 2011, 1:52 p.m. EST by theOnlineGovernmentDotcom (97)
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This comment is based upon feedback for my ideas about theOnlineGovernment.org. I have one concrete idea for one kind of 'tools for revolution' based on what is going on - digitalGA for inter-site GA summits. This is just a rough draft:

digitalGA is a webpage

digitalGA features a pool of current uses represented by small image boxes

digitalGA selects one user as active speaker

digitalGA plays live video and audio stream of active speaker in main picture box at top center of web page

digitalGA obtains video and audio from active speaker's remote computer's camera and microphone

digitalGA selects active speaker in round-robin, first come first serve basis with each active speaker given a pre-determined time slot.

active speaker can relinquish time slot for next round robin user at any time

non active users are displayed in horizontal strip of smaller (than active user) icons at bottom of web page

The non active users are displayed in order such that the next active user is displayed on the left

------digitalGA configurations

digitalGA can configured as constant open-ended forum with constant session or topic-specific format with limited time session

digitalGA can be configured such that participants can be anonymous or such that participants require authenticated session

ditigalGA sessions can be associated with a topics having a boolean answer

each digitalGA session participant has a boolean value for each associated topic

at any time during a session for topic-specific session only participants can assign or change their boolean vote value for each of the topics

for each participant in a topic-specific session a boolean value is also associated with the participant for 'endSession'

for each participant in a topic-specific session a boolean value is associated with the participant for 'optOut'

When a participant feels the topics have been adequately discussed the user may assign true value to their endSession

Participants can also opt out of speaking giving a true value to optout value created for each user

The session is ended when a threshold percent of participants have a true value for endSession + true value for optOut

For topic-specific sessions for each topic the count and percentage breakdown for yes-true/false-no votes when the session is ended. Clicking on the percent of one topic will also download a .csv or similar file showing each vote of each user for that topic each topic such that each user can ensure his or her vote was fairly categorized. Alternatively a link for xml file showing yes/no votes for all topics is available.

I have to go for now but I'll be thinking about how topic-specific sessions can be born. I'll come back and finish this up. Please brain storm on this with me. As the inventor of the above and the copyright inherent by it's documented existence on September 24, 2011, I hereby license this technology for free use on the website www.occupyWallStreet.org



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