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Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 26, 2011, 2:05 p.m. EST by CatRamtSitarnasswip (1)
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the united states new colinies wrote down for history and posterity this:-all of the new colonies of the united states do not need to rise up in revolution we do this for them........they were 62 men,9 illegal evil masons among them though....THE U.S DECLARATION OF INDPENDENCE STATES:- in clear terms the delclaration states we the people demand an end to king georges laws of evil tyrants,they used a simple legal framework of gofd from holy bible to justify revolution..AMAZING:-its so simple for you to do this to,,,,write out your demands and this same bible god framework works for your declaration too....the intercontintental congress had no choice they had to vote it into law or they's be breaking the law of the land...and bible ect...in 1690 russia utyilised what was hidden from us in 1689 in the western world,they handed out free silver coins,the locals were happy,they bought up there land,owned there homes,,,,unfortuntely the banks found out and stole there land back as revenge today we still take out home owner loans to pay off our homes............i say the indpendent sovereign declaration included this the REAL FREE INFINITE DEBT FREE,NOT REPAYABLE MONEY SYSTEM...as part of its design,the founders left us a UTOPIA hidden for so long by the jewsih central banks appearing in 1694..this evidence is but a part of one years work i found on the money system and ideal world we could have had!i feel ashamed being english.....evil men...will hide things from us



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