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Forum Post: Did the Repubs forget their talking points?

Posted 4 years ago on Oct. 1, 2013, 8:51 p.m. EST by windyacres (1197)
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I was watching CNN's Anderson Cooper interview a GOP Congressman and he adamantly claimed as others have that he was against Obamacare because the country couldn't afford it. He claimed most Americans believed it could bankrupt the country.

Doesn't that make their final proposal to delay the individual mandate irresponsible? They should have stopped at defunding Obamacare because delaying the individual mandate only prevents healthy people from helping to pay for the coverage. It would have allowed Obamacare to proceed, but only with sick people signing up. It makes no sense.

If someone is concerned about the costs of Obamacare, they would certainly desire healthy people to sign up to help pay for the sick who are desperate to get the opportunity to sign up. Their last proposal was only for a delay in the individual mandate, with Obamacare proceeding with their approval. Absurdity.



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